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Subject: RE: New way to raise cash
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001 16:41:04 -0500


 Actually the MEG rights are shared by five co-inventors, and I am not the MAJOR inventor!  The rights are assigned to Magnetic Energy, Ltd. whose Managing Partner (CEO) is Dr. James Kenny.  All contractual and business matters are handled by Dr. Kenny.

 None of us wishes to pry money from private persons for some future product, until we have a developed product to deliver in return.  It's our own personal ethics, because we've seen so much selling of promises for free energy units, without delivery, by other folks that we are determined never to be cast in that mold.  Whether we succeed or fail, this is and will remain and honest enterprise.

 We continue to have expressions of interest from the legitimate financial community, and believe that eventually we will succeed in raising the remaining money needed.  The main MEG research has been moved overseas, and will go on regardless.  That foreign effort should produce a commercially marketable unit in about a year or perhaps less.  This is a very fine foreign research lab, being the National Materials Science Laboratory of the National Academy of Sciences of that nation.  So we are confident that it will succeed.  If all else has failed in the interim, then at the time the unit starts being sold on the market, we should then have funds to proceed as we need to here in the United States.

 Best wishes,

Tom Bearden

Subject: New way to raise cash
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001 10:41:00 -0600

Dear Dr. Bearden:

You may want to look into an old-fashioned type of contract called "buyers rights" as a means for raising new capital. Generally, this type of contract is in limited use today in the area of stock option purchases.

For example, you and I could draw up a contract giving me buyer's rights to one of the first ten commercial MEG units. The contract has time limit during which I must complete the purchase, or sell the residual value of the rights to another potential buyer. The price for the MEG is fixed in the rights contract. So, if the open market price goes up, the rights holder is lucky. The cost of the rights is not a down payment and is not refundable. The value of the rights is pro-rated with the time remaining in the rights contract, assuming the unit price is held constant.

Perhaps Tony could put out a request as to how many people would be interested in purchasing buyers rights to MEG units. Then, check with your lawyers. I am pretty sure you will see some income, if you wish to go this way. Everyone wants to be the first kid on their block to own a MEG!

Kindest regards,

- Eric