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Sent: Wednesday, October 15, 2003 1:18 AM
To: David
Subject: RE: Antoine Priore'

Hi David,
Nice to hear from you again, and hope things go well with you. Glad to see you are interested in the Prioré-type project and are still working on it.
There is lots of information re the Prioré-type effort on my website,  See particularly the "porthole" briefing for an extension of the Prioré method. This one I filed a provisional patent application on, and then just donated it to the entire world. Anyone who wants to develop and use it, is perfectly free to do so.
An updated threat is given in my update to Fer-de-Lance. There you will find some weapons of mass destruction (and already some escapades involving them) that will curl one's hair.  They are real, and they really did happen.
The "engine" concept is necessary to understand (1) the body's own healing mechanism, and (2) how to amplify that mechanism dramatically.  The latter is what Prioré discovered, without realizing exactly what it was he was doing (what he was doing IS NOT in electrical engineering at all, but the basis for it is in physics).
So we laid out how it works, etc. and why the amplification can be done.
A "force" is actually a coupling of a curvature of spacetime to a mass, and THAT COUPLING THAT IS INTERACTING is what a force identically is. There is no such thing as a mass-free force acting separately on a mass; mechanics has been wrong for 400 years on that, and foundations physicists know it. Jackson knows it, but cleverly disposes of it in his Classical Electrodynamics, 2nd edition, by this statement: "Most classical electrodynamicists continue to adhere to the notion that the EM forde field exists as such in the vacuum, but do admit that physically measurable quantities such as force somehow involve the product of charge and field."
The rigorous definition of force is F => d/dt(mv). So mass is a COMPONENT of force. In general relativity a curvature of spacetime, when acting on a mass, produces a force. All forces of nature are produced this way, in the GR view.
The curvature of spacetime itself is a cause and nonobservable; the effect it accomplishes on the mass is observable.
So for a simple force, there exists the simplest "engine": that simple curvature of spacetime that is acting on that mass to make the overall force.
In any mass system, with any dynamics whatsoever, there is thus a much more complex set of such curvatures of spacetime acting on the masses at any and all levels. So any physical system and its dynamics has a specific overall "engine" (which of course may be quite complicated).
It turns out (from two papers by Whittaker, in 1903 and 1904) that an engine is naught but harmonic bundles of longitudinal EM waves with dynamics (differential functions) impressed. If one has developed longitudinal EM wave technology, one is in position to design and make engines at will. In short, one engineers the unobservable cause(s) directly, FIRST, and then one uses these specifically designed causes (engines) to affect and change mass as one wishes.
Voila! This leads to an extension of nonlinear optics: If you "pump" (squeeze) a physical system with longitudinal EM waves in opposition, you form a phase conjugate mirror (PCM) ensemble, as an analogy to 4-wave mixing. The pumping waves (LWs) form the pumping for the PCM. The "input signal" to the PCM consists of the resident engine, which interacts with the pumping waves analogously to 4-wave mixing.! Consequently, an amplified time-reversed engine (an "antiengine") is produced (analogous to the 4th wave in NLO, which is the time-reversed wave or PCR (phase conjugate replica wave).  The standard PCR wave will precisely backtrack the course of the signal wave input that it took in 3-space (and time). The standard antiengine will backtrack the state and condition and dynamics of the pumped cell to previous states and conditions in time.
A normal cell has a normal resident engine. When pumped with longitudinal EM waves, the engine is phase conjugated so that an amplified antiengine is produced. This normal antiengine BACKS THE CELL UP physically, along the states it has previously progressed through as it existed in time. In short, the cell gets "younger" and "more vigorous" etc. -- or even can change back into a more primitive cell from which it evolved (as shown rigorously by Becker in his bone healing work, although Becker in his magnificent work only used normal EM and did not understand engines and longitudinal EM waves).
Now a diseased cell has its normal fundamental engine as a basis, but added to it is a "deviation" engine that is absolutely specific for that specific disease or disorder. When that diseased cell is pumped with longitudinal EM waves, the antiengine that is formed thus has two components: (1) the antiengine of the normal engine, which just backs the cell up younger along its previous physical path through time, and (2) the antiengine of the "deviation" engine. Both are amplified.
