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Subject: RE: The Structure of Water: A View From 4-Space
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2003 10:18:52 -0600

The big problem with the orthodox scientific community is that it simply does not pay any attention to the internal structure of the electrodynamics it uses -- i.e., Whittaker's longitudinal EM waves (adapted further from quantum field theory). These "internal longitudinal waves", together with differential functions imposed upon them, actually produce and comprise all present EM fields, potentials, and waves of any form or shape or function whatsoever. The present EM stuff is thus just "envelopes" of a much more fundamental longitudinal wave EM.  Further, if one gets out of the hoary old electrical engineering, then in quantum field theory common instantaneous voltage (the scalar potential) is actually a combined scalar (time-polarized) photon and a longitudinal photon. Neither of them is observable individually, but the couplet is observed as the instantaneous scalar potential (instantaneous voltage). So one adapts Whittaker's 3-spacial phase conjugate longitudinal EM wavepair to a paired scalar (time-polarized) EM wave and longitudinal EM wave.
Note now that any structuring of those sets of scalar and longitudinal wavepairs, also structures time itself. Since all mind operations and functions are actually time-polarized EM operations and functions, this means that one can also directly engineer the mind and its functions at will. That is called by the KGB and clandestine Russian weapons labs "psychoenergetics". But the West bought the deception plan that the phrase "psychoenergetics" refers to a silly adaptation of Western parapsychology. It isn't.  That is beyond this discussion, but it has tremendous implications, already being strongly applied in certain foreign weapons labs and already being used against us (Captain's Button, Svoboda, and Hess incidents, e.g.).
Once one recognizes that all the "EM force fields", EM waves, and EM potentials that conventional "water scientists" speak of are conglomerates having internal "finer, infolded EM"  structures, then one must simply accept what a material such as water "is". It isn't just a complex of atoms, ions, and molecules, but it is a dynamic structure composed of those entities, plus all the EM fields, potentials, and waves (and even deeper, similar strong force entities). THOSE LATTER ENTITIES are all bundles of longitudinal (and scalar) EM waves with associated differential functions imposed upon them. Any dynamic functioning and structuring of the mass entities and their relationships, also involves a direct causative input from those bundles of longitudinal and scalar EM waves comprising the "normal" EM envelopes (fields and potentials and waves).
All of those "other entities" have internal structuring in their interactions with the particles comprising all the physical things of the water.
If the fundamental actants and causes have internal structuring, then the produced "effects" have internal structuring as well, buried up in the normal "EM envelopes" where we hide them in "normal measurement" with "normal instruments".
Conventional classical EM has so many shortcomings and errors that it is unbelievable they still teach it without modifying it to incorporate what physics has discovered in the last 100 years. The classical EM model assumes an inert vacuum (falsified for many decades in particle physics) and a flat local spacetime (falsified since 1916 by general relativity). It also DOES NOT compute "the" electric and magnetic fields!  Check the rigorous definition of the "E-field" and "B-field". They are only POINT INTENSITIES of the mass-free, force-free field as it exists in space prior to interaction with mass. E.g., the "E-field" is not a point intensity of itself!  Otherwise you are your own little finger, and nothing else.  The field is a "regional" and extensive entity, not a point intensity entity. Each point in it has of course an intensity of those Whittaker longitudinal EM wave flows that comprise it. The normal point field intensity is taken as what gets scattered continuously from a unit point charge (with mass) assumed at each and every point in that field.
The potential is "defined" the same way, as its own point intensity (which is a grave error in logic).
So the basic entities accepted and used roughly as "the fields" and "the potentials" are no such things. Instead, they are point intensities, as measured from a unit point STATIC charge. If the field is oscillating at IR bands, e.g., and one places a charged particle in it which is self-resonant (particle resonance) at that frequency, that charged particle will now continuously scatter some 18 times as much energy from that same field's continuous energy flows, as it would scatter in STATIC nonresonant condition. However, scientists who work in that area never, never speak of the thermodynamic COP, which of course is COP = 18 by Poynting calculations. Instead, they speak of "changing the reaction cross section" which of course they do, but that also changes the COP from the thermodynamic viewpoint. And instead of speaking of "excess emission from the medium" (which would get them attacked as "dirty old perpetual motion adherents), they blandly speak of "negative resonance absorption of the medium".
Finally, as everyone accepts (classical or quantal or otherwise), the fields and potentials are created by their associated "source charges". Simply separate some charge, and instantly there steadily pours from it real photons at light speed, spreading in all directions. That continuous flux of spreading photons at light speed, establishes and continuously maintains those associated EM fields and potentials that also are established radially outward at light speed.
