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Subject: RE: MEG - certainly a killer application in Africa
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2001 11:54:26 -0600

Dear Georg,

The Sangoma healer experiments sound interesting, and it would be interesting to see the details.

 We plan on getting the first MEG production unit out about one year from now, at something like 2.5 KW but in modular form.  In other words, by adding a synchronizing unit to be developed simultaneously, one can sync four of them together for 10 KW, and eight for 20 KW, etc.  The next ones out will probably have the basic unit in either the 5 KW or 10 KW range, again modularized.  We expect to have these units close-looped for self-powering. That is not simple, contrary to "popular opinion" of electrical engineers, but Bedini and I have filed a patent application on the fundamental process by which it has to be done, after agonizing years of trying to break that phenomenology and its secret.  Magnetic Energy Ltd (the parent company for the MEG) has full use of that pending patent in all its products, as does Bedini's companies.  He will also probably be putting a 2 KW self-powering unit on the market about a year from now, hopefully.  There are a couple others, if they get through the flak and make it to the market.

 I will have a book published by World Scientific next year, and in it will release the principles and concepts of overunity systems to include the process for close looping them for self-powering and the physics involved.  We will also give a little commentary on some peculiarities of testing an overunity system.

 That is the plan, and the final research for the MEG is ongoing in the National Materials Science Lab of the National Academy of Science of a friendly foreign nation.  We should receive our first patent shortly, and a second one has been filed and is processing.  In the foreign country, we found excellent scientists in  a top-quality national laboratory who also knew more physics than is in electrical power engineering -- which is based on a 137-year-old model that is seriously flawed and known to be flawed (e.g., by Feynman, Wheeler, Bunge, and many others.).

 A very important publication, Modern Nonlinear Optics, Second Edition, 3 vols., edited by  M.W. Evans, Wiley, 2001, is now rolling off the presses.  It will be available in libraries etc. soon, and it contains a wealth of papers on the new electrodynamics and on extracting and using EM energy from the vacuum.  Even this old dog has two papers in there, one on the MEG and one on extracting EM energy from the vacuum.

 To keep one's sense of humor, no electrical engineering department or professor in the world presently teaches or even realizes what really powers his own electrical circuits in his own laboratories and courses.  That has been in particle physics for more than 40 years, but the standard classical electrodynamics model has not been changed to incorporate the additional physics learned since Maxwell's seminal paper in 1865.  Not really the way to run the railroad, but it keeps that power meter on your house and farm and business, and it keeps that fuel meter on the gas pump for your car.   And of course that keeps lots of money flowing to those who really do not wish it known that all the power grids are already powered by energy extracted by the source dipole once formed between the terminals of the generator. 

 If the standard electrical power system closed-current loop circuit were not specifically designed to destroy that source dipole faster than the circuit can catch some energy from it to power the load, then the dipole would power the circuit so long as the dipole remained intact.  That's what already powers the highly energetic atoms via the broken symmetry of their dipolarities, and they have been "powering themselves" that way since the beginning, which scientists say is for some 14 billion years.  Indeed, now that we finally resolved the source charge problem, it is clear that all EM energy in three dimensional space comes from the time domain anyway.  We literally transduce a little time into spatial energy, to run our circuits and systems.  One second of time transduces into some 9x10(exp16) joules of EM energy. 

 However, the powers that be have also proclaimed that the fuel cell is what will be the next big development and incorporation.  They are going to ram that down our collective and individual throats where we like it or not, so we will have to continue to use fuel.  The last thing they want to see is cheap clean energy from the vacuum, and they will bitterly oppose it to the end.  But if it is humanly possible to get it out there, my colleagues and I will do so.  At least we will give it our best shot, whether we succeed or fail.

 Best wishes,

 Tom Bearden

 Dear Tom,

a few days after our last correspondence on this matter I had the honor of meeting an old Zulu Sangoma (natural healer) who is also the keeper of oral history of his people and a very far traveled and well spoken man.

When I mentioned the MEG in his presence and tried to explain it's basic principle, he said that he himself had built an apparatus with a wire cage and two brass electrodes and a fluorite crystal some time ago and that it produced electricity. He went on that the old Zulu kings "had always liked to dabble around with electricity" but that the knowledge was confined to secret societies and thereby prevented from being more widely used.

I will soon ask him to repeat this experiment or provide me with some sketches. Would you like to see them?

I for my part cannot wait until your thing goes "commercial". Will it be possible to run a small settlement or a farm with conventional appliances and 220V A/C? Any ideas about that yet? (I am talking about Kilowatts now)

This should be a killer application in all Africa, were the conventional power grid is far from ubiquitous and there is of course the big chance to go ahead without that much resistance from the vested interests of the utility companies.

I might even be interested in marketing/ license manufacturing this fantastic product, but in any case I will buy one as soon as it's out.