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Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2005 11:28:25 -0500



And yes, unfortunately someone seems to be deliberately influencing or “steering” ******** psychologically using advanced disinformation techniques to reduce the impact of his ability and deflect it from its path. The folks who plan such suppression schemes are very good at it. I ran into the existence of that “gaming” as it is called, as a young Captain way back in the 1960s when I was in technical intelligence and ran the foreign surface to air missile intelligence analysis effort for the U.S. Army.


It uses deep psychological profiling of the targeted person, then construction of a computer game (like writing a movie scenario, with players deeply profiled and their impulse direction determined, etc.). The Game Controller and staff usually pick one or more vulnerable characteristics from the target’s deep psychological profile, and determine – say – three potential games to be considered. The computer programs used are quite sophisticated (even beyond the usual state of the art) and artificial intelligence methods are also extensively employed.


The proposed games are entered, the machine searches through hundreds or even thousands of its “profiled” potential “agents of influence” in its files, and with artificial intel as well as fitted past games and performances, determines the best player candidates to stimulate for each game. It then determines probabilities of each game to accomplish its objective, and selects and recommends the best game to play. It even statistically estimates the probability of success of each one, with a specific set of players, in some detail.


The Game Controller and staff then decide which game will be used (usually the one recommended by the gaming computer). They punch the okay into the computer, and the game is off and running. Only one or two real “agents” are necessary, to phone or contact the selected “agents of influence” (persons with their own personal outlook and personal motivation along directions that are useful to the gamers and to this game scenario), and who also have “knee-jerk responses” to adroit stimulation, who will be triggered onto interaction with the established target.


The stimuli of the agents of influence (the players) are made, the agents of influence are off and running on their own self-motivation, and the chosen victim finds himself in a very sophisticated game, interacting with these self-motivated and determined agents of influence, and running into all his own personal and psychological biases and characteristics turned against him to influence his behavioral reaction along specific lines.


It’s a very effective thing, because it was originally developed to try to be able to influence and change some of the behavior of selected highly problematic foreign leaders, instead of having to fight them with troops all the time. It is still used by this day by certain intelligence agencies worldwide.


Having been “gamed” some 200 times, I did find out the hard way the effectiveness of the games, and many of the methods used against one. Often a good human trait is actually a serious vulnerability. E.g., one of my own “vulnerabilities” is that I am easy to approach. Ha! That has gotten me into more gaming difficulties than the law should allow!


Of course, the High Cabal (as Churchill called the loose-knit of cartels that control the economies and money of the world) also thought it was a great thing, so they appropriated it and adapted it for their own purposes as a standard operating procedure. The large-scale use of gaming has been part of the reason for keeping the scientific community so adamantly opposed to “energy from the vacuum”, “dirty old perpetual motion machines”, etc. But it has also been devastatingly used against individuals trying to do serious work in the overunity energy from the vacuum area – and so far it has been successful.


******** has definitely been targeted for such games against him, playing his own deep psychological characteristics against him.


If one is unaware of such things, and doesn’t learn how to anticipate and fight them, it is almost inevitable that one will be “neutralized” by one or more games. They simply keep changing or adapting the game or games against one, until one achieves the desired effect.


That way, one sees the gradual deviation and then breakup and faltering of the targeted individual, gradually but dramatically reducing his effectiveness and eventually “parking” him.


Sad, but that’s what is almost certainly going on against ******** in my opinion, and it is not accidental at all.


Best wishes,