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 The Association of Distinguished American Scientists (ADAS) is a non-profit tax-exempt foundation (very tiny) organized under 501c(3),  approved by the IRS, and we do report income, expenditures, and progress every year to the IRS, as is normal.  The corporation is a state of Washington corporation.  And yes, we have not been an organization that seeks mass publicity.  We also spend dollar for dollar directly on the projects, and nothing on administrative salaries etc.

 ADAS was formed quite a few years ago by some of the original scientists on the atomic bomb project in Mexico.  For many years, the President of the organization was Dr. John Hubbard, the meteorologist on that bomb project.  You can see him listed on the official names of that project.  We still have the personal notes that Dr. Hubbard made in his diary while in the New Mexico desert.

 Most of the original founding scientists (such as Richard Feynman) have died over these many years, and most unfortunately Dr. Hubbard also died a few years ago.  Dr. Hubbard had been very active in studying the weather and weather engineering, since he was a meteorologist, and carried out several projects to advance the understanding of global weather.  When he died, the members of the board met and elected me the new President, and then we formed a new board as the old board resigned.  Since then, we have tried to keep the organization alive as best we can, at least for some continuing small but very important projects, and we have had small, continuing donations from several benefactors, for which we are deeply appreciative.  In our best year our income may reach $18,000, but in a nominal year will be only $4,000 or $5,000 and sometimes even less.

 ADAS pays no salaries, and all work under its auspices is purely voluntary.  It pays expenses on our approved projects only, covering such things as printing and page costs to publish the results in journals, associated supplies, on rare occasions trip expenses to give a formal presentation at a scientific conference, etc.  By following these stringent rules, we have been able to "stretch" our meager funds to the utmost, and get the "most bang for the buck" that we can.

 By its charter, the members of ADAS are restricted to those scientists who are granted the Distinguished Scientist Award (our Board of Directors makes three of those awards each year, which at present is only honorary since we have insufficient funds to pay a financial honorarium with the Award).  We also use some of these awards to recognize important scientists and inventors, including some now deceased, who have not heretofore been properly recognized for their enormous contributions to America and to our lives.  We have made such posthumous awards to Tesla, Prioré, Rife, and several others in that respect whose work was so far ahead of their time that it still has not been recognized.  Another example of such an award to a living inventor was to Bill Fogal for his astounding semiconductor; happily that semiconductor is now headed for the commercial market and you will start to see it in working equipment early next year.  It will then be seen very quickly that the semiconductor is able to do things never thought possible, and it will usher in a dramatic new era in electronics, communications, etc.

 Should we eventually be able to attract large donations, there are several urgently needed large projects we would set up very quickly, complete with the scientists, salaries, necessary laboratory, etc.  One would be a highly qualified "think tank" on EM energy from the vacuum, hopefully with a certain Nobelist among them, and with the other scientists carefully selected by name.  Such an independent organization could very rapidly advance the cause of extracting and using EM energy from the vacuum, and also for converting time (which is highly compressed spatial energy, and has the same energy density as mass) into spatial energy.  Oddly, time is the single most powerful source of energy we have available in physics, and in 2000 we were able to show that all EM energy in 3-space comes from the time-domain anyway.  Given three years of work by such a consortium properly selected and supported, there will never again be an electrical energy problem on this planet.  In addition, we would then begin to see an advancing and remarkable clean-up in the present pollution of the planet, and a significant reduction in global warming.  Since one can make EM negative energy as well as EM positive energy, we would also see a replacement of many cooling and refrigeration functions by negative energy functions -- direct cooling of selected point or area.

 A second project (and one we are actively pursuing thanks to Tony Craddock's efforts) is to fund the intensive development of a small, portable, computer-controlled emergency medical treatment device (about the size of a large suitcase, considering the blanket antennas, transmitter array, computer control unit, and all) for treating and healing mass casualties.  As you can surmise, right now --- with the U.S. having entered this new kind of war against mass terrorism and expecting further attacks on our cities and population centers by weapons of mass destruction and bioweapons --- we have the utmost need for a Manhattan Project in this area, and it should be done as rapidly and as urgently as human beings can get it done.  The goal is to get tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of emergency treatment devices out there in the hospitals, fire stations, police stations, etc.  The patient treatment time would be one to two minutes, and turnaround time could be 5 minutes.  Yet this approach could arrest and reverse such things as anthrax and smallpox, once developed.  It could do it cheaply, once the sunk costs were written off.  It turns out that a high school student could be trained in 30 minutes to use the resulting equipment effectively, once it is developed.  Government participation has to be involved, else the large pharmaceutical companies will not allow it to be developed, regardless of what has to be done to stop it.  I proposed this effort to the DoD and other federal agencies in 1998, in a 200+ page document, and they simply had no idea what I was talking about.  They have no understanding at all that the body's own cellular regenerative (healing) system actually time-reverses the body's damaged cells back to a previous healthy condition, using the very mechanism we advance as an extension of Prioré's work, whose results are well-documented in the French scientific literature.  They also have no knowledge at all of the exact mechanism the cellular regeneration system utilized to perform such healing. 

