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Subject: RE: Rapid Healing
Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2001 11:54:43 -0500

Dear Sean,

Yes, in theory that can indeed be done. Unfortunately it is easiest done with a quantum potential, which subject has been weaponized by three nations (neither of which is the U.S.).  They have used it, however, for weapon purposes, to kill or injure rather than heal.  The decades-long "microwave radiation" of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, e.g., was an application to in fact induce the "engines" (exact dynamic patterns in spacetime) of many diseases in personnel in the Embassy.  This was responsible for the deaths of three U.S. ambassadors, some other U.S. personnel, and made many sick.

 Such weapons are already targeted on the U.S., and have been for a decade.  The Gulf War Disease, e.g., was generated in our troops (and the Brits, the Canadians, but not the French) by very special calculations.  That weapon was totally controlled and operated by the KGB, not by the regular Russian armed forces.

 It could be used, however, to irradiate the targeted populace with antiengine for a disease, rather than the engine for it.  And yes, that would in fact "treat the entire exposed populace" in case of an anthrax attack, etc.

 Developing that, however, requires a decade or more of intense work in a Manhattan-style project.  The U.S. scientific community (which only slowly is beginning to warm up to Bohm's hidden variable theory of quantum mechanics, and still prefers the old Bohr theory), is not going to permit such work to be done.

 The Russian name for this type of "new unified field theory science" is energetics, an old term from the early days of the development of electromagnetics.  It is divided into three branches, depending upon what is targeted (they are interested only in weapons, and particularly weapons of mass destruction).  (1) targeted against inert matter and its fields, potentials, and waves, it is known by the same name: energetics.  (2) targeted against the living body and its biofields, biopotentials, and biowaves, it is known as "bioenergetics".  (3) targeted against the mind and its operations to include its time-polarized EM fields, potentials, and waves, it is known as "psychoenergetics".

 The KGB is far along with that third field, as demonstrated by the sudden seizure of total mental control of Captain Button, flying his A-10 toward the practice range, and controlling him for over an hour while he flew off course, ignored radio contact appeals, circled at one point and apparently dropped his ordnance, the crashed in the side of a mountain. This was in fact an "acceptance test" of one such weapon complex.  About two months later, a lady pilot from the same wing, Captain Svoboda, in night practice and just rising out of dropping her ordnance on the target, suddenly had her sense of up and down reversed by such a weapon.  Instantly "perceiving" she was diving rather that climbing, she corrected immediately --- diving headlong into the ground and dying in the crash.

 The KGB suffered a great setback with those development complexes, as another nation of the world destroyed them utterly.  They have now been rebuilt in another presently unknown location, however.

 The fact that mind and mind operations utilized time-polarized (scalar) EM photons, waves, potentials, and fields means that the mind and mind operations can be directly engineered using higher group symmetry electrodynamics.

 Indeed, to extend it a bit, all levels of mind can, in theory at least, be engineered as the technology develops.  Already in the 1960s Lisitsyn revealed that the Soviets were being successful in the mind-engineering (psychoenergetics) area, being able to insert images, emotions, thoughts, etc. in a mind at a distance, including into the unconscious mind, and even able to control whether it would rise to consciousness or stay in the unconscious.

 The same science, as it develops, is in theory capable of directly engineering the collective unconscious.  The party theoreticians still dominating the KGB (which changes name from time to time but the leopard does not change its spots) envision engineering the entire human collective unconscious mind, to change it so that we become something like an "ant" species, except for the "leader ants" who will be outside the "collective" and be masters of the world.  It's eerily similar to what has been developed in the Star Trek series as the Borg concept.  Except the Borg concept has been immersed in a normal EM type environment in the script, which won't work. With a higher symmetry EM script, it will indeed work.

 I once pointed out that this is a strange and eerie race -- to directly engineer the collective human unconscious and change the entire human species -- which our side doesn't even know exists, or that there is a race on at all.

 In my view, I can find no other counter except to also race to directly engineering the human collective unconscious, but only to just put in a few checks and balances that got left out of humans so as to allow more "software" (adaptive learning) than firmware (genetically engineered responses).  E.g., when male deer struggle for territory, females, whatever, one eventually wins and the other, weakened to its limit, turns to flee.  The other does not chase him down and kill him, though he is quite capable of doing so.  It has nothing to do with morality; a genetic switch throws in the victor, to change his warlike behavior, so he stomps around, showing the females what a fine lad he is and how lucky they are, and gradually all the anger just dissolves.

 We need a "switch" so that if one person raises an axe to bury it in a fellow human's head, suddenly all the anger and motive etc. dies right there, and the axe is lowered.  Understand, they can still disagree, but not murder one another.

 With a very fine line of such "trigger" responses back into everyone, one could in theory do something very similar to "building in the 10 commandments" in everyone.  The only problem is, that is in a way "belling the cat".  And the question is, who can be trusted to properly bell the cat?

 It isn't the KGB, and they are winning the race.  Meanwhile, our own fellows don't know such a race even exists, and darn well don't want to even hear about such a preposterous thing.

 But yes, species engineering --- directly and electromagnetically -- is indeed possible, and is in crash research on this planet as we speak, but sadly the research is for entirely the wrong reasons.  Nobody in his right mind wishes to be an ant-like human robot. But that appears to be what we are most likely headed for.

 We are going to be able to engineer planets, biospheres, and species as well will, whether or not we like it.  In the hands of an immature human species, still with its inhumanity of one human to another, extreme technology means extreme damage to the human species, planet, and biosphere and perhaps their total destruction.  There are only two outcomes of such power in the hands of still-juvenile human apes.  If we are somehow lucky, or blessed, or whatever, then the "beneficial only" checks and balances will be re-engineered back in there in the human species itself, so that our individuality and personal minds and freedoms continue, just with a new kind of very subtle but very direct restraint replacing the law, policemen, etc.  In other words, the collective human unconscious becomes the law and the enforcer, but not just in the physical domain, but also in the mental and emotional domain.

 If we are unlucky and the "bad guys" win the race, we will then have an interlude as an ant-like totally organized and controlled species, and then when the exempt Masters of the World that are not ants split and fight among themselves, they will use ant-humanity in their internecine warfare to destroy the biosphere, the planet, and humanity itself.

 This will all happen, one way or another, within the next 100 years, and possibly within the next 50.

 We shall need all the good luck that nature will give us, or that divine providence will grant us, depending on one's viewpoint.

 Tom Bearden

Sent: Thursday, October 18, 2001 11:00 AM
To: Tom Bearden
Subject: Re: Rapid Healing

 Dr. Bearden,

So here's another idea. Remembering that diseases can be transmitted via photons as through the quartz window experiment can the inverse of the anthrax form be captured as photons and converted to an electronic signal that could be broadcast from existing radio towers? Don't we simply need a massive way to radiate the population with inverse EM engine?