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Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 22:31:11 -0500

Got your letter AOK; note my E-mail address.  I also have a website,, with a great deal of material on it, much of which can be freely downloaded.

Of course I'd rather be very, very wrong about this one, and would to God I were!  We are in for a very long and arduous war, and there will be frightful American casualties.  I'm still sweating out the potential

terrorist release of anthrax, smallpox, bubonic plague, etc. which are some
of the agents they have in hand already. As an example, if smallpox is
unleashed in any major city on the planet, it will eventually kill some two
billion persons, or nearly one-third of the human population.  Here is a

"Were a terrorist to disperse the smallpox virus, for example, populations

that were once universally vaccinated would now be horribly vulnerable.
Today the U.S. government stows only about 15.4 million doses of the
smallpox vaccine-enough for less than seven percent of the American
population.  The World Health Organization (WHO) keeps another 500,000 doses in the Netherlands, and other national stockpiles total about 60 million more doses of varying quality and potency.  If the smallpox virus were released today, the majority of the world's population would be defenseless, and given the virus' 30 percent kill rate, nearly two billion people would die."  [Laurie Garrett, "The Nightmare of Bioterrorism," Foreign Affairs, 80(1), Jan./Feb. 2001, p. 76-89.  Quote is from p. 77.]

We already know (and our own government confirms) that several hostile nations of the world have long been infiltrating terrorist teams, Spetznaz (special forces types), etc. into the United States.  Castro alone has sent in some 5,000 (estimated) agents from special training schools run in Southern Mexico for decades.  Iraq has infiltrated teams, as have several other nations, including probably all the nations we shall have to go after now for bolstering and supporting terrorism.

In 1998 we tried very hard to get the DoD, NIH, USAF, etc. to crash-develop a higher symmetry electromagnetics treatment device, extending the proven work of Priore, for extraordinary quick treatment and cure of mass casualties.  The device would use and amplify the same mechanism used by the body's cellular regeneration system, poorly studied (and mostly by Becker, who did not have access to higher symmetry EM).  But Becker clearly demonstrated the time-reversal and time-fast-forward of cells (in biology, called dedifferentiation and redifferentiation).  His work is published in the hard literature, and for his magnificent efforts he was hounded, his funds withdrawn, and he was forced to retire early.  We furnished a 200+ p. briefing set, and descriptions, including the exact mechanism by which it worked, and cited the specific papers in the hard French literature reporting the astounding results by eminent scientists.  (That work in France was suppressed in 1973).  Sadly, no one had the slightest notion what I was talking about.  Not a single scientist checked the references, or called me to discuss the science.  At NIH, I never got out of the "policy" section (read: spin control section).  They simply packaged up the report again and sent it to the DoD, because I mentioned Gulf War Disease and told how it was induced.  Never mind that the French work achieved revolutionary cures of terminal tumors (cancers) in laboratory animals, cured infectious diseases, restored suppressed immune systems, and cleaned out clogged arteries.  So much for the level of electromagnetics understanding in our government in general.

We are still trying, under the leadership of Tony Craddock (my web site manager), to interest large philanthropist organizations in funding the project, which would require from two to three years at a cost of $60 to 100 million.  But it could be developed into a large suitcase-sized device, and treatment of a single patient would require no more than two minutes.  It would be computer controlled (laptop), and even a high school student could be trained to use it in 30 minutes, once developed.  There is information on my website about the proposed machine and some information on the mechanism it would utilize.

You can well imagine, however, that the large pharmaceuticals and the medical community absolutely do not want any such thing.  Neither does NIH nor DoD.  Or anyone else, it seems.  Meanwhile, we are going to have those millions of American casualties, sooner or later, from biowar strikes on our cities.  And right now, very little can be done for them, because of shortages of supplies, insufficient teams, and reduced probability of survival after one has already developed symptoms.  Hence triage will dictate that most will just be dragged aside to die.  In my firm opinion, at least 70% of those future dying Americans could be saved, by such a device.

However, in all fairness to our medical community, we have numerous folks (some misguided, some mistaken, some with something that works to some extent, and some downright charlatans) who besiege the community with every type of "electrical popper" gadget in the world, all claiming they will cure every disease known to man.   That is not true.  And the real mechanism used by the body itself, cannot be modeled with standard, U(1) classical electrodynamics.  For that, higher group symmetry electrodynamics (of the kinds developed for particle physics, etc.) are absolutely required.  Also, with the single exception of the Priore team effort, I can find no such things that have been rigorously validated, under proper scientific protocols, in thousands of tests on lab animals, conducted by reputable (and in two cases, world-renowned) French scientists, with the results published in the scientific literature in France.