 This latter project would very rapidly recover and dramatically extend Prioré's proven work, and the results would save millions of American lives that may now be lost in the eerie war we have just now entered as a nation.  According to an official OTA study for the U.S. Congress, a single professional anthrax attack on Washington, D.C. would result in from one to two million casualties.  An attack on 10 cities would result in frightful millions of dying Americans.  Frankly, because of the extreme and immediate threat to our cities and population centers, I regard this as the most urgently needed project of all our ADAS projects, and possibly in all U.S. history.  But it would require some $60 million dollars or more to do it, and perhaps as much as $100 million, and it would also require the cooperation of the U.S. government and NIH laboratories to perform exhaustive animal testing and do it very quickly. It would need to be performed under a Presidential Decision Directive, else our own scientific community would destroy it.  Sadly, few if any in the entire NIH community seem to understand the difference between classical electrodynamics and higher group symmetry electrodynamics, which latter is absolutely necessary if one is to understand the real electrical and electrochemical functioning of living organisms.

 Another think tank or special project group that is most urgent (particularly now) would be an independent group following and analyzing the extended electrodynamics (higher symmetry EM or in fact unified field theory EM) that has now been weaponized by our enemies for some decades, while we are just starting.  As an example, we recently had a two-carrier task force maneuvering down in the South China Sea as a show of force and support for Taiwan against invasion.  China has declared the South China Sea as its territorial waters, and conducted invasion-type operations on an island near Taiwan.  It has also massed missile artillery against Taiwan.  Unknown to our naval task force, a new weapon recently deployed by China was tracking them --- a weapon which could have destroyed the entire task force in 10 minutes flat.  Obviously it is very important for our nation to be aware of the nature of such weapons, so defenses and counters can be developed.  Russia, e.g., has had the same weapon for two decades, and even tested a small version twice in the Afghan War.

 Such "unified field theory" type electrodynamics has been available for some decades, but is little used in the U.S. federal scheme of things.  My personal opinion is that our government agencies largely do not have the proper advanced electromagnetic advice being given to them, but mostly just get advice based on U(1) symmetry electrodynamics.  Our particle physicists, e.g., do not realize that the highest energy physics of all is with the lowest frequency photons, once the time-component of the photon is transduced into spatial energy (something which every charge in the universe is able to do a little bit).  So they have not understood "cold fusion" (low energy nuclear reactions), and instead have viciously attacked the area even though some 600 experiments have shown the reactions (though the mechanism is still not understood).  We gave the mechanism and the exact reactions for three of the significant products: excess deuterium, tritium, and alpha particles.  Consequently, because of the continuing dedication of most of our scientific community to a 136-year-old Maxwell-Heaviside-Lorentz electrodynamics, in some higher symmetry EM weapon areas the U.S. is sadly behind our enemies, who have simply used what was already available in physics though not in classical electrodynamics or electrical engineering.  The purpose of such a special "advanced weapon advisory" tank, again consisting of carefully selected scientists and hopefully with a Nobelist chosen by name, would be to provide far better advice and recommendations to our government on what is possible and already done in advanced EM/GR weapons than they have gotten or are likely to get from the present organized scientific community. 

 Presently our small ADAS projects consist of those in the energy area (to extract EM energy from the vacuum and hopefully help solve the escalating energy crisis), medical applications of higher symmetry electrodynamics (as, e.g., the Prioré work and some extensions to it), and some advanced weapons work which we have personally done because no one else was doing it for many years.  As can be seen, we have done whatever we could on the three major projects, but they should be performed on a massive and very rapid scale because of their importance to national survival and national economic survival.

 All our sponsored work is eventually incorporated into published reports for public consumption; e.g., we deeply value the advanced theoretical work in higher symmetry electrodynamics that the Alpha Foundation's Institute for Advanced Studies is doing, under extreme hardships for the struggling scientists involved.  Since that organization is absolutely penniless, with our meager funds we have been able --- thanks to some benevolent donors -- to pick up their page charges, typesetting charges, a computer for them, etc. for a series of very important and very advanced papers (approximately 100), many now published in the hard literature (Foundations of Physics Letters, Physica Scripta, Optik, etc.) and the entire 100 also carried on a Department of Energy website in advanced electrodynamics reserved for scientists.  Key among those papers is the extraction of EM energy from the vacuum, with rigorous mechanisms showing it can be done.

 That is a small summary of the Association of Distinguished American Scientists, its orientation and its goals, and the work it is accomplishing even though we only have small funds.   The organization is continuing and will continue as best it can to further the work in those major areas  listed above.  As can be appreciated, these areas are of great importance, not only to the survival and welfare of our own nation, but to all humankind.

 Very best wishes,

 Tom Bearden, Ph.D.

President, Association of Distinguished American Scientists
P.O. Box 1472
Huntsville, AL 35807

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