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Subject: FW: Miscellaneous Questions
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2001 00:17:06 -0600


 Glad to hear from a fellow Rambling Wreck!  Some responses inserted in the questions section.

 Best wishes,

 Tom Bearden

Subject: Miscellaneous Questions
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2001 15:14:11 -0600

Dear Dr. Bearden,

First, let me agree with so many others who say "thanks" for your tireless work and unbelievable prolificacy, especially in view of being in the midst of recovery from your heart attack.

Thanks for the kind words, they are very much appreciated.  I will be going back for additional tests etc. tomorrow, to try to ascertain the reason for the continued hypoxia.  There is a hint of the answer, but it is only a hint as of now, and a definitive test must be done.  Presently I'm working on about a half-schedule only.

I have the following three items on which I will greatly appreciate your comments:

1.) In doing some internet research on Aum Shinrikyo, I wandered onto a comment that the name had been changed from "Aum Shinrikyo" to "Aleph" which, according to the article, means "start anew". Out of curiosity, I continued my search using "Aleph" and stumbled upon
(for professional use) and (tailored for
the public). Apparently the name "Aleph", in this case refers to particle physics experiments using the large electron-positron collider at the CERN laboratory in Geneva. Does the work done there relate to specifically or
overlap in the area of what you have termed "scalar electromagnetics"?

I am not familiar with the Aleph program, so do not know the answer to this one.  So far as I am aware, the Aum Shinrikyo still uses that name in Japan, but I have not checked recently.  A rogue group of Japanese, consisting of Aum Shinrikyo and Yakuza, did indeed lease from the KGB, on-site in Russia, the earlier scalar interferometer weapons, right at the end of 1989.  That is also when the KGB deployed the first large strategic quantum potential weapons.  Since then, the "fingers on the triggers" that have been engineering our weather, initiating those earthquakes, and initiating volcanoes -- that SecDef Cohen spoke of -- have been rogue Japanese fingers, there in Russia, under KGB supervision.

2.) The news media (even the most conservative) abounds with al Qaeda, bin Laden, the Taliban, the anthrax hysteria, and to a lesser extent, others, such as Saddam Hussein, Idonesia, etc.  In even some of your most recent
correspondence (Sept. '01), you continue to mention the Yakuza, Aum Shinrikyo, and the KGB. Surely our top leadership is well aware of their workings (and no doubt much more from intelligence sources.) In your opinion, are these the really "big guns" of terrorism? We have been told by our government that there are many terrorist organizations throughout the world which are being targeted. Do you believe the aforementioned three are
included also? Is there interaction between the various groups? Why is it that these are never mentioned by the media ? Is it political incorrectness? intelligence reasons?  You have stated that the "real Russia" is the KGB;  what about all our recent "coziness" with Putin? Is he just a pawn of the KGB? Why is it we (the American public) never hear anything more about the Nunn Report or Secretary Cohen's confirmation (4/28/97)that electromagnetic weapons exist which terrorists can use to alter the climate, create earthquakes, etc.

Whew!  Too many questions to answer all of them!  Here's some perspective.  No government is monolithic, and neither is any large organization.  There are cliques etc. in any and all countries.  Some are relatively benign; some are dangerous; some are simply evil.  For the drift of things in Russia, one does well to read Lunev's book and interviews.  At the collapse of the former Soviet Union's economy, the KGB and the Russian Mafia became the power in the country, regardless of who the "leader" is.  The Russian Mafia in fact works under the KGB.  The leader of the country (Putin) can actually be trying to do what he says, and in fact can even go ahead and do it.  Yet at the same time, the KGB/Mafia can have an entirely different program also ongoing, including worldwide, while permitting Putin to go forward with a friendly program.  This is particularly possible since the superweapons are in the hands of the KGB; they have never been in the hands of the Russian Armed Forces.  So dealing with a nation is a game of chess.  One has to look many moves ahead, on both sides of the fence, and consider sacrifices of pawns, etc.  It isn't just simple negotiation with "the government", which unfortunately most of our news media think it is.  As an example, Yeltsin actually thought he had stopped the BW development program, when it had only moved and continued apace, without his knowledge!  So from  a single nation, you can have multiple implemented programs, often completely contradictory to each other, being carried out by different groups.   In simple terms, it's a helluva mess.  One also has to examine carefully how extensively any powerful group in a particular nation has penetrated that nation's government and large corporations, and the banking system.  In Japan's case, the Yakuza have strongly penetrated the government, all large Japanese corporations, and also have taken control of the banking system including the national bank.  Unfortunately, these days much of our news media uses the "talking heads" approach, where the objective seems to be some kind of "entertainment stardom" rather than an objective news briefing.  Simply observe how much of the "news program" is devoted to huffing and puffing about how great that news organization is, etc. etc.  The days when a professional briefing would be given straightforward are almost gone.  In fairness, however, once in awhile we do get an extraordinarily good special program in the news, where real in-depth news reporting and background information is given.  I would like to see lots more of that.  That is absolutely essential to keep the U.S. public informed.