Meanwhile,  we have taken our motionless electromagnetic generator (MEG) research overseas to finish it.  We have a joint agreement with the National Materials Science Lab of the National Academy of Sciences of a friendly foreign nation, to finish the research and jointly put the unit on the market about a year from now.  It was a pleasant surprise to find ourselves dealing with extraordinarily good scientists who already understood and used higher symmetry electrodynamics, are aware that the Maxwell-Heaviside-Lorentz theory is seriously flawed and archaic, and who have been teaching the higher electrodynamics in their universities for more than a dozen years.  A very sharp contrast to the treatment we have received here in the U.S. in most (but not all) quarters.  There are two rigorous AIAS papers on the MEG, in the hard literature, which are: M.W. Evans, P.K. Anastasovski, T.E. Bearden et al., "Explanation of the Motionless Electromagnetic Generator with O(3) Electrodynamics," Foundations of Physics Letters, 14(1), Feb. 2001, p. 87-94; ------ "Explanation of the Motionless Electromagnetic Generator by Sachs's Theory of Electrodynamics," Foundations of Physics Letters, 14(4), 2001, p. 387-393.  These were published after vigorous review and refereeing.

It is still astounding to me that all our university electrical engineering departments do not even teach what powers an electrical circuit, even though it has been in particle physics (Nobel prize awarded to Lee and Yang) for more than 40 years.  One would think that after 44 years, the Maxwell-Heaviside-Lorentz electrodynamics used in electrical power system engineering --- and more than one hundred years old, put together before the discovery of the electron, atom, nucleus, etc. and before special and general relativity, quantum mechanics, quantum electrodynamics, and the rise of quantum field theory -- would have been updated and modified to correct its errors and incorporate what has been learned in physics since then.  It hasn't, and the leaders of the organized scientific community have no intention of doing so.  This terrible dogma in the scientific community has not only allowed the unnecessary energy crisis, but it is close to betraying our nation in its defenses, since other nations (some hostile to us) have already weaponized the higher symmetry electrodynamics.  We have a little information on that, on my web site.

If you have never read a single book on oil and the energy crisis, please read Kenneth S. Deffeyes, "Hubbert's Peak: The Impending World Oil Shortage, Princeton University Press, 2001 ($24.95) and you will have the truth. Hubbert was a Shell geologist who in 1956 predicted that U.S. oil production would peak in the early 1970s.  He was savaged and dismissed by just about everyone, including the oil industry itself.  That continued until, lo and behold, U.S. oil production peaked and started its long decline in 1970. Applying Hubbert's method, Deffeyes shows that the global oil production will peak between 2004 and 2008 (I personally had predicted it would happen during this decade), and the world's oil production will then start decreasing, never to rise again.  If nothing is done to dramatically decrease the world's ever-escalating thirst for oil and use of it, the world economy will be plunged into a recession at best and a collapse at worst. That could come before the end of this decade.

For your information, a book review by Paul Raeburn, of Deffeyes' book, is given in Scientific American, Oct. 2001, p. 91-92.

In my view Deffeyes' prediction is right on the mark.  Indeed, depending upon the way this present war goes, he may be very conservative.  It does not take a genius now to see that the oil supply from the MidEast is increasingly fragile and vulnerable.  Particularly if the Iraqis also had a heavy involvement in planning and carrying out the attacks on New York and Washington, for which there is some fairly good evidence. Saddam Hussein has already demonstrated his willingness to set oil fields on fire, en masse.

Anyway, it is time for Americans to unite and batten the hatches for a real storm, lasting for many years.  It is going to cost us dearly, for we have never fought a war like this before.  There are also more dimensions to it that will start to emerge before too long, but I do not wish to discuss them openly at the present.

The sad, heartbreaking thing about the "new strategic war" is that it is fought against the cities and our civilian population centers.  It is deliberately designed to kill as many men, women, and children as possible. It is "population warfare", not field army warfare, designed to deliberately kill as many civilians as possible, and destroy as much of the infrastructure as possible. So we will see many tough decisions having to be made and implemented in our civil life, our cities, and streets, that formerly were made and carried out only on some distant battlefield.

My prayers are for America and all Americans, that we and our families might be sustained in our faith and unity in the trials and incidents yet to come.

Best wishes,

Tom Bearden