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Subject: RE: How did your theories evolve?
Date: Sat, 3 Nov 2001 18:09:10 -0600

No time to write lengthy answers, and don't worry how I arrived at the
theories over 30 years of hard effort and research.
Most of the content of my "theories" are taken directly from physics, though the "pieces" are scattered throughout various places.  Simply look up the references I cite in every paper and read them, and make up your own mind if they say what I say they say. If they don't, and the stuff I'm saying is wrong, then just toss it into the old trash can.  Then go do a better job yourself.

The rest is irrelevant.  What matters right now is that we are in a war, and
it is going to be very long and protracted, and we are going to lose more
Americans than we have previously lost in all our wars put together.  Sadly,
most are going to be noncombatants from our civil populace.

Eventually the Saudi oil supply in particular is going to be interrupted,
with disastrous economic consequences.  We will see an energy crisis then
that will curl one's hair.  30% of American domestic oil goes through one
800 mile pipeline in Alaska, and some fool the other day showed that a
high-powered rifle bullet will penetrate it, cause a leakage, and sealing it
is the devil and all.  Or look at all the substations in your city, or the
high voltage transmission lines and towers.  Simplest thing in the world to
lay America's "centralized energy distribution system" in ruins and in a
world of hurt.
So anything that can be done to get cheap clean energy extracted from the
active vacuum has to be done.  We've got to have decentralized systems.  Or we shall not survive indefinitely.  All natural gas pipelines and oil
pipelines underground are clearly marked and in a "right of way" for miles
and miles.  Think of what a little C4, a timer, and a posthole digger and
two men can do.

Move into the harbors and waterways and look at what is available and
vulnerable, and it will chill your blood.  Note that in the last few days,
several fake "U.S. Coastguard" boats have been seen at various places and on various waterways. Draw your own conclusions.  First the reconnaissance, then the planned strikes.  Remember Texas City?
Eventually we will see professional and large strikes on American cities
with weapons of mass destruction, such as smallpox and anthrax sprayed over the entire city, so that "inhalation anthrax" is the order of the day.  Or
bubonic plague, etc.  That will result in say a few million U.S. casualties
dying in the streets.  If smallpox is unleashed (and it is going to be,
almost inevitably), it will eventually kill about 2 billion people on the
So anything that can be done to develop far better medical treatment means, has to be done if humanly possible.
If you really wish to do something beneficial, roll up your sleeves and get
cracking in something for either or both of those. Either one needs the very
best brains and effort this nation can muster.  Doesn't matter at all
whether it gets done by the ways I am suggesting.  Anyway it can be done is fine.  Just so it gets done.
Otherwise no question means anything at all, because most all of us are
going to be very very dead.
Best wishes,

Tom Bearden
Sent: Saturday, November 03, 2001 5:12 PM
Subject: How did your theories evolve?

For some reason the Universe has caused me to be asked the exact same
question in the last few weeks.
Since I've never been the bashful type when it comes to asking questions,
I thought I'd ask you directly, what I was asked:
Where did the "Dr" come from in front of Beardon's name if you know.
Where did he do his Phd work and what school conferred that title on
I'm interested in reading his thesis and other past articles to learn
how his current theories evolved.