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Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2001 23:45:40 -0500

Thanks Jon.

 My goodness, that case of the fracture not showing with one personality "in", and showing with the other personality "in", was an anomaly of extraordinary importance!  That is heartbreaking, because such an anomaly ought to be thoroughly documented scientifically and witnessed by a number of impeccable scientists.  It is the ANOMALIES -- verified ones of course -- that tell us what the extension to our science is, and clearly shows us the way!

 It is sad that scientists today are so constrained that they honestly fear for their positions and careers if they have the courage to report such serious anomalies actually discovered.  A little anomaly, okay (a little scientific 'creep forward' is acceptable; that is not threatening to the Establishment).  But a big anomaly, that is tabu (unacceptable, it is threatening to the Establishment).

 Hence we mostly can only "fudge forward" like an inch worm, while being constrained to pass by and ignore the giant leaps that reveal themselves sometimes in the laboratories.

 Best wishes,

Tom B.

Subject: Re: Tom Bearden Website update


         Enjoyed the new slide series. There is a great deal of interesting
material on your site, and I share it with others on a regular basis. I am
also looking into learning the math you discuss in understanding these
ideas. (I was headed into Theoretical Math until I had to leave college.)

         The material on Priore, engine construction, and cellular change reminded me of an interesting phenomenon to which current medicine has not paid much attention: the medical conditions of people with multiple personality disorder. I have heard stories, one from a very reliable source, that medical conditions can switch on and off in such people with the change of personalities.

         The case I know of directly from someone involved was a case of an attempt to validate a worker's comp claim on a broken bone. If the personality involved at the time of the break was not "in" when the x-rays were taken, the break did not show! When the personality in question was "in," the break did show on the x-rays! This is impossible in the old medical model, of course, but not in yours. The person who told me the story revealed it only reluctantly after a long period of silence in a conversation where I was discussing my recent discovery of this phenomenon. It had upset them greatly and they feared telling anyone.

         I have heard of other conditions, such as refractive errors in the eye and diabetes, which totally disappear depending on who is "running" the body. I could never understand why medical science (and I use the term loosely) ignored these cases. Seems to me these should be the most heavily studied people in medical research. If we studied them, we could heal anything.

(Oh, maybe that's it! No more big drug companies and HMOs.)

         It definitely shows that your EM-based medical model accounts for more data than the current model, and is thus superior.

         Keep up the good work and keep healing. We need you.