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Subject: RE: Porthole project
Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2001 00:20:41 -0600

Dear Dr. F*****,

 Sorry to take a few days to answer.  Things and conditions here have been very hectic; one might say nearly impossible.  But we are persevering.

 Just now, we're trying to get on with the medical project as best we can, step by step.  Tony Craddock, who also does my website, is directing the efforts on the medical project.  I've been trying to get down enough information for him to use in the patent area, as it seems the only way to proceed is to have something (intellectual property rights) which possibly may interest certain investors to fund development of the system.  We can patent what we have extended, so are proceeding toward that direction, so as to have something of value for potential funding, assigned to a company set up for that purpose and to develop the project and do it.

 Otherwise, I hardly know how to answer sincere offers of help.  The actual development is not a simple cheap project, but will require substantial funding and several different disciplines, including two or more of the very rare fellows who handle higher group symmetry electrodynamics.  We tried very hard to get the U.S. government agencies interested in 1998, such as DoD, NIH, etc., but frankly they did not even understand what we were talking about.  But we will continue, because this will be sorely needed, particularly in this new war if we get an unleashing of the smallpox or get one or more  professional terrorists spray attacks on a city with anthrax or other BW agents.  The American casualty rate could be horrendous, if it's a professional attack.  With my military background, in my view it is not a matter of "if" but of "when" such more formidable attacks occur, and we have thousands --even hundreds of thousands -- of civilian casualties.

 The thing that is so different is that in this war there are two theaters of operations: (1) the North American Theater of Operations, and (2) everywhere else.  Already, fortress/castle American has been penetrated, and there are something like 30,000 terrorists, saboteurs, Spetznaz, etc. already in our country.  Most of these report to their sponsoring foreign nations; Bin Laden's network is only one of many.  And they have been preparing this for 30 years, and during the last 20 years particularly.  Consequently the weapons and biological agents and strike teams already in our nation are appalling.  Nevertheless, that is where we stand.  It is going to be a very long, grueling, terrible war.  Slow at first, but punctuated probably from time to time with significant terrorist attacks.   So there is quite a different perspective on American casualties in this war, than in any other we have ever fought.

 Besides funding for it, all that I can think of at present that can help the project is that others be made aware of the information and the background.  What is most sorely needed are some limited preliminary funds or donations that help on expenses.  Right now Mr. Craddock is carrying that himself.  Regardless, I will continue to do what I can, and so will Mr. Craddock.  He is just as morally driven as I am.  The main driving force, understand, is not to make money.  It is to do something that will help save American lives down the road a ways, and ultimately save lots of lives worldwide.

 But also, the work must be done scientifically following proper protocols.  We must never be in the situation where we arm-wave and "sell a permanent magnet to cure cancer", so to speak.  That is not the scientific method, and it does not protect the public.  What is necessary is to do the project with the hard-nosed laboratory research and prototype build and testing, particularly substantial lab animal tests to clearly show scientific results.   This must be done impeccably, by very qualified scientists, so that what can be achieved is shown experimentally and the results duly reported to the scientific community.  Then when successful with animal testing, it must proceed in a fully legal manner to legally permitted tests on humans who consent and are in need, with nothing else to help.  When it has been clearly and scientifically demonstrated this way, then it must go through  the proper legal approval to be utilized by the medical community.  I would suspect that, if we can get through the successful equipment development and animal tests, then we can get a rapid speed-up program from the government itself because of the implications for saving a great number of lives in case of mass destruction weapons casualties in our cities.

 So it can be done, but it will not be easy and it will not be cheap.  As I approach 71, it may not be able to be completed in my lifetime.  Nonetheless, to me the moral imperative is so great that I simply cannot walk away from it.  I have to try to do whatever I can, whether I succeed or not.  By at least doing my best, perhaps others can then succeed if we do not.  That is the driving motive.  It is Tony Craddock's driving motive also.  And we will persevere.


Tom Bearden

Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2001 16:27:47 -0700

      Dr. Bearden,
       I have been reading the ADAS  site with interest.  I originally was interested in the microscope technology, but find myself interested in the physics in general ,as well.
       I am a practicing  health care  provider, and am currently in a post-doctoral program in integrative medicine.  Obviously, as you have indicated in the Priore work, the health care model has its ultimate basis in the TOE, and its comprehensive application. 
       I would like to offer my help, if applicable ,to the ongoing development of your work,  including the porthole project you discussed recently.  I have an extensive network of health care colleagues, as well as some financial contacts who might be able to help with or identify possible sources of funding . 
       Perhaps we can visit by phone  or e-mail in the near future.  I  appreciate your work and the efforts of ADAS to make a positive difference, of huge proportions.
Sincerely  yours,
C.E. F