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Date: Tue, 8 Nov 2005 21:49:28 -0600

Dear Mr. I****


Your interest and offer are very much appreciated.


However, all matters concerning the MEG are handled by Dr. Lee Kenny, CEO of Magnetic Energy Ltd. – the holding company to which all rights to the MEG are assigned.


So I am forwarding a copy of your E-mail to Dr. Kenny, and he will be in touch with you for possible discussion of your kind offer.


The statement on depleting the strength of the permanent magnets is erroneous. In one very early experiment, unknown to us our measuring instrumentation had a failed part, and a measurement seemingly indicating decrease of the permanent magnet’s field did occur. But once the failed part was replaced and the instrumentation made properly working again, no such measurement could be had and was never again seen, in thousands of them. But somehow that statement got included in the patent application.


Of course, in modern physics any dipolarity such as a permanent magnet’s two poles must exhibit broken symmetry of opposite charges. As such, it must absorb input virtual state energy from the vacuum and transduce it to output observable state energy – as does any charge or pole. As Nobelist Lee states, broken symmetry means that “something virtual has become observable”.  


Pole of course just means “magnetic charge”.  In modern physics, of course, any “classically isolated” pole or charge is actually a dipolarity, since it polarizes its surrounding virtual state vacuum. Indeed, modern physics shows that the “bare charge” is infinite in magnitude and has infinite energy; but it polarizes its surrounding virtual state vacuum to produce charge of the opposite sign – which is also infinite in magnitude and has infinite energy. Our instruments, however, peering through the surrounding “Faraday cage” at the bare charge inside its polarized vacuum, sees the FINITE difference that does exist between the two infinite charges. For example of a good description of this, see Steven Weinberg, Dreams of a Final Theory, Vintage Books, Random House, 1993, p. 109-110.


Now treating the pole as such a “dual infinite dipolarity ensemble”, and realizing that both charges have infinite energy, it then is obvious that the two infinite energies involved can furnish a finite (difference) amount of energy flow for any finite time, no matter how long.


So the magnets do not deplete or lose their magnetic strength or their fields. And they do pour out a real, continuous flow of real magnetic energy.


Dr. Kenny will be in touch with you soon.


Best wishes,

Tom Bearden