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Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2001 15:11:39 -0500

Dear Sean,

 As best we understand, with respect to psi abilities humans form a bell-shaped distribution curve.  Scalar interferometry between the two cerebral hemispheres, e.g., can explain paranormal metal bending, and we are not talking about a magician's sleight of hand, but the kind that comes from the legitimate metal bending "parties" given by a well-known scientist, Dr. Jack Hauck.  The bell-shaped distribution curve does not end, but goes to infinity in both directions.  With respect to some given ability, most of us fall in the broad middle, or in what is called the +/- 3 sigma distribution around the middle.  However, if we go way out on the positive end to about 10 sigma, there are in that very tiny bracket a very few persons who can do some extraordinary things indeed.  Such as Pat Price, a police officer tested by Puthoff and Targ, who could read documents at a distance (and died shortly thereafter).  Yet there may be only 5 or 6 persons alive on earth that could do it.  In my personal opinion, such a 10-sigma person, with abilities in that area, could indeed do it, though perhaps on a more local scale.  There are at least some laboratory experiments by legitimate scientists that would suggest such.  I have a personal reason for believing so; one of the few 10-sigma persons on earth in a certain area did in fact build and give me a special defensive shield some years ago, which has played a roll in my remaining alive for several years now.  However, I refuse to discuss the shield or how it works; except to say I am well-satisfied with it.  You might notice I stay pretty close to Huntsville, Alabama.  That is one very good reason.

 Also, remember all human knowledge is actually based on models we have in our heads, hopefully justified by some matching experiments.  But there is presently no good scientific model of the mind, its operations, and its connecting mechanism with the body -- at least in the West.  The KGB/Russians have patiently developed a reasonably good model, called psychoenergetics, and thus are able to directly engineer some things of mind and its operation, including at a distance.  The energetics model cannot be comprehended by the normal classical electrodynamics model the West mostly uses.  That 137-year old model already excludes the arena in which mind exists and functions.  Since the mind and its operations are temporal rather than spatial, then the ubiquitous observation process -- which destroys time and leaves only a 3-space snapshot -- excludes the very area where mind resides and functions.  That is the reason that our own Western scientists still lab so far behind the psychoenergetics work in Russia, where a deception plan has been used to trick us into thinking "psychoenergetics" means "parapsychology".  It doesn't.  It's a full-bore unified field theory physics, using a higher group symmetry electrodynamics to capture the mind and its temporal functioning, and the mechanism coupling the mind to the body and the body to the mind.  Such a model does not exist in the West, to my knowledge.  There are of course many "philosophical" models of the mind prevalent in the West, including the prevailing materialist scientific view that human beings are simply "meat computers".  So long as such materialism prevails, then in the West the mind and its realm will continue to be either forced into the "meat computer" notion or regarded as mysticism and not part of physics.  One falsifies that prevailing view every time one flexes a finger or blinks an eye.

 Best wishes,

Tom Bearden

Dr. Bearden,

I was curious.  With psychoenergetics EM antennas can emanate engines to induce sickness in the mind and body.  Can a powerful mind do the same in reverse?  That is can a person with great focus heal another person using their mind as an interferometer if there is a strong enough signal or faith?