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Subject: RE: free energy - MEG / how to get it going on global scale
Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2001 15:37:29 -0500

Dear George,

 Yes, it's a struggle but not hopeless.  E.g., our first MEG patent is going to be issued, complete with all claims.  We have a second patent application submitted already, and are working on a third.

 What we have at present is a successful laboratory experiment.  It is not ready for production, but will require about a year of additional research before it starts rolling off the assembly lines and onto the world market -- in a friendly foreign country.  The research to complete it is being furnished, under our joint agreement, by the National Materials Science Laboratory of the National Academy of Sciences of that nation.  This is a major laboratory the equal of any such in the West.

 With the issuing of our patent, we expect then to be able to get funding in this country to set up a laboratory facility here, with a production facility also.  Again, we are looking at a year prior to those production units rolling off the assembly lines.

 It works rather like the amorphous semiconductor.  Ovshinsky was viciously assaulted, condemned, slandered, etc. by the U.S. scientific community.  "Everybody knew" that a semiconductor had to be made of a doped crystalline material.  Finally Ovshinsky obtained Japanese funding, developed his semiconductor, and put it into Xerox machines where it outperformed the normal semiconductors, and worked very well.  The U.S. scientific community awoke to find thousands of those "against the laws of physics and nature" semiconductors working very well, thank you!  So young grad students started doing their doctoral theses in the area, etc.  Very quietly, amorphous semiconductors were accepted and became part of the U.S. scientific ansatz.  You may visit Ovshinsky's website, to see that he and his company are still doing well.

 Meanwhile, due to the shortsightedness of the U.S. scientific community, a Japanese company has profited very well indeed from their investment in Ovshinsky's amorphous semiconductor, and they continue to profit from it.

 The history of science is replete with such incidents, and often the greatest barrier to new developments in science is the entrenched scientific community.  Another incident that comes readily to mind was the development of ultrawideband radar; similar story as above.  Cold fusion is the same; the scientific community and its "defenders of the faith" are now ignoring at least 600 successful transmutation experiments at low spatial energy, in many laboratories and in several nations of the world, by solid scientists.  Just because cold fusion is not in the normal particle physics lexicon does not mean it is fiction; the experiments certify that it is real.  If our own scientific community were practicing scientific method, it would now pour research funding into cold fusion, to explore the phenomenology and understand and model it.  Then would come engineering.

 We have previously proposed a novel mechanism that does explain (1) the major transmutations occurring (e.g., the production of deuterium, tritium, and alpha particles), and (2) the instrumental anomalies occurring in rigorous electrolyte experiments at China Lake.  Few have taken the proposed mechanism seriously.

 Ironically, the photon is comprised of two components: (1) a spatial energy component, and (2) a time component.  Time is actually spatial EM energy compressed by the factor c-squared, hence it has essentially the same energy density as mass.  Since the spatial energy and time-as-energy components of the photon are canonical, then when one lowers the spatial energy component, one correspondingly increases the time-energy component.  To put the time component in spatial energy units, the increase in time-energy must be multiplied by c-squared.  So halving the photon's spatial energy component (halving its frequency) multiplies the spatial energy in the time area by 1.8 x 10exp(16).

 In short, the highest energy physics, given that we transduce time energy into spatial energy, is in the lowest frequency photons, being far higher energy physics than the present so-called "high energy" physics.

 So it is little wonder that nuclear transmutations etc. are fairly readily accomplished at low spatial energy, since that involves the highest energy physics of all.

 Anyway, we very strongly expect to succeed with the MEG.  The issuance of the first patent will be of enormous help in obtaining the necessary funding for U.S. operations.

 And maybe even a salary for yours truly after 30 years hard work in this area!

 Best wishes,

 Tom Bearden

Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2001 11:12:57 +0200

ATT: Tom Bearden or to whom it may concern

I have just started reading about cold fusion and the enormous obstacles it
faced and still faces from "established science" when I stumbled over your
fascinating website.
my informed guess is, that despite meticulous documentation you have not
been granted any patents etc.., no surprises anymore there.

Just look at how Peter Duesbergs very obvious insights on HIV/AIDS are being surpressed while the victims are even made to demand their own extinction via poisonous drugs such as AZT.

I start believing that just as conventional science eliminates the abundant
free energy available to us, fighting the system is just the same a giant
energy waste.

Instead of "fighting for freedom" we must indeed "build freedom" as a
parallel structure and withdraw our energies from the warped and oppressive system that holds back human development in so many fields.

In your case, I think you must just start producing those motors
commercially and make them available to people all over the world.
Maybe an independent worldwide patent office for new science will have to be created without waiting for the permission of any governments.
Why seek permission to be free from our proven detractors?
I know, the belief in authority is deeply embedded in all of us.
Let's opt to be free human beings, I want to have one hell of a MEG in my
own backyard and cut all the powerlines that connect me to the polluting
powergrid of coal fired/nuclear environmental destruction.
Thanks for your inspiring and courageous work!

kind regards

Georg R
S. Africa