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Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2001 22:00:22 -0500
Too many questions!  The first MEG patent will be issued shortly with 30
claims; we have been so notified by the patent office.  A second patent is
already filed and processing.  Foreign patent applications are in
It will require another year before the MEG is ready to go into mass
production.  The final research is being performed under joint agreement
with a national materials science laboratory, of the National Academy of
Sciences of a friendly foreign country.  We will produce and market from
that nation, as well as others.  Our license plan calls for licensing
exclusive production rights for one production facility in each country, but
each licensee will have the right to market worldwide. That keeps some
competition in the game and prevents ripping off the consumer.  When our
patent issues, then we hope to be able to also obtain funding for a U.S.
laboratory and a U.S. production facility, same rules.
The Priore team's results are all published in the French scientific
journals.  Pautrizel, e.g., was a world-renowned parasitologist.  Courrier
was head of the biological section of the French Academy.  The scientific
team, protocols, and results were impeccable.  All documented.  No one could understand the mechanism.
In 1998 I sent a 200+ page package to several top U.S. government agencies, including DoD (the counterterrorism group), NIH, CDC, the USAF, etc.  Not a single scientist even called me to discuss the science, results achieved in France, etc.  My package also included a briefing on weapons of mass destruction, predicting future terrorist attacks on the U.S., as was already projected in the official U.S. threat by the U.S. Intelligence Community.
We are filing a patent application (working on it now, as best I can with
continuing hypoxia from the heart attack), and it will be filed within the
next few weeks.  Meanwhile, I placed a 108-slide briefing revealing as much as I can in this area.  We have published several papers in journals also.
The method we advocated to the DoD and NIH is a highly accelerated extension of Priore's mechanism. In short, we found how to make the body do all the wave polarization transduction and perform time-domain pumping in an extended nonlinear optical sense.
We really do not expect U.S. reaction until there is a major weapons of mass destruction attack on one or more U.S. cities, with hundreds of thousands and perhaps a million or more casualties.  It is the National Style of the United States (when one makes what is called a formal Strategic Analysis) not to react to a slowly increasing threat.  We react to the rattlesnake when he bits us, but not to the boa constrictor slowly squeezing us.

This is only the beginning of the present war we are in.  It will continue
for some years.  If Bin Laden and the fundamentalists succeed in their
objective of taking over the Islamic religion, they will be able to polarize
this into a war between cultures.  In that case, we will lose more Americans
than we have lost in all our wars to date, and most will be civilians.
Now you can understand why President Bush was so careful to make this a coalition effort, and not just a U.S. effort.  That was a very wise move,
and he has had excellent advice.
Hope this answers most of your questions.

Best wishes,
Tom Bearden