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Date: Sun, 17 Nov 2002 22:54:43 -0600

Dear Ed,

Thanks for the information; much appreciated.

I checked the site, and the thesis would not download.  The two patents downloaded without problem, immediately.  It may be that the doctor running that site has already been prevailed upon to remove the thesis. (Ed. note: the thesis now downloads OK).

I have Priore's original thesis, the actual document he turned in and which was returned to him with the rejection, courtesy of Dr. Pautrizel in France and the late Christopher Bird.   Alain Beaulieu kindly translated it into English for me a few years ago.  At that time I attempted to get permission to publish both the French and English version, and post it on the web. What a hornet's nest that stirred up!  The Priore heirs, the French Government, a company or two, and one or more "researchers" who claimed to be the world experts on Priore (they weren't) and who also thought Priore's work was their private personal property, all came unglued.  Seems there was (and probably still is) a donnybrook going on between them all.  Even with a French businessman colleague and his lawyers trying to negotiate with all those parties, it was impossible.  French lawyers in France strongly warned against publishing or posting that thesis under those circumstances.

So I cannot post the thesis, unless I wish to get hit with several lawsuits including from the French Government --- and no one needs that!  Neither can I publish the thesis.  I had wanted to place both the French thesis and English translation on the web, along with a write-up praising Priore and explaining in general how the device worked.  Not to be!

I suspect (with some reason) that the French government (who put some physicists on it and classified their report, which has been declassified only a couple of years ago or so) did break the longitudinal EM wave involvement, and go on to develop and weaponize longitudinal EM wave interferometry.  Can't prove that yet in a court of law, but I think it is true.  If so, then France was indeed one of the four nations or groups firing longitudinal EM wave interferometry weapons shots into Western Australia (one of the other groups was the Japanese Yakuza), and just using that extraordinarily sparsely settled region for a convenient practice range.  Some 10 nations of the world now have such weapons, and I'm sure the French would have been onto them long ago.  I think they spurred onto them off the Priore project, since Priore made and used longitudinal EM waves.

So the only thing I can publish or post is Priore's American patents (those are public domain, once the patent is issued), and whatever I personally write.  I cannot post the thesis, which is sad.  Our thought was to honor his work, give him the high praise and credit he deserves for such a remarkable achievement, include an explanation of how it worked, and prevent it from passing into obscurity as so many other things have done.

That was not to be.

However, I did dramatically extend the Priore method and simplify it.  My colleague and I filed a provisional patent application on that methodology, which we may eventually decide just to give away and post it on the website, with the statement that we are deliberately giving it to the public.  We'll have to see how all that turns out.  Other people, not just me, also put a lot of hard work into it.

Anyway, thanks for trying, and I really appreciate it.  However, I still can't do it, for the situation has not changed.

Very best wishes,

Tom Bearden

Sent: Sunday, November 17, 2002 10:20 PM 
Subject: Priore Thesis Online

Dear Dr. Bearden,

The following site contains all of the Priore Thesis translated into English as well as two of his patents, all three in .pdf format.  I thought you might want to include these on your website on Priore.

I wrote Tony an e-mail about this, but I'm not sure if I got his address right, and I knew the decision was ultimately up to you so I thought I'd write to you directly.  I sincerely hope you and your wife's health is in better shape.

Take Care,