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Subject: RE: Crop Dusters
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2001 18:54:05 -0500

Dear Jim,

 Sadly it does, but the prediction of such strikes was really not original with me at all.  I was merely repeating the standard, known, accepted, unclassified "threat" that our government has long recognized and stamped its seal of approval upon.  But instead of implying it "may be 50 years in the future", I simply stated it would occur much sooner, as was obvious to anyone even vaguely following the march of terrorism and terrorist-backing nations.  The notion that the attack will come fairly soon did not take a rocket scientist to figure out either.  In standard intelligence threat work, one must always clearly differentiate between capability of the hostile forces and one's (perhaps erroneous) perceived intent of the hostile forces.  Americans (including our own intelligence community personnel) often confuse the two, and also often project American psychology onto the hostile forces who may have a vastly different psychology.  Let me illustrate:

 One of my best friends and extremely close colleagues in all this, is a retired Lieutenant Colonel whose U.S. Army career was spent in the Corps of Engineers.  In Vietnam, he was commander of an Engineer construction battalion which was building roads, bridges, etc. since there were very few such in South Vietnam, and they were sorely needed so we could move equipment, supplies, and paraphernalia around.

 For quite awhile his battalion was building roads and bridges right in the midst of a region containing three North Vietnamese (NVA) and VC (Viet Cong) divisions, each about 10,000 men strong.  So his small battalion was working right in the middle of 30,000 hostiles, all around his bulldozers, dump trucks, concrete and asphalt machines, etc.

 Now an American force of 3 divisions, with an enemy audacious enough to come right into their territory and construct bridges and roads, would have immediately attacked those completely vulnerable heavy equipment machines and their operators, and the laborers, etc. and killed the engineers and destroyed the equipment.  You know, get the enemy and his equipment, and all that.  That is in our very genes, and it is part of our "national style" (one of the elements of a standard military strategic analysis).

 That was not the NVA and VC philosophy or psychology!  And it is not necessarily their "national style".  To them, they would inevitably win the war, and that battalion was not doing anything to enhance U.S. combat positions, etc.  To them, they would need those roads and bridges after the Americans were gone and South Vietnam fell to them. In other words, in their odd outlook, my friend and his battalion were essentially working for them, in a very strange sort of way.

 So my friend and his battalion were the safest men in all Vietnam!  Their physical security was provided by 30,000 well-armed hostile NVA and VC personnel.  Nobody but nobody was going to be allowed to attack that battalion and its equipment, or interfere with it.

 My friend had great difficulty in making this point to the "higher up" commanders, and to new replacements reporting for duty.  Finally with his battalion being pressed and needing to get things done much faster, he even began working the battalion at night as well, with brilliant lights etc. -- right there in the middle of three enemy divisions.  His battalion and men were the most vulnerable and most exposed men in all Vietnam.  And his men were still the safest men in all Vietnam!

 That made perfectly good sense to the NVA and VC.  It made no sense at all to the entire U.S. Army command.

 The very different psychology (and national style) of the adversary must always be taken into account.  For that reason, we must never "project" our national American psychology and "national style" upon other peoples.  They do not necessarily react the same way as we do.

 In real intelligence, to do it correctly one must first clearly state the capability of the hostile forces, completely devoid of any and all "psychology" and "style" -- i.e., intent.  That tells you, to the best of your knowledge, what the adversary can do.  The best threat projection is then based on that known capability, and provides, say, several different potential threat scenarios, showing the range of attacks he can perform.  In other words, you show capability only, not some fool's self-appointed tea-leaves divining of "what the enemy is intending to do".  Sometimes, using other intelligence criteria,  an overall threat will also include a "projection", where hostile intent is considered as best able. Often, however, the intelligence community develops "positions" that are highly political, and in many cases this "political position" will override all other evidence or criteria.  An example favorite phrase usually revealing such a political position is that "We have no evidence thatů" which is often a blatant lie.  I've been there, worked on two National Intelligence Estimates, and watched the process at work.  To translate the gobbledygook, whenever one sees that phrase or similar, one translates it as "We have not looked at the evidence one way or another," or "We do not choose to consider that."

 Once the basic threat and its projection is formed, then combat intelligence takes over, at the three levels of Strategic (national level), Operational (Corp and Army level), and Tactical (Division and lower level).  What combat intelligence does is continuously gather "incidents", reports, statements, intercepts, and any and all other available information pieces, that are indicative of certain combat preparations, etc.  E.g., massing forces in forward assembly areas, massing artillery forward, etc. are indicators of preparations for attack. 

