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Subject: RE: One more question about EM Blast and Chem trails
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001 16:15:04 -0500


 That's a good comment and it's entirely possible that this sort of experimenting is also going on. I don't know that, but would not rule it out.


Tom Bearden

Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001 09:00:43 -0500
Subject: One more question about EM Blast and Chem trails


Thank you very much for answering my question on Em Blasts.  I
had one more thought I would like to run by you.  I have been
collecting satellite photos for the past few months and I am noticing
not only do we appear to tame storms, but we also appear to
create them.  I have a few images where there appears to be a
burst of energy and within moments the clouds begin to ignite
with storms.  Also I have been monitoring the Chem Trails in our
area and I am wondering if one of the uses for these could possibly
be for sending charge into the clouds.  Although I only have basic
electronic knowledge, it appears as if they sometimes use these
Chem Trails for a huge electricity conducting blanket across the
sky.  It seems to be beneficial to be able to create storms as well
as weaken and eliminate them.

Thanks for your time.