The result of the normal antiengine component is just to make the cell younger again.
The result of the "deviation" antiengine is to gradually erase the deviation engine and the deviation condition! After all, the cell moves back in time -- and back to a time condition where the deviation engine was not present (assuming the cell had been normal at some time in the past).
That is the fundamental mechanism used by the body's cellular regeneration system, which accomplishes all healing.  The immune system heals nothing at all; its job is to kill the bad guys, the police up the battlefield residue. But it cannot heal anything, even its own damaged cells.
Its a bit more complicated, of course. In quantum field theory (QFT), there are 4 photons by polarization. Two (x and y) are transverse photons (normal stuff). The third is the longitudinal photon. The fourth is polarized along the time axis, and is called a time-polarized photon or "scalar" photon. Neither the longitudinal photon nor the scalar photon are individually observable. However, the combination of the two is observable as the instantaneous scalar potential -- common voltage.
Now you know why mere potentialization across a bad bone fracture will time-reverse the red cells to grow a nucleus, and then move to eliminate the delta between that cell and the bone cells in the vicinity (in the local environment). As Becker showed, the modified red cell (that shucked its hemoglobin and grew a nucleus) then turns into the type of cell that makes cartilage, then into the type of cell that makes bone -- and that latter cell is deposited to help heal the fracture.
The longitudinal EM wave is ALWAYS accompanied by a time-polarized EM wave, and the two only "appear" as a voltage. So when we say we "pump" or "squeeze" with longitudinal EM waves, we are also pumping or "squeezing" with time-polarized waves as well. In short, we get a "time-reversal" engine and antiengine. One just backs the cell up younger, and the other backs the deviation engine steadily back so that it reduces and reduces and then vanishes, thereby CURING THE DISEASED CELL.
When Prioré pumped his plasma tube, he was making longitudinal waves. Some plasmas have the characteristic of changing transverse input waves to longitudinal EM waves. All normal EM fields and potentials are also bundles of longitudinal waves (Whittaker, 1903 and 1904), and so his coil around his plasma tube meant that the pump LWs passed into the internal structure of his magnetic field waves from the coil. This guaranteed the penetration of the entire body and all its cells, including to the bone marrow where the basic cells are born.
None of this even exists in electrical engineering, and it is a joke to try to model it in that discipline.
There do exist higher group symmetry electrodynamics which can model the process. E.g., O(3) electrodynamics pioneered by Evans (and a bit by Vigier at the beginning) is my favorite. However, no work has been done in proper modeling of these processes, because all that the standard physicians and "biophysicists" seem to know is standard classical EM theory, with a smattering of quantum electrodynamics here and there.
The standard electrical engineering is so bad and so seriously flawed that it should be drastically overhauled by imposition from the National Academy of Sciences and the National Science Foundation, and perhaps by Congress passing a law!  Why that more than a century old piece of junk with so many errors continues to be taught is for two reasons only: If it continues to be used, you will never have free electrical energy from the vacuum and you will never have approved electromagnetic healing. Two of the most powerful cabals on earth -- in energy and in pharmaceuticals --- see to it. The EE model assumes an inert vacuum (falsified for 75 years in particle physics), a flat spacetime (falsified for nearly 9 decades by general relativity), and also assumes that every EM field, EM potential, and joule of EM energy in the universe is and has been freely created out of nothing at all by the associated source charges -- in total violation of the conservation of energy law. That such a flawed model continues to be upheld at all our universities,  is a real enigma. Most EE professors, confronted with the terrible shortcomings of electrical engineering, just become very angry.
Years ago, I thought to write a book on the Prioré work. I wanted to include his Ph.D. thesis (which was declined when the project was suppressed) in both French and English, a history paper of the Prioré affair written by Chris Bird, and then my explanation of the fundamental mechanism that made it work in such revolutionary fashion. To my surprise, I found that there was still a great dispute between the Prioré heirs, the French government, and a major company. There was no way to get permission to do that book and use the Prioré thesis, etc. So we did not do it. I can of course just do a book on my own, and will probably do so if I live long enough. It needs to be done.
