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Subject: RE: Re: Dr. Kenny
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 18:18:06 -0500

Dear Norman,

Dr. Kenny is out of town on business and I'm taking care of messages, actions, etc. in the interim.

We appreciate your interest in eventually helping with the distribution, but it is premature at this point.  We presently have a series of successful laboratory experiments, which are far from being production units ready to produce and market to power homes and businesses.  The units are highly nonlinear, have multiple areas of physics other than electrodynamics involved, and require higher group symmetry electrodynamics even to analyze and model (and design and engineer).  Ordinary electrical engineering, e.g., even of the highest quality, cannot do what has to be done, because other disciplines are required.  We are seeking the major financial backing needed to finish the research and development so that we will be at the stage ready for production and then marketing, so of necessity we are dealing only with financial principals at this time.  We can go no further until we do obtain a major financial partner, so that is our major concern and effort at this time.

To assist in that aspect, we have also arranged with a major foreign university to build one or more MEGs from scratch, and test them in their own facilities totally independently.  Even their funding for the effort is requested through independent channels from their own government.  The successful independent replication and testing, we are convinced, will greatly assist us in obtaining the capital needed to go on from here and get the MEG into production and marketing.

At such time as we are at that production stage, then is the time to think about licensing etc.  But first we must concentrate on an expensive and arduous task to get to that point.  We are all aerospace engineers, with many years in aerospace in many branches, and we are thoroughly experienced in developing highly nonlinear systems, etc.  So we know what has to be done and how to do it, but it requires major capitalization to be able to finish it.

Best wishes, Tom Bearden

For James L. Kenny, CEO Magnetic Energy Ltd.