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Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2001 11:15:50 -0600

Dear Joe,

 Thanks for the information, and good to hear from you.

 Yes, that is one of the ways that definitive physical tests can show such effects.  Basically the effect occurs due to the continual "time-charging" process that accompanies and is part of the photon interaction.  Inert materials, a priori, have no "preferential" time-domain charging, since it is rather random.  But DNA comes from a living organism, whose "mind-part" operating in the time-domain (fourth Minkowski axis) IS preferential and nonrandom  (at least it has such a preferential and non-random "mind's time-energy operation and direction" imprinted on the otherwise random basis from the sheer matter).

 Continual time-charging does leave a time-charge which then slowly decays over a period of time.  From inert materials, that time-charge contains only totally random effects.  But from living materials, the time-charging produces a resulting time-charge that has a preferential (nonrandom) component that, during the time-charging, integrated coherently.

 So yes, the difference between the accumulated "randomized" time-charge decay of an inert material formerly present and the accumulated "coherent" time-charge decay of a living material formerly present, can be clearly measured.

 Dr. Poponin's work thus adds to a slowly growing body of literature showing such effects.  Reid's work in Australia, e.g., was significant in that "lingering" or "persistent" effects can be shown and detected even six months after the presence.

 It is sad that our medical science leaders do not recognize that the new electromedical science is upon us, and is just waiting to be born.  If they would vigorously fund research in areas such as these, then we could have that new medical science in just a few short years.

 The science has already been much developed in Russia, but unfortunately for weapons under the strict control of the KGB.  There it constitutes that branch of energetics called "bioenergetics".

 Best wishes,

Tom Bearden

Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2001 07:43:26 +0800


Somebody e-mailed me a question about this, and it looks like you and Tom might be interested.


Basically, the PRIOR presence of human DNA in a scattering chamber - not just the CURRENT presence - seems to affect an auto-correlation function generated using a laser. Other (non-DNA) material seems not to have this effect.

The article claims...

"...the DNA phantom effect may be interpreted as a manifestation of a new physical vacuum substructure which has been previously overlooked..."

Researcher and article author...

Dr. Poponin is a quantum physicist who is recognized world wide as a leading expert in quantum biology, including the nonlinear dynamics of DNA and the interactions of weak electromagnetic fields with biological systems.