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Basically one takes a general relativistic view.  Any "mass" is simply a set of spacetime curvatures and their dynamics.  They're very powerful, of course, since a simple curvature of spacetime involves some "excess energy" density in that spacetime, and mass has this energy density of c-squared.  So it's a set of very powerful spacetime curvatures and their dynamics.

Now call a set of spacetime curvatures and their dynamics --- whether weak or strong --- an "engine" (or, if you prefer, "an engine comprises of a set of spacetime curvatures and their dynamics".).   So a mass is a powerful engine.

But now consider just the "exact format" (matrix) of a particular engine.  Then for any mass system, we can have a "dematerialized" or "shadow state" of that mass, exact in every detail, that is just too weak an engine to yet be "materialized" fully into mass.

So a "weak engine" is a shadow state or dematerialized state of a fully materialized "mass system".

So far we have not done any real violence to standard physics, but only expressed it in a peculiar language.

Now we need to go one step further.

A "mind" and its operations is an engine operating in the time domain, rather than the 3-space domain.  So we can and do have "matrices" for minds and their operations, just as we have matrices for masses and their operations.

However, so far we just have a "disembodied mind", which at best we would consider a "dead" (disembodied) entity (mind).

Suppose, however, we have a living thing --- an "embodied mind" or an entity which has both a mind (actually both a conscious "serial processor" mind and a multiply conscious "massively parallel processor" mind.).  Then there is a small spacetime curvature interaction between that entity's mind domain and its body domain, and back from its body domain to its mind domain. The mind-stuff connecting and interacting with the body stuff wells-up coherently from the virtual state into a coherent" thin" or "weak" set of 3-space "real physical" changes which appear in the body-mechanism and its operations, providing what the philosophers call "intent".  The body-mechanism amplifies this "intent-input" of the mind into real physical operations, so that macroscopic "intentional behavior" results as an overlay on top of the myriad purely physical things not of coherent amplification order.  So far we have "open-loop" intentional behavior of a living body, but the mind so far has no awareness of what the body has done.

However, as the body moves and changes, its physical movements (behavior) also make little projections into the 4th axis and thus into the mind realm.  These are coherent with the response of the body-part.  They thus coherently well-up in the mind domain from the "virtual state" and are coherent with what the body has actually "done" (where it positioned the hand, the finger, the eye, etc.-- a myriad of things).  So now we have "feedback of an analog of the specific behavioral response". The same channel feeds back from the physical senses, etc. (from the eye, the muscles, whatever) coherent feedback from other sensations not connected with the original mind-intent physics.

The mind operations continually compare this feedback channel with what it, the mind, "ordered" intentionally.  The part that fits, but with a time delay, allows the mind to sense and understand what has been accomplished directly as a result of its intentional "command".  This and the time delay between intent and sensed response gives the perception of "self" or "identity".  In other words, that part of the "feed-back reported physical reality" that corresponds to and responds to my "intent" is "my body" and part of "my self".  That part of the "feed-back reported physical reality" that does not correspond to and does not respond to my "intent" is "the external physical universe".

Thus is created the sense of "my body" and "myself" existing in an "external" physical world, as part of it but also as different from it.  Very roughly this is what a living biological system is, and how it "works".  This could of course be much better and much more exactly described using higher group symmetry electrodynamics to include not only a unified PHYSICAL model but also a unified "MIND-BODY" reality and functioning as well.  Further, it can all be (at least in theory at this point) engineered electrodynamically, if that type of higher form electrodynamics is used.  Sadly, presently the only use of that for engineering is for weaponry, under the KGB long decades of development of what is called "psychoenergetics".

But back to our point. Now for a LIVING system, we still have an engine, just a somewhat more complicated on.  And it is in four dimensions (or more, if you model it well).  And it too is directly engineerable but only by the higher form of unified field theory electrodynamics.

The point is, this living system -- of both mind and body and mind/body interactions --- is still an engine.  Further, the real system is an engine with a powerful matrix, because of the "embodiment".  However, one can also have a weak but exact matrix of that engine.  In that case, one has a sort of "disembodied (dematerialized) but living biological system complete with matrix for its body part as well as its mind part".

