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Subject: RE: Neutralizing nuclear waste - the calculation
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 17:30:08 -0600


That's with reference to the quantum potential.  There one is using instantaneous "everywhere it will be, all at once" energy.  So one can start right down inside a nucleus, flipping quarks, changing gluon forces, etc. --- if one has developed the necessary engine technology.  Whatever engine is impressed, that is what will be done to the appropriate nucleus. So if one uses a set of QPs that each has a specific engine in it, one could change isotope 1 to a harmless form, isotope 2 to a harmless form, etc.  --- very quickly indeed.

Apparently the KGB QP weapons can dud U235 and Pu in about 10 minutes, but they seemed to allow one hour for that operation (dudding all nuclear weapons, nuclear propulsion systems as on nuclear subs, and nuclear power plants) as a matter of very high assurance.  That of course would denude all our nuclear weapons and nuclear submarines, placing us at a very grave strategic disadvantage if the "nuclear deterrent" is all we have.

In later correspondence, Tom writes as follows:

  The only other thing I thought of back there was the delay (such as in fissioning) when a fissionable material is struck by a neutron so that excess neutrons are emitted.  I didn't bother to go back and check all the books etc., but there is a short delay (maybe a few seconds or even longer; I'd have to check). There is also a delay time in "growing" the energy inside the nucleus as the energy emerges there in spacetime from the QP action.  I just took a SWAG at that emergence delay time (particularly the "growing" time) and guessed it would be about 10 minutes or a little less. If so, and if they wait for about 7 delay times, that gives very high assurance in the statistics.  So allowing an hour or so made sense statistically, based on such assumptions.

That was the reasoning, as I recall, but I didn't bother with calculations since I don't really have any firm information on the type "growth" time they would have in the actual QP weapons. 




In several places you mention that radioactive nuclear waste can be neutralized in 9.5 or 10 minutes.

What is the basis of this calculation?  I may have missed it, but don't see it anywhere.