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Subject: RE: Words of support and questions regarding MEG patent  application process
Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2001 16:43:25 -0600

Dear Joe,

 We filed the patent with a great deal of direct citations to hard literature references.  In other words, the patent office cannot ignore what has already been proven in physics, and recognized -- such as the Aharonov-Bohm Effect.  We also clearly moved our application under the thermodynamics of open systems far from equilibrium, as I recall.  But mostly one just has to have savvy attorneys who know the ins and outs of the Patent Office.

 And yes, we do anticipate a "major battle" with oil and electrical power industries eventually; not so much from the conspiracy viewpoint, but because of the prevailing scientific and industry mindset that has been locked in now for more than a century.  The scientific mindset is the problem.  Almost everyone in all the industry and in the universities is just absolutely convinced that it is impossible to have a functioning COP>1.0 EM circuit, even though COP>1.0 EM effects already exist in the hard literature (such as the Bohren experiment).

 The cold fusion pioneers got a really raw deal, which was in my opinion a conspiracy by at least some of the dogmatists in the organized scientific community.  Big Nuclear Science, e.g., is a very powerful thing.  Has been for some time.  Yet in spite of them, the world is turning away from nuclear power.  Also, nuclear power plants are highly vulnerable to some of the superweapons that have been developed and deployed in several nations, particularly longitudinal EM wave interferometers.  Nobody has yet figured out how to properly solve the nuclear wastes problem.  Some even want to bury it in fictitious "stable mud flats" on the bottom of the ocean, for goodness sakes!  I come from Louisiana, and I have never seen a "stable mud flat" in my life.  Last thing we would want to do would be to put that stuff in the ocean.  On the other hand, if they would look into the mechanisms of cold fusion, where one can obtain transmutations at low spatial energy (but at high temporal energy), processes to process and neutralize the nuclear wastes could be had.  But that is not likely to occur.

 Nonetheless, cold fusion scientists are continuing, and the experimental successes continue.  Sooner or later the scientific community will lose that battle, or be branded forever as totally dogmatic.  With some 600 or more successful experiments now performed and reported, by many scientists in multiple labs in multiple countries, any fool can see that there is an area here that is real, but just does not come under the purview of the standard nuclear reactions models.  In that case, when the experiments continue to refute the models, scientific method requires that the models be changed or new models found.  Not doing so, but defending the inaccurate models "to the death", is the mark of dogma and not science.  The scientific community has a long history of just such dogma, and fury against anything upsetting the status quo very much.

 By the way, President Bush and Dick Cheney are not to blame for the energy crisis.  Nor are they to be blamed for advocating that we simply get more of what we are short of now, in the energy field.  According to the scientific advice they receive from the U.S. scientific community, that is the only way the energy problem can be solved.   The real blame must lie with the leaders of the scientific community, specifically with the National Academy of Sciences and the National Science Foundation, which in my opinion have no ongoing programs that are innovative to speak of, in the energy field.  E.g., to my knowledge they do not and will not fund a single program examining the extraction of EM energy from the vacuum.  And that's more than 40 years after Lee and Yang were awarded the Nobel Prize for, among other things, showing the broken symmetry of opposite charges such as the common dipole.  By the very definition of broken symmetry, that dipole -- once made -- will steadily absorb virtual photon energy from the vacuum, transduce it, and pour it out as real, usable EM energy.  Every charge and dipole in the universe steadily pours out observable energy, unceasingly, and unless we wish to totally abandon the conservation of energy law, the "input" energy must be there, and it must be in nonobservable form since it is not observed  This input of virtual energy and output of observable energy, by a dipole, has been proven for more than 40 years  in particle physics, and it hasn't even been incorporated into electrical engineering and particularly into electrical power engineering.  In short, it appears that the NAS and NSF do not even know what really powers a dipolar electrical circuit, once one accounts for what the dipolarity itself must do.   Understand, I do not have to "reprove" what Lee and Yang were already awarded a Nobel Prize for, and Wu et al. proved experimentally in 1957.  It would be nice if the NAS and NSF gave some evidence of being aware of the dramatic implications of the broken symmetry of a dipole, with respect to what powers electrical power systems.  They haven't.  But then neither do the universities nor the National Laboratories.

 I'm not familiar with Dr. Kaku's work, and cannot comment on it.  I do have personal sympathy for n-dimensional physics, because (in my view) a dimension is just a special kind of fundamental variable and therefore another "degree of freedom".  Obviously, the more degrees of freedom one's model possesses, the more complex and sophisticated the phenomena that it can describe (and that one can recognize through use of that model as one's "glasses" through which one looks).