 With respect to our regular knowledge of forces, preparations, etc. our intelligence fellows do a very good job of looking at the "standard indicators". So no one can fault them on that part of their job, because there are many "normal" threats that fall well-within that purview, and they really do a good job on that area.  There are many fine people in intelligence, who work very hard and are dedicated Americans.  But as with any large organization or group, there is a bell-shaped distribution curve and a few are conniving, manipulative, and have little if any morals.  Unfortunately, that is a trait of any large human group, and it is certainly not confined to the intelligence community alone.  But just as elsewhere, there is a small fraction which is doing everything to shape and twist and "scamper up the career ladder", etc.  Just as in any other large organization.

 Even so, in the past (and presently also), I have been very critical of our intelligence community overall because it was and is failing in the capabilities analysis area in most "superscience" areas.  They still are.  Specifically, they have very little knowledge of the capabilities of higher symmetry electrodynamics, since they almost ubiquitously use standard electrical engineers and engineering for analysis.  The problem is that this standard type of analyst -- however capable in the orthodox sense --  is totally incapable of even recognizing the indicators pointing to a higher symmetry EM weapon or weapon test.

 We also cannot just leave the blame with the intelligence community, because in all fairness they must turn to the U.S. scientific community for advanced scientific advice.  So the blame has to be shifted to the U.S. scientific community itself.  Here again, we find the 136-year-old classical Maxwell-Heaviside-Lorentz electrodynamics being dogmatically held and almost universally taught in all our universities.  The entire U.S. scientific community, e.g., failed to recognize the mechanism used in the decades-long "microwave radiation" of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow.  Excellent ordinary electrodynamics analysis by Johns Hopkins scientists showed clearly that the health changes in personnel only occurred in field-free regions (i.e., in regions where the changes in the potentials were zero).  In short, the diseases and health changes all occurred where the potentials from the radiation were stable and "fixed" or "electrostatic" or "magnetostatic".  So their conclusion that it could not have been the radiation causing these changes, was a total non sequitur.

 Any scientist -- purely from the nature of statistical inference --  could see that, if the radiation were not involved, some of the changes would have occurred in field-free regions and some would have occurred in regions where the fields were present.  This is not what happened at all, for decades!   Since the effects were confined to only one single part of the electrodynamic radiation, a priori that part must be the cause.  So the data proved conclusively that it was indeed the radiation that was responsible, and it was the stable potentials themselves that were doing it..  No one connected this with Whittaker's 1903 and 1904 work decomposing (when applied in combination) all potentials  into a harmonic longitudinal EM phase conjugate biwave structure.  So we totally missed the infolded, internal longitudinal EM wave dynamics that comprises and creates all the "normal" EM potentials, fields, and waves anyway.

 We also missed the fact that this internal LW EM dynamics constitutes an infolded set of spacetime curvatures and their dynamics -- spacetime curvature engines, e.g., or "vacuum engines" in particle physics terms, or just "engines" for short.

 And as is well-known in general relativity, such an engine directly interacts with, affects, and changes any matter exposed to it.  It follows straightaway that any kind of physical state and its dynamics has an associates "engine" and its dynamics.  It also follows that, if you introduce a specific "delta engine" for a specific change to that mass (whether living or inert), the mass can and will be affected and changed specifically.  In short, one can engineer the interior electrodynamics of that static scalar potential, or the fixed magnetic vector potential, or both, to induce any sort of disease and health changes desired, in the exposed human bodies. That's the overview, we also have some specifics we are presently holding close.

 The purpose of that long Russian microwave radiation of the personnel in the U.S. Embassy was to hit a high level target, thereby engaging the attention of the U.S. government and scientific communities at the highest level.  Then sit back and watch what response(s) is/are made at the Embassy.  We showed them responses based on classical EM theory alone, thus confirming with 100% certainty that we did not recognize the weapon used, we had no knowledge of the interior electrodynamics being engineered to provide and EM-engineerable unified field theory, and thus we had not developed defenses against such weapons.  This radiation was responsible for the deaths of three U.S. ambassadors, and it generated health changes in numerous U.S. personnel in the Embassy.  Eventually we declared that Embassy a "hazardous duty post" and provided extra pay differential to persons serving therein.

 But the entire affair, for decades, was a total failure of both the U.S. scientific community and the U.S. intelligence community (the latter being depending upon the former for "expert" advice). 

