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Subject: RE: flight 990
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2002 11:13:53 -0500
(Slightly Edited)

Dear Jerry,

Not definitive, but it's probable.

Incidentally, a solid technical paper proving and mathematically demonstrating scalar interferometry and production of EM fields and potentials (and energy) at a distance in the interferometry zone, is M. W. Evans, P. K. Anastasovski, T. E. Bearden et al., "On Whittaker's Representation of the Electromagnetic Entity in Vacuo, Part V: The Production of Transverse Fields and Energy by Scalar Interferometry," Journal of New Energy, 4(3), Special Issue, Winter 1999, p. 76-78.  There it is very simply worked out in higher group symmetry electrodynamics --- i.e., in O(3) electrodynamics.

If the Egyptian plane was a hit, the probable mechanism was the production of convergent (cooling) EM energy inside the jet engines, cooling their combustion and thereby reducing the thrust and then extinguishing the combustion and stopping the engines. This is precisely what was first done to the Arrow DC-8 at Gander, Newfoundland on Dec. 12, 1985, before the second action hit it with a fierce ball of EM energy that burned right through the right fuselage ahead of the engines, setting the plastics and upholstery in the forward cabin on fire explosively and instantly. That meant that the explosive fire also explosively outgassed byproducts, one of which is hydrogen cyanide.  A few breaths of that, and one is very dead or dying.  That is why, in the autopsies on the bodies, it was "surprising" that half the occupants died of cyanide poisoning, and were already dead when the aircraft hit the ground and exploded.  That one was done by the Russians on Dec. 12, 1985, before the end of the Cold War between Russia and the U.S., and to make the "end of 1985" schedule laid down by Brezhnev years earlier in a secret meeting of the Communist parties in Europe.

The mechanism could also have been a "mind-control takeover" of one of the pilots, which was also being tested around that time.  My recollection is that the co-pilot was exhibiting aberrant behavior before and during the flight.

At the end of 1989, a rogue Japanese team comprised of Yakuza and Aum Shinrikyo leased the earlier scalar interferometry weapons on site in Russia, from the KGB.  Down payment was U.S. $900 million in gold bullion. The Aum Shinrikyo even established a little university in the outskirts of Moscow where the KGB weapons scientists could teach them the longitudinal EM wave interferometry and scalar interferometry, and operations of the system.

Since then, with the old remnants of the KGB looking over their shoulder, the engineering of the weather (strongly) over North America has been accomplished by the rogue Japanese team. Several aircraft have been shot down by them as well.  I suspect that the Egyptian aircraft you mention was one of them, but do not have sufficient documentary evidence to be sure, so must present it as a good probability.

The weather war is still ongoing, more fiercely than ever, right over our heads, every day.

Every major weapons lab on earth has now "discovered" longitudinal EM waves and longitudinal EM wave interferometry.  Some 10 nations have these weapons, and more are developing them.  The most powerful weapons on earth, however, are quantum potential weapons, possessed now by some five nations (China deployed them earlier this year, along with the second most powerful weapons types).

Unfortunately "modern" war has returned to its dark ages roots, and is now called "asymmetrical" warfare.  A great strategic strike, e.g., consists primarily of getting the weapons to the distant targets and unleashing them. In the old Cold War, this largely meant that one fired nuclear tipped missiles which exploded on contact or by aerial fuzing above the target. That is euphemistically referred to as "symmetrical" warfare --- effect versus delivery immediately.  If one introduces a long delay between delivery and effect, that is "asymmetric" warfare, and that is what is practiced today. So in "peacetime" the hostiles introduce weapons of mass destruction --- chemical, biological, and nuclear --- into the targeted nation surreptitiously, along with the necessary guerrilla or special forces types necessary to unleash the weapons on order.

All major U.S. cities already have such mass destruction weapons hidden in them, and also have the necessary forces on site to unleash them on order. These weapons include such things as anthrax, smallpox, bubonic plague, nerve gas, and nuclear weapons.  Before the collapse of the former Soviet Empire and the "end" of the cold war, the Russians introduced nuclear weapons on site in the U.S., together with the Spetznaz teams to detonate them on call.  They are still here.  Read Lunev's book; he actually tells you how the Russians brought in the weapons successfully.  Castro alone ran guerrilla training camps in Southern Mexico for decades, with most of the output crossing the border  into the U.S.  Some 10,000 were introduced; even if half have now defected for the "good life", that still leaves about 5,000 here.  As an example of the havoc this kind of fellows can easily do, some 20% of the U.S. domestic oil passes through a single pipeline 800 miles long and above ground, in Alaska.  Take 20 Spetznaz types, C-4 explosives, timers, and duct tape.  Go in at 10 places in the wee hours, tape on the explosives at 10 locations along that pipeline, with timers, and after the Spetznaz fellows are long gone out of there, suddenly that pipeline is cut in 10 places at once.  Piece of cake, cheap assets already available in country, high assurance of success, and high assurance that not even the committed assets will be lost (probably not a single person).  Any pipeline in the U.S. --- either natural gas or oil, etc. --- is clearly marked and cleared off.  Same type teams, with shaped charges and pipe locators and timers, and you can cut these lines in a single night in as many places as you wish and as you have assets to commit.  Same is true for all the high voltage transmission lines that run for hundreds of miles across the boonies, etc.