 As to the guitar:  In the late 40s and early 50s I was a country music singer and guitarist (guitar picker would be a more appropriate name).  Was on the Louisiana Hayride for several years, cut several records, played on quite a few record sessions of other fellows, and wrote quite a few songs, some of which were recorded (one by Jim Reeves, one by Red Sovine, one by Johnny Horton, etc.).  Entered the Army in 1954, and that was the end of that.  Jim, Red, and Johnny got killed in accidents over the years, and only a few of the old-timers back there on the Hayride at that time are still going (such as Billy Walker).  Bill Carlyle still makes the "old dogs" show once in awhile.  But most of the rest have just faded away or died.  These days I still have the old guitar, but I'm afraid I hardly can find the front end from the rear end anymore.  For those who know guitars, I mostly played a 1950 model Gibson L-5, one of the last of the guitars made from wood cured 20 years under glass.  Still have it, and gave it to my wife.  The thing is considered a collector's item these days, I guess.

 Anyway, that was a long time ago, and lots of water has run under the bridge since then.  One thing I learned over the years was that we can never go back and step in the same river twice.  It's a different river, because the old water has flowed away and new water has replaced it.  Going back to Cheniere, Louisiana where I was born, is a funny thing.  Changed so much one hardly recognizes it.  Most of the people I knew there then, are long since dead.  There are streets and subdivisions now, and there are familiar names on many of them as I knew the family for which the street was named.  No one remembers them anymore; that day is gone.  Places where I used to roam free in the woods and swamps have been drained, roads put in, streets and subdivisions, etc.  The house where I lived was knocked out by the new interstate, and there's a big four-leaf clover intersection there now.  So one has nearly become the "last of the Mohicans", so to speak, in a funny kind of way. 

 That's the way things change and hopefully progress.  The old move on out of the way, and the new move in and pick up the baton and run with it, hopefully with vigor and with success.

 Anyway, good luck in your studies.  Hopefully the young fellows today can pick up the various batons and take them lots farther and better than we old dogs did.

 Best wishes,

 Tom Bearden

Date: Wed, 07 Nov 2001 15:37:39 -0500
Subject: Words of support and questions regarding MEG patent application process
(As another correspondent has stated, there is no direct email address for Dr. Bearden on the site, so kindly would you direct this to him)
I've been following your work and that of others (most noteably John Searl's work with SISRC and the SEG) for about a year or so ever since news of the recent energy crisis hit the media and I'm very fascinated by the whole overunity community and it's potential (I found out about you through Richard C. Hoagland's Enterprise Mission website).  I'm particularly intrigued at the implications your ideas may have in the quest for a unified theory of everything, the so-called holy grail of theoretical physics.  Also I have great hope for what your accomplishments may mean to the future of the planet and humanity, and look forward to the fundamental change (for the better!!!) vacuum energy devices may bring. 
I'm a student of civil engineering at the New Jersey Institute of Technology and not particularly knowledgeable regarding EM theory, circuits and electronics, but I've always had a keen interest in cosmology and quantum mechanics since I was a child.  During my second semester of university physics, I asked my professor why the equations for Newton's Law of Gravitational Force and EM force due to two charges were virtually identical and why physicists have such a hard time reconciling EM and gravity.  To that he responded, "They aren't [the same]."  "But they look the same, they have the same terms, it just seems the order of magnitude is off."  "Yes, but they aren't the same."  "Why?" "They just AREN'T."  At that point I witnessed first hand the apparent blindness and dogmatic position of the mainstream scientific community.  I have to thank you because I'm confident that people like you will truly advance our knowledge and perhaps one day, my question may be answered.
On to my real reasons for writing.  I'm curious as to some of the specifics of your patent application proceedings.  Specifically, how did you even get the United States Patent Office to even look at the MEG?  I've heard various things over the past months that patent officers have been strictly instructed to not even accept applications claiming COP>1.0 and to write them off with the old excuses of "that sounds like a perpetual motion machine or cold fusion, and according to thermodynamics and all the peer reviews, they can't exist so we'll reject your proposal."  Also, what blockades do you expect from the conventional energy community, specifically big oil once the MEG is ready for distribution.  Personally, I foresee a bitter uphill battle especially since we have two staunch oil men in the White House at the present moment?
Speaking of cold fusion, I've heard about the manipulation of the "independent" corroboration testing data and how the original scientists involved have been virtually blacklisted from the research community because they succeeded where others had failed.  Do you think that they could ever be exonerated and their work accepted as a  feasible working system?
Finally, your work echoes of the theories being explored in the realm of multiple dimensions, hyperspace, and subspace whose most vocal proponent in my opinion is Michio Kaku.  After reading your papers, I found it hard to get through his book "Hyperspace."  Are you familiar with Dr. Kaku's work and what are your opinions on him and his research if you are?
Thank you for your time and I wish you continued success in your endeavors, and I promise that I will be one of the first on line to purchase a production MEG when it hits the market. 
Joe Frega 
ps:  I've read that you are a guitarist...I'm one myself and would like to know what style(s) you are interested in.