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Subject: Question to Tom Bearden...
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2002 00:17:34 -0500

Dear Dr. Bearden,
I have been reading on your website about how cells actually regenerate themselves by time-reversing themselves. Also, you have made it clear how cells can be made to repair themselves by the use of longitudinal or scalar electromagnetic waves.
However, I have a question about this process.
When a diseased cell is exposed to a longitudinal EM signal (one that is meant to cause healing instead of a diseased state) does the cell actually travel backwards in time? Or does the cell have a form of memory that simply allows it to know how to properly repair itself? Does the signal simply tell the cell how to repair itself (if so then by what organelles or cellular system) or does the signal actually cause the cells, their components, or DNA to travel backwards in time?

ANS:  Time is not a river down which we drift like an unpowered boat.  It is energy, and has the same energy density as mass.  Every longitudinal EM wave (signal) is accompanied by a scalar (time-polarized) EM wave signal as well, in accord with quantum field theory and a slight reinterpretation of Whittaker's 1903 decomposition of the scalar potential.  Hence when one "pumps" the cells (or the body) with longitudinal EM waves, one is also unwittingly pumping them with time-polarized waves. Pumping is just "squeezing", simply put.  If you squeeze the object in the time-energy domain, you force it back to a previous time-energy state.  You can indeed time-reverse a single mass object because mass is energy and energy can be time reversed.  It is not time-travel in the science fiction sense, however!   That would require that the "observer" himself keep moving forward in time normally, while all the rest of the universe is time-reversed back to some previous time-energy state for everything except the observer.

From the thermodynamic view, things go slowly awry in our bodies and we age because of a sort of increasing entropy of the physical system.  In some very new work in forefront thermodynamics, a system in disequilibrium steady state can in fact exhibit not only negative entropy, but the negative entropy can steadily increase more negatively, toward negative infinity, as time passes.  So thermodynamics does indeed allow negentropic reversal of the body's accumulated error conditions. In short, one can have negentropic engineering -- which after all is precisely what healing really is.

If the signal can cause an individual cell to travel backwards in time then exposing the whole body to such a signal could send an entire organism back in time.

ANS.  That is correct.  Rejuvenation is electromagnetically doable, if the extended Priore program can be redeveloped. It is not doable by the standard electrical engineering model, which is archaic and with foundations more than a century old.  Much better systems of electrodynamics have been originated for particle physics, because the Maxwell-Heaviside model does not sufficiently describe nature.  Also, our science has continued to ignore the "internal, infolded, more primary longitudinal EM wave electrodynamics" that comprises all our regular EM fields, potentials, and waves.  Just now several nations of the world have clandestinely weaponized that internal EM for the detriment of humanity.  It must be developed also for the good of humanity, to heal rather than to kill.
This also poses another question. If you exposed the human brain to such signals (which forms memories due to the interconnections of neurons, synapses, etc) then would an organism lose memories due to this process? Or again, is this simply a process in which the cells somehow remember how to fix themselves?

ANS: The mind doesn't lose the memories, because the real memories are not in the physical matter of the brain.  By not doing much with time-polarized photons and EM waves, our present electrical science is seriously deficient.  We ARE NOT "meat computers", the prevailing view of our present science.  Sure, we do HAVE a meat computer at our disposal, but the mind itself is not a material entity.  Mind and mind processes seem to be totally electromagnetic, however, but of the time-polarized kind that is EM energy vibrating over in the time domain rather than in 3-space.  Another way to look at it is that the mind dynamics are actually internal dynamics in the flow of time, a flow which is infinitely structured and with internal dynamics.  They are also dynamics inside the huge scalar potential that is space.
Thank you for taking the time to help me with this. It is very clear that you sacrifice a lot to support your website, write all the many papers, answer questions such as this, and help with development of the MEG. You really do care about this planet and the people on it. That is apparent to anyone who reads your website, and I for one would like to thank you for everything you have done and sacrificed.

ANS:  I deeply appreciate your comments.  The intent here is to pass on everything I can to those sharp young grad students and post docs, and seriously interested folks, so they can start from where I have gotten to, correct any errors I have inadvertently made (all my pencils still need their erasers!), and go much further.  It is my hope that those young fellows (and young ladies) will be able to break through the iron curtain of dogma that now brackets energy and medicine.  If they can get the scientific mindset changed, so that funding can flow to the grad students and post docs allowing them to work the problem, that will do it very shortly.

I hope that this form of healing technology can be developed as soon as possible.

ANS: Me too!  I shall not live to see it, but that is okay, just so long as it gets done.

I also need to thank you for something. Your website has strengthened my faith in God. Because I have realized that God made this universe in such a way that we as human beings do NOT have to suffer or lack anything whatsoever! If we would GET OUR ACT together we could have free energy, instant transportation anywhere, a way to detoxify any waste, and a way to keep our bodies young and healthy forever!

ANS: Yes, often we humans as a group are our own worst enemies.

God has given us the ABILITY to ENGINEER a PARADISE on earth. We could be living in a utopia if everyone on this planet would simply cooperate. It is the fault of humanity that so many people suffer and die.

ANS: Yes.  We cannot be na´ve and ignore the realities of our present human state.  We have to protect our families, etc. because others will come after them if we do not, unfortunately, in our present state of human development.  However, we do need to dramatically work towards finding a solution to the problem of the inhumanity of one human toward another.  We've tried bullets, ballots, isms of all kind, etc.  So far we haven't been able to really find the answer.  We've never had real "peace", e.g., but only "enforced order".  But the Creator has given us a mind, intuition, and inspiration.  The dedication and the sustained effort are up to us.  We simply have to find the answer, or else humans seem bent on a course that will destroy all humankind and much of this heartachingly beautiful biosphere.
However, at least we know God is not the cause of all the suffering that exists. It is the evil that lurks in MANKIND.

Comment:  To be free, we have to be able to act either way.  The Creator has made us free, and given us the mind and heart to solve the problem.  The FIRST problem is not to dogmatize everything, and not to try to forcibly dictate a supposed solution.  We first have to achieve a better understanding than we presently have. 

Thank you for everything you do. God Bless you and I wish you the very best and a continued recovery from the health problems you were having.

Very much appreciated, I assure you.  God's blessings to you and your family also, and to all families everywhere. Most of us are really just human beings, trying to live our lives and cherish our loved ones and treat our fellow humans well and fairly, and with decency and respect.  It's still the simple things that make life worthwhile: the beauty of a little child, the smile on the face of a little baby, the special look in an aged grandmother's eyes, the sunlight on the blue water and green trees.  One ceases thinking at such scenes, and just absorbs them directly in the heart.   Then one rouses and continues daily routines.  But the inner beauty remains..
Best Regards,