Yet the classical mess assumes that the source charge has absolutely zero energy input! So the model implicitly assumes that every EM field, every EM potential, and every joule of EM field energy and EM potential energy in the universe is and has been freely created from nothing at all -- in total violation of the conservation of energy law.
In short, the biggest advocates of perpetual creation of energy without any input, are --- the classical Maxwell-Heaviside electrodynamics and their texts, the electrical engineering departments and their professors and texts, etc.
By assuming a unit point static charge (with mass) at every point in massless space, the same fellows assume the old material ether, still hidden there in their equations more than a century after the Michelson-Morley experiments falsified it.
Anyway, that gives you a perspective of where the critics of "water structuring" are actually coming from. The model in their head is already horribly flawed, archaic, and just flat wrong.
When one then pursues water structuring, to get at it completely, one has to go into the internal longitudinal wave structuring of those EM fields and potentials and waves that are in the water at all levels.
All the foregoing just leads one to what I advance as the ENGINE concept, as follows.
Call a particular set of longitudinal EM waves with a given set of differential functions imposed on it, an ENGINE. Note that an LW is an oscillation of the local energy density of the vacuum, moving along the direction of travel of the photon or wave. Hence it is a moving oscillation of the local curvature of spacetime, and it also is a moving oscillation of the local intensity of the vacuum flux.
Voila! A particular "infolded EM structuring" template or pattern (i.e., an ENGINE) thus is comprised of direct, deterministic oscillations and structuring of the virtual particle flux of the vacuum, and is also simultaneously comprised of direct, deterministic oscillations and structuring of the local curvatures of spacetime.
In modern physics, all forces on or in or of a mass are generated by the interactions with mass of the virtual flux exchange of the vacuum (particle view) and/or by the interactions with that mass of the local curvatures of spacetime.
So every structuring, function, dynamics, etc. in any mass system has a precisely coupled "engine" associated with it. Indeed, THE ENGINE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL THE DYNAMICS AND INTERACTIONS OBSERVED.
Suppose you have developed a technology of precisely making and reproducing "engines". As your fitted modeling grows, eventually you are able to design and build an engine for any desired function or dynamics you wish to induce in a mass or in any mass. With a little tinkering to "debug" it, you then have an emerged science of "engine" technology.
The scientists pursuing water structuring are actually struggling to get to the engine concept and technology, but most are still handicapped by using the old classical EM theory, which totally fails them in their modeling needs.
That is why folks such as the Russian weapons scientists in highly classified work for more than 50 years, long ago went to the study, detection, and use of longitudinal EM waves. They really are into the development and usage of engines. The Russian secret weapon science of "energetics" is actually the science and technology of engines!
Don't worry, engines have already been encountered in our U.S. strategic past (fortunately we survived, at least so far) and they are definitely in our immediate future.
Meanwhile, our NAS, NSF, universities, national laboratories, etc. continue on their merry way and ignore the engine concept, now being arrayed against us in an eerie series of strategic weapons our scientists do not understand.
You see, if the LW technology is developed, one is simultaneously developing the "engine" technology. If you can build the desired "engine", you can do anything with mass that you wish. Transmute its nuclei, form superquark structures, whatever. Condition ordinary water so that if you drink it, it kills you. And there's nothing added to it except structuring and engines.  The warfare implications are  only limited by one's imagination and the state of one's science and weaponry technology.
So while Western science buries its head in the sand and annihilates those scientists trying to struggle out of the century old obsolete science we still practice in electromagnetics, the very same thing they so proudly ignore has already been sharpened to slit our collective throats.
Anyway, I hope that the water structuring scientists, cold fusion scientists, and free EM energy scientists somehow prevail against the terrible "conventional science" onslaught ever facing them from the conventional community.
The course of our entire history and the history of this planet depends on it.
Best wishes,
Tom Bearden
Hello Tom,
Thought you'd like to see this post......Dr. Sutton's research was my initial source.
I've included one of your 'correspondence' [Teslar watch] because your answer provoked interest.
Also you will notice that your information regarding scalar waves is being incorporated into the 'local' community.  I've noticed that JLN self censors [doesn't post] some of my material.  He has done the same to others.
All the Best,
Leslie R. Pastor
PS Our relationship with China [NAFTA/GATT] is destroying the productive capacity [wealth] of this nation. We are fast becoming a fourth world nation having no products, and no technologies.  We are declining rapidly just like the Roman Empire.  Nothing works.
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Subject: The Structure of Water: A View From 4-Space