When one tried to inform either the intelligence or scientific community of what it really was, or speak of such things as "longitudinal EM wavesets comprising all EM potentials, fields, and waves, can be altered to make vacuum engines (spacetime curvature engines) when the internal EM structure and dynamics are changed", one was called misguided and na´ve at best and a lunatic at worst.  Yet this had been in the scientific literature for more than half a century.  Indeed, classical electrodynamics (e.g., as used in electrical engineering) assumes a flat local spacetime (falsified by general relativity for nearly a century) and an inert vacuum (falsified by particle physics for half a century or more).  So our own scientific community revealed that it itself did not and was determined not to understand and use science already in the literature and already experimentally proven.  Our scientific community still is doing precisely the same thing, and has hardly changed an iota.  Worse, the scientific community has a knee-jerk reaction and demonstrated habit of destroying the careers of those brave scientists who venture "out of the prescribed standard box".  A perfect example is the pounding, slander, libel, etc. that the founders of ultrawideband radar took.  At the time that the scientific pundits were smugly proclaiming the worthlessness of their attempts to found this new radar technology, one could already purchase off-the-shelf a small model of an UWB radar, used for detecting voids in materials, concrete, etc.

 Consequently, we are now more than 50 years behind the extended electrodynamics technology of some of our foes.  We are beginning to get a little bit knowledgeable, but have very far yet to go.  And frankly, the U.S. scientific community is not and will not help at all, or so it seems.  They are in fact part of the problem rather than part of the solution, bent on "defending and applying the status quo".  We are definitely Romans and not Greeks, as a humorous example.

 Not a single university in the United States even teaches what actually powers an electrical circuit, even though that has been in physics for more than 40 years, with Nobel prize awarded to Lee and Yang.  Unless someone really squeezes our scientific leaders, then 40 years from now the correct "powering of an electric circuit"  will still not be in the curricula of electrical engineering at any American university.  There is absolutely no justification for such scientific conduct (or misconduct, more accurately).  It is not science, but dogma, to continue to ignore that which is already long since experimentally proven and easily demonstrated in any university lab.  And to continue to ignore it for a half century.

 Anyway, this horrendous failure of the scientific community has been responsible for the direct impressing of a scientific dogma, ancient and decrepit, upon our intelligence community.  That must be clearly recognized.  Simply look at the web sites of the National Science Foundation (government organization) and the National Academy of Sciences (private Organization, constitutionally prescribed to advise the Government on science matters) and you will see no funded work in extracting EM energy from the vacuum, even though every circuit, generator, and battery ever built and built today does precisely that.  You will see a total failure to attack the energy crisis right where it begins: by what actually powers the circuit.  You will see no acceptance of cold fusion, now demonstrated in more than 600 successful experiments worldwide, in several nations and many laboratories, by perhaps 200 scientists from those countries, labs, or independently.  For the electric circuit, any dipolarity, being opposite charges, a priori extracts EM energy from the vacuum in unusable form ( the input must be from the time-domain; it is easily demonstrated experimentally that no observable EM energy is input in 3-space), transduces it into usable form, and pours it out in all directions.  Once a generator or dipole expends some of its input or available energy to force its internal charges apart and form that dipole, then the well-known proven asymmetry of that "source dipole" in the local vacuum energy flux already tells us that the dipole/dipolarity extracts EM energy from the vacuum and pours it out the terminals.  Particle physics says so.  Experimentally and theoretically.  And the Nobel Committee said so, by awarding the Nobel prize to Lee and Yang in 1957.  That is 44 years ago, and the electrical engineers still do not know it.

 One should not have to reprove over and over what has already been proven in science and a Nobel Prize awarded for the discovery!

 Yet it appears that our NSF and NAS simply will not read the scientific literature and see that.  Consequently, billions of dollars are being spent in energy research on everything except the real problem: how to master and correctly use the broken symmetry of the ubiquitous dipole.

 NSF and NAS apparently deem any and all such research -- which could free us from oil very quickly, give us all the electrical energy we need, from the vacuum and cleanly -- as suspicious at best and worthless at worth.  One is not permitted even to seriously raise the question that, considering the proven broken symmetry of the dipole and that vacuum energy extracted by that dipole actually powers the external circuit, then what characteristic of the standard electrical circuit and power system is responsible for destroying the otherwise continuous and sustained EM energy flow from the vacuum into any dipole, and out of that dipole into surrounding 3-space?