All that is necessary to "kindle" (coherently amplify) that "weak matrix" of a disembodied (dematerialized) but living biological system, complete with both body and mind and consciousness and self-sense etc., is just to directly amplify the energy-density of its weak matrix.

So one can rigorously "materialize" living things in this manner, if one adds energy coherently to the thin (dematerialized) matrices of the living things.  Someday I hope that science will be more nonmaterialistic and less grasping and selfish than it is now.  At that time, perhaps the Crosse experiments and other experiments (even some by Faraday!!!???) may be re-examined in the light of such an approach.

Now here is a real key.  When you hold a thought in your mind, you hold an energy matrix --- relative to the real world, you hold a matrix in the virtual state, not yet "amplified" or "kindled" into observable state (at least its body part and its functioning).

But any thought set (matrix) is itself just a set of longitudinal EM waves (but both LWs on the time-axis and LWs in 3-space, coherently coupled at least in parts).

If several minds at the same time are holding the same kind of thought in all the minds, the matrix of that thought-set is already amplified and increased to at least some extent, which turns out to be an exponential function of the number of participating minds (amplifier nodes).

So in theory you should be able to directly kindle or materialize thought-forms (matrices) held in multiple minds, by sufficient amplification by means of powerful longitudinal EM wave generators.  That is apparently exactly what we did in those completely unplanned experiments, where we had the thoughts in our minds for some time (hours) while two powerful LW generators were left turned on and running.  We actually got real forms that acted and "behaved" (and altered the whackus out of the normal spacetime's reasonable behavior).  The interactions occurred a couple hours later, after we had left the area and the generators were turned off.  Then during the interactions, when the excess and abnormal energy in those materialized matrices was steadily being dissipated, the energy density decreased to the threshold of materialization.  At that point, the physical forms simply disappeared (from materialized form, passing back into a virtual matrix form).  Right in front of our eyes.

Back at the main site, the extra energy density impressed in the local spacetime was also draining away, and so over a period of some four days the clocks and things got back to normal again as the local spacetime returned to normal.

That's about all I would care to say about it.  We certainly did not have the necessary funds to go into dramatic experimentation etc.; that would have cost millions of dollars.  And considering the zealot nature of our present scientific community (which seems bent on assuming that mind does not even exist, and therefore that we are all inert machines and simple minded robots without life or even consciousness), the only thing one will get by going deeper into such things is just ad hominem attacks, slander and libel, etc. 

So at my age, it is just better left there.   The energy crisis and the coming oil wars and wars of mass destruction are much more pressing.  Whatever I can do or contribute even a little bit to alleviate that mess now roaring down upon us like a rushing freight train, is what must be done with the most pressing priority.

Best wishes,

Tom Bearden

Subject: An experiment with Frank Golden
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 22:05:30 -0400

Hi Tom
Thanks for sharing your thoughts, discoveries, research and theories on your website.
I have only just started to read through all the interesting articles, but one in particular caught my attention:
<< I once participated in a accidental and unplanned experiment where Golden materialized living things. Not little bitty things, but big things. In my view we actually materialized thought forms, since much later we were able to piece together exactly what apparently engendered each part of the phenomena. There were multiple (scared) witnesses who prefer never to discuss it. The experiment also altered all the clocks in the area for four days before the "time-energy charge" we had inadvertently created dissipated.>>
I would really like to know more about this...can you share any more details?   What kind of objects did you create?  Were they holograms or actual physical matter?  If it's the latter, where are the objects now?  If it happened by accident, does that mean it could not be easily repeated? 
Anything you are willing to share would be appreciated.
I spent a week at the Monroe Institute in Virginia about six years ago, and I am well aware that we are "more than our physical bodies".  But what you and your colleagues did is extraordinary.  Please share at least SOME of the details!
Btw, this summer I visited the Vortex in Gold Hill, Oregon.  I am sure you have heard of it, but to actually witness the power of a magnetic field such as this clearly shows that we still know very little about the forces of nature on our own planet. 
All the best,