Then in 1998, a close colleague and I made a serious proposal to the U.S. DoD, pointing out the coming weapons of mass destruction threat, mass casualties, and absolutely no effective way of treating mass casualties. With my extension of the Prioré process, treatment could have been reduced to 5 minutes per patient, in a portable machine the size of a large suitcase. We cited all the hard French references in the scientific literature, etc. and explained the mechanism.
It was an interesting experience. They had not the foggiest notion what I was talking about. DoD, USAF, NIH, CDC, and several others simply did not react. Not a single scientist called me to discuss the revolutionary results documented in the literature, etc. and done by eminent French scientists. Also, no one really was taking the threat seriously, because 9/11 had not happened. It was business as usual.
So at that point we posted the PPA on our website and gave it to the world by passing it into the public domain, deliberately.
In 2001 I had a heart attack from the 33 years of BW-modified mycoplasma infection I caught in Canada in 1967-68, and nobody knew what I had. I did finally get a proper test and that proved it.  So after a year on antibiotics, that got the mycoplasma buried up in the red cells, but the damage had been done in those 33 years. I have permanent loss of endurance (chronic fatigue syndrome with a vengeance), can't stand very long, and can't walk far. But I continue to work, because it's mostly sitting at the computer. I have handicapped plates, can drive around town, grocery shop, etc., but cannot road-travel etc.  Still take a bit of remedial oxygen also. Then several weeks ago my wife had a mild stroke, and is very slowly recovering. So I'm also taking care of her as well.
I could work on such a project as a sort of adviser, for half time only, and only by working at home. But it is a project which really needs doing. Without it, the first terrorist usage of smallpox on a single major city will eventually kill some 2 billion people on this earth, or about 1/3 of the human population. For those countries not having smallpox, camelpox is almost identical and is quite readily available in the Middle East. Also, anyone who wanted smallpox could easily have bought it from the Russians when their economy collapsed. So smallpox is going to be unleashed -- not if, but when.
Also, a professional anthrax attack on, say, Washington D.C., in a single 2-place piper cub aircraft, with one guy flying and one guy spraying, with 100 kilograms of anthrax spores, will result in from 1 to 3 million casualties, standard study done by the U.S.
Except it's really much worse than the official estimates. The Russians (under the KGB, not the regular Russian forces) use a strange weapon that dramatically reduces the human immune system in a targeted populace by "spreading" the immune system to prepare for what it thinks is an invasion by some two dozen or more pathogens. So it is so "thinned" that it becomes totally vulnerable to any and all opportunistic infections (this was used to produce the Gulf War disease).  Immune system spreading has also already been tested by the KGB in the U.S., and again our fellows did not even recognize it and are unaware of the weapon and the process.
The same attack on Washington D.C., with immune spreading, will multiply the casualties by a factor of five, and will also dramatically increase the lethality. And none of our "experts" will blame the Russians; they will just think the terrorists did a really great job (and so will the terrorists themselves). Heck, our guys never even recognized the mechanism used by the Russians in several decades of EM-induction of diseases and health changes in personnel in the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, resulting in the deaths of three U.S. ambassadors. Johns Hopkins' actual study results falsified their own study conclusions, and no one even noticed it until we pointed it out to them and gave them the mechanism (which took 15 years for them to finally believe).
Anyway, as you can see from these simple examples, we are heading into a period of extreme danger to the U.S., in the next three years or so. The Prioré process or its extension would go a very long way to guaranteeing our survival when the really bad times hit.
Anyway, that's the situation in a nutshell. I would certainly welcome working on such a project in my limitations, and it desperately needs doing.
My webmaster, Tony Craddock, is handling everything I do in the way of the Prioré type work, etc. It is due to his heroic efforts and tremendous support that I have a web site at all, together with pro bono donation of the site by Mike Rieker, and some very hard work by some tremendous colleagues. I strongly suggest you contact Tony, as he has tried for some time to get funding for a Prioré type project. Basically, on such a project I take my cues from Tony, and will do whatever he gives the go ahead and okay on.  I'm taking the liberty of sending a copy of your E-mail and this response on to Tony, for his information.  His E-mail address is:
Best wishes,
Tom Bearden