 The new war we have just entered will be long, costly, and it also will likely result in a great number of American casualties I our cities and casualties in the cities of other nations.  It could easily (and will almost certainly do so, sooner or later) disrupt the flow of MidEast Oil.  In that case, even though the price of oil fell today, e.g., due to the reduced travel worldwide being a dramatic reduction in the demand for oil, a new and critical oil shortage could come upon us suddenly at any time that serious strikes are made on those MidEast oil fields, pipelines, refineries, etc.  We have far too little refining capability here in the U.S.  As an example, when President Clinton ordered some oil from the national reserves to be used to alleviate the former oil crisis, the oil had to be shipped overseas to be refined into gasoline, because there was insufficient refining capacity here in the U.S. to do it!

 The above "looming oil crisis" is just one example of a coming strategic problem whose responsibility lies directly at the feet of the leaders of the U.S. scientific community.  We could long since have been free from all foreign oil, had they funded  the correction and modernizing of  the terribly flawed classical EM theory they so stoutly enforce.  It should have been done as a matter of the highest national priority.  It wasn't, and it does not appear that it will be done anytime in the foreseeable future. It is so bad that, for our own MEG (a successful laboratory COP>1.0 EM power system experiment), we had to turn to a friendly foreign country, to its National Materials Science Laboratory (which is part of its National Academy of Sciences), to find scientists already well-versed in higher symmetry electrodynamics and its use, willing to perform the final year of research needed to develop the unit for the commercial market and full production. That is now ongoing.

 Meanwhile, fearsome weapons indeed (a little information is on my website; there is far, far more that I do not have on there!) have been produced by several hostile nations, deployed, tested, and utilized.  We are so far behind that we no longer really control our own strategic survival (without further discussion of that).  Instead, there are two other nations -- one in particular, which has repeatedly saved our bacon since Jan. 1997 -- which have been holding the real strategic tigers at bay.

 I am speaking of hostile capability, not hostile intent.  The KGB, e.g. has not changed its stripes at all, even though Putin himself may not be a full part of it.  The real power in Russia is the KGB and Russian mafia, which is used as an arm of the KGB.  Simply listen to Lunev for confirmation of that latter fact.  The "superweapons" I obliquely refer to are all under the direct control (including research, development, production, deployment, manning, and employment) of the KGB; they have never been in the regular Russian armed forces themselves.

 The Japanese Mafia (Yakuza) and Aum Shinrikyo also have gained possession of earlier longitudinal EM wave interferometer weapons, and are now able to build such in their own facilities in Japan.  They continue to directly operate many of this class of  weapons on site in Russia.

 It is a publicly confirmed fact now that Russia (read: the KGB) has long had a plan, after any initial nuclear (or superweapon) exchange, to completely annihilate the rest of the surviving U.S. populace by biological warfare strikes etc. That has not changed.

 China also has recently deployed some fearsome weapons indeed, very quietly.  When the recent 2-carrier U.S. naval task force recently maneuvered in the South China Sea, one of these frightful weapons -- capable of destroying that task force in minutes -- was quietly trained upon them.  China has declared the South China Sea its territorial waters (more than 60% of the oil to Japan passes through there, for example).  China has also recently conducted invasion practice on an island close to Taiwan, and continues to iterate that Taiwan belongs to China and will be forcibly repatriated.  China controls both ends of the Panama canal, and has entry-port facilities now on both the U.S. West Coast and Southern Coast, as well as in Central and South America.

 Several foreign nations have long inserted terrorist teams, commando teams, agents, etc. into our open nation, for some decades.   They are here, they have some nuclear weapons here, and they have other weapons of mass destruction in hand such as anthrax, smallpox, bubonic plague, etc.

 In my personal view, the first phase of any strategic war is to deliver the strategic weapons onto their distant targets. In that view, the first phase of WW III has already been completed.

 So behind the scenes, this present war is very complex and has several "layers", not just terrorism.  One major characteristic of the national style of Russia can best be characterized as "they have always been the master chess players of the world", and "they look many moves (and many years) ahead, plan multiple moves of the various chess pieces in play," etc.   So we indeed have the international terrorist groups, many backed by foreign nations hostile to the U.S.  Behind that, we also have other groups and nations that are clandestinely maneuvering and pulling the strings, using the tiers below (the terrorist organizations and their sponsoring hostile nations) as pieces on the overall chessboard.

