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Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2007 10:20:18 -0500


Hi Marcia,


Fabulous! That’s just what the doctor ordered.


Now to get this into the universities, etc. – probably will be gradual, but hopefully it will start (or already be) happening.





From: Marcia Stockton
Sent: Monday, September 17, 2007 10:23 PM
To: Tom Bearden
Cc: Tony Craddock
Subject: Re: [Bedini_Monopole3] New 15cm Brushless Fan Energizer Re: New file uploaded to Bedini_Monopole3




We already have that with the SSG kit and people are using it to replicate the SSG, which is overunity (IF you do the load testing and analyze your results for joules in / joules out over a series of trials).


This would be the 2nd kit.


You can order parts for what we are building here at the following website:

A Model with full presentation low and medium quality video is displayed here:

You can also use the new Bedini products for the testing, found here:



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From: Tom Bearden

Sent: Monday, September 17, 2007 7:33 PM

Subject: RE: [Bedini_Monopole3] New 15cm Brushless Fan Energizer Re: New file uploaded to Bedini_Monopole3


Go, Rick, Go!


Please God he gets a “kit” on the market where a good bench person can just put it together by instructions, and with some adjustments etc. can get a working overunity system.


It’s DESPERATELY needed if we are ever to move this cottonpicking scientific community!






From: Marcia Stockton
Sent: Monday, September 17, 2007 9:12 PM
To: Tom Bearden; Tony Craddock
Subject: Fw: [Bedini_Monopole3] New 15cm Brushless Fan Energizer Re: New file uploaded to Bedini_Monopole3


Rick's on a roll.  He has done this fan blade SSG motor before (does free mechanical work in addition to charging batteries), but is now making it into a parts kit so others can more easily duplicate the device.  






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Sent: Monday, September 17, 2007 6:44 PM

Subject: [Bedini_Monopole3] New 15cm Brushless Fan Energizer Re: New file uploaded to Bedini_Monopole3



Keep reading the list and see the below file. You guys have free
motor power here. Here is a powerful fan.

This is the biggest Brushless motor to date. Still looking for a
really big one. This was a 24W motor, I would like to convert a 240W
motor or larger if anyone has any leads or one lying around.

I had to use two of the coils in series for the trigger pulse. Starts
really easy. Lots of flexibility with voltage and amperage variation.

I have a capacitor bank pulser on the back end so that I can rotate
my batteries around, and also two DPDT switches with center OFF
position so that I can switch either battery banks from charging to
discharging or discharging to charging. The off position in the
center allows for no shorting the batteries. Should really be only
one 4PDT switch but I didn't have one that small on hand. What you
don't want is to switch both switches in opposite directions.

I spent a good part of Saturday finding parts to use and assembling
it. At first I had it so that I could switch from using the original
circuit over to using the Bedini circuit. But I must have shorted out
something as the original smoked, so I removed it. It would have been
a nice demonstration to flip between either circuits to show the
difference. I may still do that with another one of these fans.

I can make these available if there is enough interest. The only
drawback to this motor as an energizer is that it chirps and can be
annoying at the lower amp setting. The advantage is that it is
perfectly machined and there is no frame and rotor assembly required.
It is a little more involed in dealing with the wiring, but with this
bigger size it is not that hard to access anything.

If made available I would send all parts, with the full details of
what to do with the fan. I would leave the fan with original circuit
so that people could first test it for comparison, but also give the
Bedini SGS circuit as in the other kit (without the rotor and
magnets). I got the plastic bottles today to send the lube with any
new kits (once the lube arrives). Price would probably be $150 to
$200 depending on what was sent (like box, switches, wires, cap,

In the picture you can see a small circle on one blade. This is a
tiny neo magnet for rpm calculations. I'll just add a small coil or
wire to pick up the signal on my oscope. I also have one on another
unmodified fan to compare power consumption at same rpm. I got a
bicyle speedometer for this but forgot that it stops at 99.9 mph so
it was only good for the larger wheel monopoles. I will test these
motors with both hooked up to batteries with clamp amperemeter, also
with power supply hooked up to watt meter, also going to a home
electric company kwh meter and note the differences as I did with
previous brushless motors and monopoles and etc.


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