Sent: Monday, October 13, 2003 10:45 AM
To: 'Tom Bearden'
Subject: Antoine Priore'

Good Morning, Tom.
Been three years since we last corresponded re: Seeing Past The Edge. In that time, I have been CEO for a technology development group which has identified some sources of capital and resource support which may be available to support the development and testing of the next generation of Priore’s work. You may recall that during our correspondence you sent me some preliminary information regarding your involvement in a similar initiative some 10 years or more ago…is the information about this research still available? Would you be willing to provide the information you have at your disposal to support this initiative? Are you interested in working with us as a principal to make this happen?
Please share your thoughts with me when you have a moment. As you may suspect, I have been working assiduously in the background to find ways to bring Priore’s insights into a state of viability – we have a window of opportunity here which has taken a number of years of hard work to develop, so I would like to know just how we can proceed with this.
Looking forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience – and hoping you are alive and really well.
Dave Y

From: David
Sent: Wednesday, October 15, 2003 9:58 AM
Subject: The Priore' Process

 Good Morning, Tony.

 What a thrill to get such a highly personalized response from Tom…I’ve venerated the man and his work for many years and am deeply saddened to discover that his mortality is taking its toll on his physicality. Tom knows that I have been working for more than a decade to put the wheels on a project which would take Priore’s work into the world in a way that is irresistible and effective.

 In addition to Priore’s work, I had the opportunity to analyze a system developed by a group of physicians supported by the Russian Academy, in 1999 and 2000. Using a mysterious blackbox, these six doctors approached the CDCC with the claim that their device would cure even chronic Hep-C in a matter of weeks, using irradiated saline solutions. CDCC actually ran a trial which lasted 14 weeks. Out of 15 Hep-C patients, 14 were totally cured and one died – her symptoms were so advanced that she was not salvageable. When Randy Renken and his colleagues in Houston called me, they were in the process of trying to design a double blind in conjunction with Baylor University Medical Center to test this methodology on a broader group of patients.

 I helped them design the study and had the opportunity to evaluate the device the Russians were using. It consisted of a black box [literally] which contained a set of counter-rotating permanently magnetized carbonized plates, between which was placed a conventional bag of normal saline solution [Ringer’s]. The Russians also had a laptop computer connected to a blood analysis device which, I discovered, not only identified and isolated the Hep-C virus variant in each individual [like HIV, this stuff mutates to match the weaknesses of its host] but also produced what they called an “energy signature.” Using a program they had developed on their own, the computer had been programmed to create the equivalent of a photographic negative of the virus’ energy signature, which was then pumped into the magnetic field created in the black box.

 The black box was used to create a localized and highly tuned torsion field. The Russians, as you know, have utilized torsion field technologies to do all sorts of extraordinary things – in this case, they applied a bit of information [Harvalik, Z.V. The American Dowser, 1973, vol 13, no 3, page 85, 87. See also D. Chadwic, L. Jensen, Utah Water Research Lab., College of Engineering, Utah State Univ., Logan, 1971, page 120. See also S.W. Tromp, “Experiments on the Possible Relationship Between Soil Resisting and Dowsing Zones,” Oegatgeest, 1956.] adapted by V. Kronin which demonstrated that torsion fields demonstrate localized persistence, particularly in water, and more particularly in water containing ionized salts. By “impregnating” the water molecules with the reversed energy signature of each person’s unique viral variant, and then injecting the water into the patient’s system, they succeeded in subjecting every cell in the body to localized exposure to a reversed energy signature which operated in much the same way as Priore’s approach.

 Over a period of seven weeks, we designed the study, identified and recruited subjects [Baylor is the No. 1 Hep-C research facility in the US, so there was no shortage of candidates] and arranged for the physical facilities to conduct the study in. Four days before the tests were to have begun, the head shed at Baylor cancelled the project without preamble or explanation. The Russians were sent back to Russia and their technology went with them.  So we have some exposure to both the alternative modalities and the political verities associated with developing similar solutions.

 Having said this, you should also know that it appears that we may have succeeded, after many years of effort, in creating a source of capital which is sufficiently robust to support a full fledged assault on this issue. If you and Tom are willing to advise and support this effort by providing information and guidance, we are prepared to put the pieces together and get it done. I’d like to begin working with you to develop a cogent approach – this is an important enough undertaking to justify really doing it by the numbers. I am, by training and experience, a CEO with considerable experience in shepherding the insemination, germination, incubation and commercialization of leading edge technologies of a wide variety of different types. Like Tom I am an inventor/integrator/writer with more than a dozen patents either issued or pending. And I am deeply committed to finding a way to make this happen for everyone.

 Please contact me at your convenience so we can have  a conversation about the verities associated with an undertaking of this kind. I don’t really care what the problems are – any problem can be dealt with if we understand its dynamics – but I am determined to discover what we are really facing before we launch this thing so we don’t make a potentially crippling tactical mistake before we even begin. Okay? Thanks for taking care of my friend – Tom is unique in the world. His work is so valuable and important that I would gladly ghost write his story if he were willing to allow it to happen.