 President Bush was quite correct when he pointed out that this new war is a war of all free nations against those who would totally overthrow their freedom and intend to do so.  It is going to be fought all over the globe, with multiple level maneuvers and pieces moved on the chessboard.  At the highest levels, there is also maneuvering to be able to unleash the superweapons, once the "other side" is sufficiently hampered, damaged, or restrained.  Some "unleashing" has already been clandestinely accomplished, such as "spreading" the immune systems.  We have previously explained that technique, and about two years ago the indicators of its use occurred, right here in the U.S.  (This will not be discussed further at this time).  The effect of "spreading" the immune system to force (trick)  it to prepare for a whole cocktail of diseases -- say, 20 or more.  This "spread-out preparation" uses all the immune systems' finite sources, causes it to dilute those resources across all these "shadow diseases" present in the body that it is reacting to, but not yet present as overt disease (the immune system reacts to quantum mechanical "ghost forms" at the upper level of the virtual state) .    

 The result of immune system spreading of the targeted U.S. populace is that, when a terrorist biological warfare strike occurs on a major U.S. city (or on several), the casualties from that terrorist strike are multiplied by a factor from 3 to 5, as compared to the same strike upon a populace with normal unspread immune systems.  The OTA study for Congress a few years ago showed that a single professional terrorist strike with anthrax spray, from a small light plane puttering around over Washington, D.C. on a calm night, would yield some 1 to 3 million casualties.  Now up that by a factor of 3, include strikes against five U.S. cities, and one can see what can be done clandestinely at the "new weapons" level.  There are three nations having that weapon, and neither is the U.S.  However, a fourth nation -- China -- now has it or is just getting it.

 The point is that these types of effects from developing higher symmetry EM technology have been totally ignored by our scientific community, hence largely ignored by our government and intel communities because the scientific community disposes of that fact (the spreading of the immune system)  in quite an off-hand and callous manner.

 What we desperately need is for NSF, NAS, NAE, and the various great U.S. scientific organizations -- as well as the universities -- to be galvanized into a crash national effort under a Presidential Decision Directive to rapidly develop higher symmetry electrodynamics, including both the theoretical models and the technologies that result.  And to apply this higher symmetry EM into every technology area.  As rapidly as it can humanly be accomplished.  Much like the Manhattan Project in WW II.

 Sadly, another of the characteristics in our "national style" is that, if it is not invented here, it has to be inferior because U.S. science is the best in the world, and already "knows everything there is to know". 

The greatest vulnerability we have in this new war we have just entered after being so viciously attacked, is precisely the "existing and feeding" of that rather smug national characteristic in our scientific community.

 Simply check the history of science, and one will readily find a hundred cases where the prevailing scientific community fiercely resisted new discoveries in science, even by leading scientists, and savaged the scientists unmercifully who had dared "upset the applecart".  Any historian of science can rattle off a very long list, and there are even books devoted to exposing that.

 At the end of WW II, since we had gained the atomic bomb first, Stalin bypassed the "resistance of science to innovation" problem very simply:  He simply called in the leaders of his Academy of Sciences and demanded the next great technical breakthrough (after the U.S. dropped the atomic bomb) as quickly as it could be humanly done.  And he held them personally accountable to him, to continually report progress. He was of course an absolute dictator, who did not hesitate to kill his enemies or those who opposed his wishes.  No progress, off with the scientific head, or off to Siberia to work to death in the political prison camps. (Suppose you suddenly held all the heads of all the nuclear science agencies in the U.S. along with the NAS and NSF, the responsibility -- on pain of execution for failure or lagging -- of rapidly explaining and developing cold fusion.   Try to imagine how quickly that would come into fruition as a new science, new theory, and new technology.) 

 The Russians have always been the greatest nonlinear scientists in the world, since day one.  Check it out.  They still are.  So suddenly the Russian scientific hierarchy -- at the very top -- was desperate for something -- anything -- to report as progress back to Stalin.  In short, they got their own boots off the necks of those superb nonlinear Russian scientists and mathematicians, and did just the opposite: they pleaded and urged them for any developments, experiments, theories, ideas, etc. that could show progress to hold off Stalin's cold and lethal  wrath.  They set up great institutes (one had 2,000 Ph.D.s and their support groups) to examine the entire scientific literature of the West, paper by paper, since day one.  Nothing like that has ever been even contemplated in the West.   Anything really interesting that had not been followed up got laid aside for perusal and close examination by the "superscientists".  Little wonder that they quickly discovered and began developing at high speed the internal infolded longitudinal EM wave electrodynamics comprising all the "normal" stuff.  Interestingly, in the West Whittaker's 1904 paper initiated superpotential theory, but his 1903 paper and its representing a more fundamental infolded electrodynamics -- and thus a unified field theory -- was missed.  It was not missed by those Russian superscientists, spurred on by the desperate leaders of the Soviet Academy of Sciences. 

