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Sent: Saturday, October 04, 2003 9:28 AM
Subject: RE: scorpion on the solar panels

Hi Marcia,
Yep, dem scorpions are in dem woods etc., and they do get around. Few are life-threatening, but their sting is quite painful anyhow.
Us Cajuns, we take dem ver' dim view of dem critters whut sting us and bite us. We usual-ment stomp 'em or whomp 'em on dere headbones.
In Louisiana we grew up with lots and lots and lots of snakes!  Many poisonous. Also had some taruntulas, including some slick big ones that we called "water tarantulas".
These latter loved the old out houses (I never had dem indoor plumbings till I was 23, cept for a short tour of duty with my father and stepmother, and she jus' beat de dickens outta me as her favorite occupation).
Anyhow, I vividly recall waking one night in the little 3-room shotgun house my grandmother and I lived in, and "having to go", lak rat now! I was about 19.
So on a cold wintry brisky night, I got the flashlight, went down the little "path out back" to the outhouse, and seated upon the throne.  With the flashlight, one could see the beady glints of the water tarantulas' eyes as they scurried around up on the rafters just a couple feet over one's head, and rustled here and there.
So wunna them critters decides he needs to move down to the seat, and he just plopped right on the back of my neck, ker-plop!
Things happened a bit fast then.  I went right through the door with my pajama bottoms still down, tearing off dem door rat off de hinges and whailing away at that spider on my neck (they were venemous, but not life-threatening).
Next day, I got some really lethal spray and went into that outhouse to do battle. Spraying like mad, I retreated like mad also, as them damn things just leaped all over me. One of my fond memories is spraying that outhouse like mad while whaling away at about six or seven of those spiders swarming all over me. With several trips, I finally got them sprayed and killed off out of there. To this day, I hate dem spiders lak wit dem compulsions!
A year or so later, the State Health authorities became concerned about the poor health conditions of the outhouses of Louisiana. Flies bred in them, critters like them spiders inhabited them, sometimes snakes hid in them, etc. So they sent teams around and sprayed all outhouses every six months.  That got rid of those tarantulas permanently -- and the flies and other assorted menagerie also..
Man, I was glad plumb for to see dem'  'sprayers come around and spray dem outhouse down good! No more a' dem tarantulas 'n dem tarantula fightings!
We had a few scorpions in dem also from time to time, but de sprayings got dem critters alsowise.
How did a dead scorpion get up on the solar panels on the roof?  We guess a bird must have dropped it there.  I have been nonchalantly walking around here barefoot.  Won't do that anymore.  Didn't realize we have scorpions here! 
Have a nice weekend.