Anyway, those lesser-desired characteristics of the news media -- and often the desire to "sensationalize" -- seems to be why no one reacted to SecDef Cohen's remarks there in 1997 in Georgia.  So far as I am aware, not a single news bulletin reported those astonishing words by the SecDef.  The reason seems to have been that at the time the news media were in frenzied and panting race, over the Lewinsky-Clinton juicy scandal, and they just ignored it as having zero importance compared to that.  After all, it wasn't "juicy" and it wasn't a scandal.  Other than that, your guess is as good as mine as to why no one reported it.  It is certainly in the official transcript of his remarks, and anyone can check that out.

For this present war:  It's all of the above, in my opinion.  There are at least three tiers or levels to the conflict.  (1) the struggle against the terrorists and their sponsoring nations (that's the lower tier, and the one getting most all the news).  (2) Bin Laden's attempt to capture the Islamic religion and convert it to extremism, thus converting it to a direct conflict between cultures.  President Bush has had some excellent advice on this score, and has carefully engineered a very difficult but essential coalition, to show clearly that this is a war on terrorism, not at all on Islam.  That is very important.  The news has also pointed this one out, and even shown some of the penetration Bin Laden has made toward that objective. (3) the maneuvering at the "superweapon" (energetics weaponry) level for an opening to strike and finish off the "adversary" (being the U.S. and its allies).  There are several kinds of these extreme superweapons; the dominant being the quantum potential weapons that nothing else can stand against.  For some time, three nations had them (none of which was the U.S.).  Now two other nations (not the U.S.) have them as well.  The maneuverings in that arena are so extraordinary that conventional news media simply would not believe it.  Nonetheless it is true, and since Jan. 1997 particularly we have been under the continual maneuvering of that "third tier".  Actually, the third tier hostile forces consider the terrorist war against the U.S. a very important and "asymmetrical" way of so weakening the U.S. and crippling it, that it can be destroyed easily thereafter.  Eerily, pound for pound, you can get more "yield" from biological warfare weapons -- professionally delivered -- than from nuclear weapons.  Our intelligence community and our government agencies have been pointing this out for years, largely ignored by the news media, and also have been pointing out the very real terrorist threat we face where the terrorists are also armed with weapons of mass destruction.  And so they are.  And now we are in that very war, where the terrorists have made the first strike -- not with weapons of mass destruction as yet, but certainly they struck hard and with sophisticated preparation at 50,000 Americans working in those World Trade Center towers, and at the people working in the Pentagon, killing more Americans than were killed by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.  Sadly, this war has only just begun.  But it has also united Americans in a way that many would earlier have thought impossible.  Admiral Yamamoto said it for the record, as he turned his ships away after his attack on Pearl Harbor:  "I fear we have awakened a sleeping giant—and filled him with a terrible resolve."  And that is exactly what the terrorists have done.