 By 1950, prototype higher symmetry EM weapons were already being made and tested, often at sea and at night (and the sightings of these tests being reported quite frequently in the 50s and 60s in the open literature, by passing ships' captains).  Other tests on land were also observed and openly published without any understanding of what they were.

So the former Soviet Union began intensive development of these advanced technologies and weapons, in full hue but without open cry, by 1950.  By 1960, China was also full-tilt in developing them.

 It is not that we could not have done it.  It is that the U.S. scientific community was the problem and continued to be the problem, and it savaged its own members who could have broken us out of the mold.  That problem -- of the scientific community itself being the greatest enemy of real scientific "out-of-the-box" innovation -- has been our greatest vulnerability, and it now threatens the survival of the United States and the Western world.  We simply must find a way for force the scientific community to get back to science, as already demonstrated by experiment, and rid themselves of enforcing the status quo of a decrepit old classical EM theory put together 137 years ago, and then twice reduced to even a small subset of Maxwell's 1865 theory.

 In the West, most of that small band of theoreticians and experimentalists trying to modernize and update the old classical electrodynamics are still savaged unmercifully, and often destroyed.  Yet astounding breakthroughs -- including for the good of all human beings on this planet -- readily come from such work, in energy, healing, propulsion, you name it.  The mastery of the "inner infolded electromagnetics" inside all the normal EM potentials, fields and waves is actually a unified field theory, but one directly engineerable on the lab bench.  It largely fits the Sachs unified field theory --- the most perfect expression of electrodynamics seems to be Sachs' electrodynamics, e.g., and O(3) has been shown to be an important subset.  Higher symmetry EM  can be expressed in quaternions, e.g., or various other already available algebras,  and much of it can be expressed in a variety of higher group symmetry electrodynamics models such as SU(2)XSU(2), O(3), etc. (there are many).  Some  of these new and advanced types of electrodynamics have already been at least partially developed and used for special purposes in particle physics, and are fitted to and justified by experiment.

 Anyway, thanks for your favorable comments and interest.  As best we can in spite of the continued hypoxia, we are desperately trying to put together a package again, very much updated, to show that a small, portable higher group symmetry electrodynamic medical treatment device can be rapidly developed in a crash program of from $60-100 million.  The device could treat (radiate in very special fashion) a casualty in about 2 minutes flat, and another, and another, etc.  After development costs are paid, the units could be mass-produced for something like $70-100 thousand each.  They could be produced in quantity and "flooded down" through fire stations, hospitals and clinics, police stations, emergency response teams and crews, etc.  A high school student could be trained to effectively use such a machine (which would be laptop computer controlled) in 30 minutes.  But as you can understand, the medical community itself and the entire pharmaceutical community, not to mention the scientific community, would be and is adamantly opposed to any such "monstrous idea" from the getgo.  After all, the machine uses and highly amplifies the actual mechanism used in the body to heal itself (the cellular regeneration system, poorly understood and mostly studied by Becker and a few others).  The present medical community essentially uses intervention techniques (which are necessary, we are not knocking them!) but really has no "direct healing" science or therapy at all.  Indeed, it has not yet deciphered the actual higher symmetry mechanism used by the cellular regenerative system, which we finally deciphered after 14 years intense work, and which is the precise mechanism used in the device we are recommending be developed.  The fundamental experimental proof that the mechanism works was already shown in France in the 1960s and early 70s, with experiments conducted by eminent French scientists, and the results published in the well-known French scientific literature.  This is not anecdotal material, but proven material long since experimentally demonstrated.

 A Bill Gates or Ted Turner, e.g., could easily fund the entire development without missing the pocket change too much.  That is not going to happen either.

 Anyway, as a nation we shall soon most desperately need such treatment systems, to save about 70% of those millions of American casualties when the terrorists hit our cities and population centers with anthrax, smallpox, bubonic plague, and such.  Just now, most of those casualties are going to perish.  We  will continue to do everything in our power to get this  developed.

 This is my beloved country, and those casualties are my American friends and neighbors.  My own children could well be among them, or the children of my neighbors and friends.  Therefore the moral imperative is so great, to anyone with a conscience, that one must continue to do anything one can, regardless of one's physical state and lack of resources, to the limit of one's ability.  The job simply must get done, and it must get done in time, if it is humanly possible to do it.

 Thanks and best wishes,

Tom Bearden, Ph.D.

  Here you go, Tom.  This confirms your concerns about biowarfare.