Water is a true [dynamic] fundamental, for without it we die, usually after three (3) days.  Nature demonstrably indicates that this indeed is true, by provision in the form of literally ‘oceans’ of water covering roughly three quarters of the planet Earth.  Our own bodies contain 10 to 12 gallons of water, approximately 78% of our body weight.  This water literally ‘washes’ our cell structure daily ‘cleansing’ the cells of impurities and eliminating ‘waste’.  Water has significant ‘technological’ applications in the form of Brown’s Gas, providing significant and novel ‘structure’ as a [novel] ‘tool.’


The structure of water therefore takes on considerable meaning since it is that important to us.  Water is indeed mysterious, having ‘anomalous’ properties that seemingly defy logic.


Research: The Structure of Water

Source: The View From 4-Space [pp81-84] Antony C. Sutton D. Sc. [ 1925-2002 ]


There is a structure with liquid crystals (micro clusters) that occurs naturally in water with protein molecules.


Glen Rein: and

Homeopathic solutions have the properties of quantum fields, not electromagnetic fields.

These quantum fields are independent of time and space.


November 5, 1985 Paris France

Elizabeth Davenas and Francis Beauvais observed an unexpected phenomenon: the second curve.  In exploring the biological effects of homeopathic solutions they observed maximum potency at the third (3rd) dilution and then a decrease in potency after this down to the ninth (9th) dilution.  However after the ninth (9th) dilution the situation changes—the solutions potency re-appears and starts to increase.  This was dubbed “the second curve.”  Between 1985 and 1990 a further 250 experiments were made and ‘taking everything into account the results presented impressive evidence in favor of the memory of water.’


This work was publicized in a book The Memory of Water by Michel Schiff, a powerful book that castigates science for censorship, for destroying results not consistent with conventional dogma, the dirty tricks used by the medical establishments in France and England to conceal the unwelcome fact: that homeopathic dilute solutions increase efficacy beyond Avogadros  Limit. [The Memory of Water p26 illustration]


After this path-breaking experiment was announced, orthodox literature set upon them, squashed or ridiculed the evidence and so Benveniste was largely ignored.  (In fact, Harper Collins did not distribute the Schiff book in the United States.  FTIR [Future Technology Intelligence Report] arranged for PACE in Canada and Borderlands Foundation in the U.S. to stock copies).  Dr. Benveniste continued this work and made even more extraordinary findings, i.e., that biological activity can be inscribed in water by electromagnetic signal.


In 1997, these are the findings:


(1)     Biological activity can be inscribed in water by successive dilutions to install a signal in the molecule.

(2)     This signal can be erased with a magnetic field, therefore, it is electromagnetic.  The signal is in the kilohertz range.

(3)     In hundreds of experiments, the activity of some 30 substances has been transferred to water.

(4)     This transfer can be recorded and transferred to another computer via telephone.


What this concludes is that characteristics of matter includes waveforms in the kilohertz range, this has significant implications for medicine, environment and materials science.  This parallels research by Harry Oldfield in England who has recorded signals from megaliths at ancient sites.


In Needles of Stone Revisited  the author Tome Graves considers homeopathy in the light of dowsing and radionics, pointing to the similarity with the  radionics work of De La Warr.


As we write in 1997 work at the Benveniste Laboratory is limited by capital and research resources, so the common ground with radionics is probably not being currently explored.


In the United States the work of the Flanagans into the properties of micro clusters and their ability to lower the surface tension of water is not widely known but has merit.


Antony C. Sutton D. Sc.

FTIR Publications 1999


Editors Note: In recognition of Dr. Sutton’s monumental work, I elected to provide source documentation to his written research: [The View From 4-Space pp 81-84] The author provided me with a first edition copy for my review on June 14, 1999 which he hand autographed.


All the Best,

Leslie R. Pastor


PS: Temple University provided a forum for significant in-roads into the above referenced ‘study’ and was immediately attacked as a provider for ‘fringe’ scientists.  I find it interesting that the mainstream [so-called] classify adjacent/parallel groups of researchers in this fashion

Openness regarding ‘methodology’ does not necessarily have to mean ‘agreement’ merely ‘acknowledgement.’  The scientific method involves any and all ‘observations’ regardless of prejudice.  Anything else is a ‘control.’ Nature abhors a ‘vacuum,’ indeed ‘SCIENCE’ abhors prejudice.  Let the FACTS speak for themselves.  By their very actions the mainstream ‘scientific’ community has become ‘dogmatic’ and ‘pontifical’ in their approach to ‘newer’ and ‘variant’ ideas regarding life sciences as THEY view IT.  By suppressing and ridiculing these novel ‘observations,’ they are in essence ‘dictating’ what THEY want US to believe IN.  Enough already, funding should be provided to ALL groups that demonstrate an OPEN approach to research, and are willing to share ‘documentation’ and ‘review.’  After all, WE are all providing revenue jointly via OUR governments.


PSS: How come there is always enough money for armaments, war and security?  Several Hundreds of Billions of Dollars Worth, but not one centila for ‘novelties of fact’ research in known [novelties of fact] ‘energy’ systems and ‘discovery.’  It appears that governments are always willing to borrow money for defense and safety regardless of the amount, but when it comes to ‘independent’ research---grants are out of the question.  Research guidelines specifically preclude any deviation from the [mainstream] norm.  How shall we advance, technologically, culturally, if we neglect ‘newer’ methodologies?  Just imagine if only Edison and his DC ‘system’ were funded.  Were it not for Westinghouse and Tesla the world would have remained in the DARK literally and technologically.





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