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Subject: RE: Dirac, antimatter, positrons, (holes)
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 12:39:57 -0500

Tony and Marcia,

Yes, that is the point. One focuses on that "sea" that is underneath the zero level.  Since there are no eigenstates of energy levels in that area, one is led to consider the energy existing not in a "quantized hole" but "smeared" in continuous manner. And that is a negative energy potential. Somebody somewhere may have considered that, but I haven't seen it. Yet we get it in COP>1.0 systems with sharp gradients. I thought for some time one could not have such, and so it had to be holes eating electrons. However, there is no associated pair annihilation radiation in the case of the input to the COP>1.0 system. So it isn't pair annihilation -- or Sparky Sweet would have been a dead man in six weeks.

Actually I thought the latest paper extends the theory even further, taking it past the exposition in EFV.


Evidently, conventional wisdom in physics still considers Dirac's work as teaching only of antimatter and positrons.  Your notions of the Dirac Sea holes still haven't caught on.  I wonder if this is the next important area for you to pound on, when you have time to write. 
The Reality of Antimatter