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Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2007 22:12:35 -0500

Hi Daniel,


When a unit gets THAT far along, no casual investors are needed. One is already ready to reap all the rewards oneself, and need not share it.


At that point one simply forms a stock company, and openly demonstrates the working system before the public on public TV, etc., and the investors arrive in droves to buy stock – particularly if you are rolling off the assembly line with units already approved for sale under UL laboratory testing and approval.


But for the more casual investors, here are some news to put in one’s pipe and smoke it.  There is no overall model or theory for how one extracts and uses EM energy from the vacuum. Period. None. Zilch. It isn’t taught in school. And it does not exist in electrical engineering at all. In fact, the first thing one has to do, to get usable excess energy from the vacuum, is to violate the dickens out of electrical engineering.


And the vacuum’s interaction with a unit is not necessarily the same everywhere.  If you are very lucky, one’s overunity unit will work most everywhere. But sometimes the inventor will build a type unit that works well in one place, or several places, where all the local interactions between the local masses, charges, etc. and the vacuum are “rather normal” or pretty close. But move that same system to another place where the local vacuum interaction is different, and the same unit may not work in the new location, without some very special knowledge. There’s a way to solve this problem, but we “ain’t giving that one away for free”.


So my advice is for the casual investors to just stay out of it till several inventors get these problems licked and one or more gets “universally functioning” units out there on the market. Just now, Bedini is in that position, and so are several persons in things like watergas etc.


Till then, only get interested if you also will fund the “finishing up” year to two years research – which takes a team of very good specialists that are very carefully chosen. Your local university professor doesn’t know diddly about what has to be done. And electrical engineers don’t even know how a circuit is powered in the first place (hint! It isn’t by cranking the shaft of the generator!).


And if the investors are seriously interested, then FIRE your electrical engineering advisor(s) and get you some physicists who also know particle physics and at least quantum field theory, etc. Even then, the physicists themselves have arbitrarily gotten rid of negative energy from their models and textbooks, which was and is a serious error of major proportion. They did it simply because most of them – including Dirac and many others -- hated negative energy with a passion! Negative energy is the dark energy our astrophysicists are so avidly seeking, and dark matter is the negative mass-energy source charges for those negative EM energy fields that comprise negative energy. So if the unit is using negative energy, the AVERAGE physicist and quantum field theorist will still know nothing at all about it, and couldn’t advise a flea because he cannot understand it himself.


If you get involved in one with negative energy, then read and study (or have your physicists do so) the work of Dr. Dan Solomon.


That’s the state of the art right now.






Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2007 21:12:57 -0300

I have investors but only for real demostrable and practical, overunity devices ready to build massivelly, know you some ?, not with prototypes only, with machines running and working good ! we can invest millons on it !