Another thing:  Here is a simple fact.  After the Gulf War, the inspectors that went into Iraq only got a few of the calutrons that the Germans had sold to Saddam Hussein. He hid the rest, which have been operating some 11 years since the Gulf war ended.  In the few calutrons we got, there were residues.  Tests of those residues showed weapons grade U235.  So in 1991, Saddam Hussein was already using his calutrons to produce weapons grade U235.  Any fool with some U235 can rig a "gun-assembly" type weapon; all you do is explosively drive two hunks of U235 together very sharply. That gives you a nice nuclear explosion; the first U.S. atomic bomb dropped on the Japanese during WW II was a gun assembly weapon.

So in 1991, Saddam Hussein may have had sufficient U235 already made for from 7 to 12 nuclear weapons.  If so, and running his calutrons for 11 more years, he will have enough now for perhaps six dozen or so nuclear weapons. So it isn't necessarily just chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction that he has; he can also have a few nuclear weapons already assembled and ready to go.  If so, then at least a few may have been spirited into the U.S. clandestinely, and conveniently hidden in some of our largest population complexes such as New York, Los Angeles, etc.

Unfortunately for decades this country has been largely left "wide open". Simply look at the container situation, where through our ports there pass many many thousands of containers all the time.  Only about 2% of those are ever inspected.  They then get loaded on trucks in the containerized system, and delivered to their destination in the U.S.  The paperwork is checked to be sure it's correct, but only about 2% of the containers are ever checked at all.

Now let's think like a combat commander.  Suppose one needs to move some forces and supplies forward in preparation for attack.  With interdiction, one will expect "losses" enroute.  Part of the business of war is to make one's adversary pay a dear price (by strong interdiction) wherever he is, and specifically when he's moving forces. That is designed to blunt (and hopefully even prevent) his buildup for attack.

Now suppose the antagonist knows he has a probability of interdiction losses of 2%.  Superb!  He'll lose that much from broken ankles and accidents, perhaps.  So he makes a quick estimate: his expected interdiction losses are 4%.  So you put in 25 nuclear weapons in hidden packages through the container system.  Probably you will lose one of them to interdiction.  That gets you 24 in this country, to their shipping destination and into the hands of the waiting terrorist teams, like a piece of cake.

That's a vivid illustration of why we desperately need homeland security; we're in a different kind of war than we were fighting in WW II, Korea, Vietnam, or even the Gulf War.  The decisive battles are either already prepared or are being prepared right here in our homeland, in our large cities.  And the brunt of this war is the civilian populace; that is the target.

And we have not been told the truth in more than two decades about what has already been spirited in here and is on site and waiting to go right now. As a single example, the Yakuza regard themselves as the last samurai, and have never forgiven us for defeating Japan and dropping the two bombs on Japan.  They will not quit until they participate in the "finishing" of America; to them, that is the only "honorable" way to erase the "shame" and "humiliation" of WW II.  There is a substantial and growing Yakuza presence in all our major cities, among the oriental population.

When was the last time the "talking heads" national news media --- or our own government --- alerted us to the growing Yakuza threat in heartland U.S.A.? They already have scalar interferometers, including smaller portable ones they have made in their own facilities in Japan, taking back the technology they leased from the KGB at the end of 1989.  What have they already spirited into the U.S.?  Can electrical intelligence analysts in our intel community --- mostly ordinary electrical engineers, communications engineers, radar engineers, etc. --- even recognize or understand a scalar interferometer?  How many have had training in higher group symmetry electrodynamics?  How many of their group leaders and division chiefs are aware  --- or even will believe -- that such weapons exist?  The answer is, "Very few indeed!"

Best wishes,

Tom Bearden

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Subject:  flight 990

Hello Tom:

Do you think that EGYPT AIR FLIGHT 990 was brought down by a scalar event???