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Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2003 22:24:51 -0600


Interesting questions all.

Sorry I don't have the answers; am just following as much as I can, and looking for any indicators that appear.

As best I can figure out, we have entered a period of gradual increase and escalation of "incidents" designed to stretch us out, world-wise and also economically. The old squeeze play, so to speak.

Best wishes,

Tom Bearden

 Sorry, I was in a hurry and forgot to include mention of the Galileo impact controversy.  Among other things the South Pole neutron radiation readings have been in lots of unusual (record-breaking?) territory since then, and extremely volatile, but you probably already know that.  Are the bad kids still trying to light up Jupiter?  Looks like they're still having their problems with that, if what's rumored is true, although it's still too soon to tell. I guess.  Trying to use the flares as a solar cigarette lighter, perhaps?  I see that for 36 hours continuously since that now famous biggest blast late 11/4 UTC, the GOES X-ray reading has gone into a dive and has fallen nearly off the charts downside.  Are these record readings?  Uh-oh, oops, flameout?  Blew an O-Ring?  Did somebody trump?  What GOES on? On a possibly related note, I have seen sporadic sources including Debka (that Friendly Little Nation...) indicating large-scale US Military airborne migrations as of a couple of days ago.  The element of surprise?  Just trying to sneak out of the country?  I can think of quite a number of reasons why this information might be aired as it has, I will not elaborate or suggest where my opinions lie, but will summarize this way:  none of them are good, just different degrees of evil.  Oddly, the Pikes Peak panoramic webcams started malfuncioning strangely a few days previous to this rumour, and went completely brain-dead at sunrise (in the East) after 6:00 AM 10/28. Also, would be interested to know your views on what's up with Yellowstone. Lots of rumble about the elevated HAARP levels since 9/11/01.  Several possibilities I will elaborate: 1.  Crazy hostiles are using scalar energy to heat this thing to the point they can hold US completely hostage to their policy manipulation.  They are blind to or unconcerned about the risk of Global catastrophe.  US is trying to shield it with HAARP. 2.  Parties unknown are using scalar energy to heat this thing to the point where they can hold the entire world hostage to their policy manipulation, and they are bluffing. 3.  Parties concerned about the possibility of Global catastrophe are trying to ease the pressure by various means, possibly to include geomagnetic and solar manipulations.  In downhill ski racing, there is the pre-jump.  In geophysics, you might try to just burp the supervolcano a little, to prevent a really big problem. 4.  This is the ultimate passive defense.  US is heating this thing to the point where any attack of geophysical magnitude (nuclear, scalar) would risk Global catastrophe.  We may or may not be bluffing, and we may know not what we do. Your thoughts?  Or maybe I should just forward my concerns to my elected Representatives?


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Greetings, Mr. Bearden. 

 I have read more of your material than I truly have the credentials to pass judgment on, however intuition is a powerful thing if guided, and much you have to say is quite compelling.  Only recently have I looked into the correspondence section, many gems are to be found there but must confess I am behind in my readings of those. Why so quiet lately?  I sincerely hope your health is not the issue. My first question concerns some of your medical theories, and those regarding nuclear waste management.  Do you believe your theories provide scientific basis for the development of effective treatment for uranium poisoning in humans, which has been widely stated to be a direct threat to the lives of Iraqi nationals (and surrounding !!! including the "Friendly Little Nation" !!!) and the US forces who are now stewing in a sandy sea of particles that are byproducts of the use of Depleted Uranium and other controversial munitions on the field of battle?  Does the US military in fact possess such uranium poisoning countermeasures, and is this part and parcel of our willingness to deploy them?  If so, why don't we hear even the slightest hint that this capability exists?  I imagine it would be quite costly to implement, and risky, those would be the downsides. Only for a chosen few? Perhaps only the Russians have developed this capability, but if so, why was it not made well-known and available following Chernobyl? If truly possible, then I pray most fervently to our Lord and Savior that it could be done, although I fear in my heart this is a job that will be left to Him. Do you have specific concerns or opinions regarding the solar temper tantrums currently manifesting themselves?  My gut tells me this smacks of extremely serious escalations of the space warfare you and many on the street say is in our near future.  The overall backdrop is extremely unsavory, given the juxtaposition of the solar episodes to various ongoing world events, including the Shuttle Shutdown, Chinese manned space mission, the rumble about the wild overstatement of Iraqi oil reserves now followed by the Khodorkovski/Yukos intrigues, the rumble about Squalls (interestingly the name chosen alludes to weather warfare) and Sunburns (we're getting a Royal one lately). Feels to me like someone is playing a low hole card right now, because of the richness of what's showing?  Would you agree?  Can you enlighten us? Word on the street is that anything from Core Taps to Solar Torpedoes can be used to manipulate solar phenomena.  And of course all digital imagery and telemetry can be very easily manipulated as well, none of that really "looks real" to begin with.  Are the sun storms being faked?  I doubt it, because I feel it.  On CNN the other night, Lou Dobbs aired the controversial SOHO shots that show what is alleged to be the "Solar Torp" going in.  Why?  Well, the ionosphere/magnetosphere have "covered" us pretty well.  Too bad about those Japanese satellites, and the folks allegedly frying in the International Space Station.  But you would no doubt confirm that numerous players have the ability to selectively neutralize these natural protections regionally.  Is that the score in this game? The vacuum is deafening, lately. Braced for downtime.