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Subject: Recent News Regarding Yakir Aharonov
Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2010 19:44:27 -0500

Thanks Ben!
Delighted that Aharonov was awarded that high honor!
His remarkable work certainly deserves such recognition!
Best wishes,
Tom Bearden

Subject: Recent News Regarding Yakir Aharonov

Dear Mr. Craddock,

I thought this citation might be of interest to you and
"Chapman University physicist Yakir Aharonov is among 10 scientists to receive the National Medal of Science, the White House announced Friday, earning the honor for his work in the bizarre world of quantum physics.
Aharonov, 78, joins a list of eminent past winners, including Arnold Beckman, Richard Feynman and Edward Teller."

This was posted October 15, 2010.

Keep up the good work!

Ben P