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Subject: RE: Just found Dr. Bearden's Paper on Dark Matter/Dark Energy  and Vacuum Energy...
Date: Thu, 2 Oct 2003 18:28:43 -0500

Thanks Mike!

Very much appreciated.

I'm hoping that the young grad students and postdocs, and perhaps a few open-minded professional scientists, will take some interest in the concepts. The huge neglected Heaviside energy flow component is for real, it's just that no attention has been paid to it after Lorentz arbitrarily discarded it, and so it has not been examined more closely in the century since then. And negative energy fields and potentials from the Dirac sea holes persisting after a very intense and sudden gradient (such as in the case of some of the major astronomical explosions) do occur. With their Heaviside components accounted for, then those negative energy fields and potentials suddenly take on a very great importance in antigravity production -- and thus in accelerating the expanding universe. On the other hand, the positive energy fields and potentials we normally get in our usual electrodynamics and that we already account for, also have unaccounted Heaviside components. Thus they suddenly take on new importance in producing normal positive gravity -- as in the arms of the spiral galaxies -- if their huge Heaviside components are taken into account.

And here thermodynamics also gives us some encouragement. One of the areas already known by the thermodynamicists to violate the second law of thermodynamics is the phenomena occurring as a result of intense, sudden gradients -- precisely such as those astronomical explosions.

I think if the proper scientific attention is given in this area, some new and very useful (hopefully) answers may be found.

Best wishes,

Tom Bearden

And then back tracked to his website.  I am saddened to hear about his recent heart attack and hope he is doing well. It had just flashed on me about half an hour ago while reading the November issue of Astronomy Magazine (I am an amateur astronomy and arm chair cosmologist) which has a focus on Cosmology.  I've never been comfortable with the cosmologist's Unicorn's of Dark Matter and Dark Energy, something seemed to be missing in the model...and it felt almost like Einstein's Cosmological Constant all over again but in a different form.  I was drinking a cup of coffee and looking at some new oil paintings on display at a coffee house across the street when I remembered the Quantum Vacuum and the energy in all that, and Hawking's work with that energy state and extremely small singularities. I wondered how that energy state would respond to collections of visible mater such as our local group of galaxies or the Virgo Super Cluster of Galaxies.  I wondered how this energy state would behave in the voids in the universe between groups of galaxies and supper clusters.  I imagined the universe as seen from the visible edge at 13 Blys: a lattice of clumps that stay together when they should rip apart and voids that keep on expanding. I wondered how the vacuum energy would respond to these two different matter states in space (lots vs. nearly none).  I wondered if Dark Matter and Dark Energy were one and the same thing, but as effects in crowded verse "empty" parts of the universe. When I came back home and started my search I found Dr. Bearden's paper in about 30 seconds.  At least some one who does this work for a living has already seen this. I'd like to thank Dr. Bearden for writing his paper, and hope all is well with his health.