3.) In review of your Selected Correspondence, I ran across one entitled, "Response to a query about the "MindSnapper" tested in Afghanistan" dated
Sat, 5 May 2001, which I must have missed when it was first posted. Since the query itself was not posted and your reply was quite brief, it was not possible to discern the nature of the "MindSnapper tested in Afghanistan".  Would you please elaborate and also is there any connection with
this (whatever it was) and the current situation in Afghanistan and our our war on terrorists?

The "mindsnapper" is actually a nickname I appended some years ago to a fearsome EMP weapon that produces a negative energy EMP, rather than a positive energy EMP.  It has the unique characteristic that, in the struck zone or object, electron currents are suddenly destroyed (they simply 'disappear" by a certain technical process in the Dirac theory of the electron).  A human body struck with that, falls instantly like a limp rag.  Instantly no brain currents, no nervous system currents, no little tiny currents inside the cells, nothing.  Instant and total physical death of every tiniest part of the body.  The ultimate death ray.  Note that it is very effective against all electronics, and also destroys semiconductors.  So it's an all purpose weapon against personnel, electrical power systems, communications systems, missiles, aircraft, satellites, etc.  [China also has recently deployed such weapons].  The Russians tested  tactical versions of that weapon twice in Afghanistan in the 1980s, where the Mujahideen thought it must have been some kind of fast-acting nerve gas.  I personally spent two hours (by a fluke) in Washington, D.C. with the Mujahideen Representative to the U.S. Government, confirming the characteristics of those two strikes. You can see why I nicknamed it the "mindsnapper" --- with a totally and instantly dead body, including every cell, virus, germ, bacterium, whatever, the mind-body connection is instantly and violently severed or "snapped".  Not even a nerve cell ever fires again, and the body does not decay even in a month (as was the case in Afghanistan).  The body also is instantly "time-charged" by the strike, and continues to emit longitudinal EM radiation as that charge decays over a lengthy period.  Predators will not eat the body, since if they come close, the LW radiation striking them begins to "noise jam" their own mind-body connection.  If they persist, they will waver, stagger, and fall down and die in convulsions.  But when the interference from the radiation starts, they simply turn and flee in alarm.  The Afghans called the weapon "smerch", meaning "wind of death", and thought it was some kind of fast-acting nerve gas.  You can see an article treating it as some sort of nerve gas or other chemical, in Yossef Bodansky,  "Soviets testing chemical agents in Afghanistan," Jane's Defence Weekly, 1(3), Apr. 7, 1984, p. 508.  No nerve gas on earth and no chemical poison will kill in that fashion.  None.  Stefan Marinov, one of the free energy researchers, was also apparently killed with a very small "shooter" version of that weapon, and his body was then thrown off a building to pretend it was "suicide".  The pavement -- where the body was allowed by the police to lie  for an extended period -- glowed when the body was finally removed.  No other weapon will kill a body in such fashion that the emitted LWs from it will cause cement to emit visible radiation.

I have rambled a bit (probably frustration) and I apologize.

No, good questions.

I would like to conclude by saying that I'm proud to be a fellow Yellow Jacket/Ramblin'Wreck Alumni ('56 BS ChE).

Well, now there's a winner!  I still remember Ga Tech with great fondness, and I very much enjoyed my time there.  I had some great professors, and really enjoyed my studies there (I left Ga Tech in 1971 to go straight to Vietnam).  I do  hope the University is still doing well.

May God richly bless you and speed you to a complete recovery.

Many thanks, and best wishes to you also.  Our country is now in a new kind of war we have not experienced before, where "fortress America" has already been penetrated and the enemy is within our gates, in addition to outside in his distant bases and sponsoring nations.  This is likely to be the longest, toughest war we have ever fought, and the bulk of the casualties -- sadly -- will almost certainly be innocent American civilians and noncombatants.  We shall all need to stick tightly together, and give this one our best shot.  It may be tough, but I am confident we will win the course eventually.  The only thing we must not do is lose our patience.  We cannot "run away" from this one, back to Fortress America; the enemy is already in our gates and within the fortress.   There are two "theaters of operation":  (1) the North American Theater of Operations, and (2) everywhere else. We shall need to learn patience and sustain it as never before.


Tulsa, OK