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Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 21:04:59 -0500


Understand.  That's exactly why I do answer quite a few of the E-mails that Tony forwards to me.  That way, we can pick a reasoned question, etc., that is an honest question and try to give a reasoned answer.  But cat and dog fights I don't have time or temperament for.

The reasoned way, the would-be manipulators and flame artists get frozen out, because first Tony doesn't even send such a missive much less publish it, and second I don't answer it.  So it breaks up their "posturing" and grandstanding and denies them the website as a platform from which to do their acting.

After all, they have plenty of other web platforms out there in which to wax eloquent about what an SOB I am, and of course they do so.  No way are they going to do it on!

At least we keep them off this one site, so that it can be reasoned and rational.  I certainly don't mind anyone disagreeing with me calmly, so long as it's not ad hominem.  But lots of these fellows don't know the difference between a reasoned discussion and debate,  and a cur dog fight. Many go immediately into a cur dog fight mode, automatically.

Meanwhile, the book is actually out of there, thanks to all the very hard work that all of you have done!  I'm still astounded that it ever got out to see the light of day.  Believe me, 10 years ago it would not have been possible; I'd have been a dead duck by this time if this were back then. The history of Excalibur Briefing is a case in point.  When the original publisher started on it, suddenly there were break-ins into the publisher's building.  The editor was carrying the manuscript home at the end of every day, however, so they could not find and destroy the manuscript.  Then they torched the editor's little garage apartment, burned him substantially and put him in the hospital for some time --- but fortunately he escaped through the fire and lived and they did not get the manuscript destroyed because he saved it when he escaped.  Then as a last resort they broke in the publishing company again and wrecked everything, beating up the copy machines etc.  Whereupon the publishing company put on armed guards until they finished the book and got it off the printing machines and shipped out of there safely.

Ironically, the greatest objector to Excalibur Briefing was the so-called "occult" community.  Don't know if you realize how they are organized internationally.  One of the leading organizations -- really a "nazi" type and quite powerful --- read it, and immediately held a high board meeting and voted to take "executive action" --- which means put a bullet in my brain.  There is another community known as the "political sensitive" community, which runs risks and gets into all the "politically active" organizations and tries to defuse their planned violent actions and prevent the streets from running red with blood all the time by the incessant bloodletting that would otherwise result.  One of the political sensitives (whom I knew) called me and alerted me to the executive action vote.  He then began serious negotiations with that group's leaders on my behalf. Finally, a few days later, I had the unique experience of spending two and a half hours on the phone, being grilled unmercifully and explaining to them why they should not shoot me or bomb the house or the car.  I was just a would-be scientific type trying to do some scientific work, and not a great and powerful "arcane master" as they had concluded.  They had concluded that, because of my knowledge of certain things they considered their greatest "secrets", I was the most dangerous man on the planet!

The thing that really corked them off was their belief that many of the UFOs were the personal vehicles ("read: "light bodies") of the "Great Ascended Masters" of the universe.  When I spoke in Excalibur Briefing of one of these paranormal doo-dads that three of us drove away in Lexington, Kentucky by psychic means, they came unglued.  Anyone audacious and skilled enough --- they reasoned ---  to attack a Great Ascended Master of the Universe had to be dangerous beyond all belief.  Hence the immediate vote to take full executive action.

I was grilled unmercifully for that 2-1/2 hours.  Later after the phone round robin they reluctantly agreed to pull in their horns and not shoot me just yet, but to just watch me closely and continuously.  Which they still may be doing, for all I know.

But a bit later an assassin did actually appear on the hillside immediately behind my house, with a rifle and scope (he may already have been dispatched earlier, or may have been sent in by someone else). Eerily, at that moment I got a long distance call from a REAL remote viewer and telepath (who also could REALLY read minds with great ease, even at thousands of miles distance).  From New Jersey he was watching that fellow on the hillside setting up the ambush, and so alerted me.  He had also scanned the fellow's mind, and so knew he was an assassin.  My wife and I were going on vacation, and we left by the front (with the house between us and that hillside) to go to Florida, leaving son Dave here.  This fellow with the rifle then came up by the back window and peered into the den  at my son, thinking he might be me.  Whereupon son Dave grabbed his old pistol, went out the door after him, and caused that fellow to get out of there rather quickly.  Could write an entire book on that and similar incidents --- literally dozens of them.

Anyway, we do our speaking through the publications and through the website material. My attitude is reasonable: If anything there is of use to the reader, then that is very good and fulfills the purpose.  If it is not of use to them, then just put it in the round file on the floor and go on to another website to find what they need.

Only reasonable way I know to do it.

And one does have to keep a sense of humor.  The right wing community --- we're talking about the really hardnosed ones --- once sent in a representative (actually a nice fellow and his wife, but just a bit narrow-minded).  On finding that we had problems of impending assassination (he saw the black autos with the Mafia-types in them), this fellow got up and got on the phone to have a dozen guards with legal machine guns come in here immediately and secure the hillside and house.  At the time the Chief of Police here had been imported from Florida, and he was strictly Mafiosa. He was also noted for severe police work, and favoring and establishing "storm trooper" tactics.  Doris and I got the thing of calling in the dozen security fellows stopped, but we doubled over with laughter when we told the fellow that the Chief of Police would go absolutely ape if he suddenly found 12 men with machineguns securing my house and grounds 24 hours a day. Particularly since our house --- before we bought it --- had once been a leading dope dealer's house, it turned out, and had even been raided by the swat team, dogs, and the full works.  We would have had the swat team, the county, the National Guard, the dogs, and the works in here before one could say Jack Spratt.  And knowing the mood of those hardnosed right wing fellows, there would have been a real shootout at the OK corral, so to speak.

We then turned down several offers from that rightwing group to go live where they had something like a division of folks dug in, with machine guns, mortars, and even some artillery pieces they had gotten somewhere.  No way did we do that; that's a one way trip in there, and one will never be leaving again.  One would of course be quite secure!  But one would also be quite muzzled, and get nothing else done ever again.

Anyway, we got that "secure the hillside with a dozen machinegunners" stopped.  But quietly I noticed the next day that the black Mafia cars were suddenly no longer in evidence, and were never seen again.  Never found out just what drove them off and stopped the impending action.  Ah well, some questions are perhaps better left unasked.

For me, it's a great milestone to get the book out there.  That material now will survive and be available, regardless of what should happen to me.  So its purpose will be served: get it to those sharp young grad students and post docs (and others interested).  That will save them lots of effort to discover those various things.  They can just start where I am, and then go much farther.

If I can't get it done on my watch, then perhaps they can get it done on theirs.

And all the hard work by you and Tony and Marcia and Jace has made it possible. I owe all of you a very great debt, and far more than I ever can repay.

Best wishes,