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Subject: RE: follow the money traits
Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2001 12:43:37 -0500
Dear ********,

This attack was not about money.  It was about the grotesque and monstrous idealism that leads fanatics to be willing to die in suicide strikes to optimize killing women and children and civilians.  It is about any regime

that will incite its citizens to such extremes and fanaticism, then applaud
the mass murder they commit.

This was and is pure, unadulterated murder, of the most heinous kind, and
there is going to be much more of it against us.

It was also a direct act of war, which has been planned now against the

United States for some decades, including deliberately inserting terrorist
teams, biological weapons, even nuclear weapons, etc.  This is fact, not
hearsay.  Several nations of the world have been engaged in this preparation for decades.  Here there is plenty of direct evidence and proof.  It is not hearsay, and it is not conjecture.  It is pure, blunt, raw fact and the terrorist teams are already here en masse, biding their time and waiting for orders.

This is just the beginning, not the end.  It is an initial Pearl Harbor, and

an arduous, long, difficult war is ahead of us before it is over.

Whenever war comes, the time for finger-pointing and negotiations and

posturing and politicking and "new age" thinking is over.  The shooting time
is here in defense of our nation and in defense of our citizens.

Wait till the anthrax and smallpox attacks come.  Then you will see the

casualties move from a few thousands to a few millions.  If a nuclear
facility is hit successfully (as has just been predicted by the Russian
intelligence to the U.S. Government), you may see other millions dying of

Do not so readily squeeze this into something it is not, with a subtle

insinuation that the U.S. itself is doing this.  Indeed, the U.S. government
is acting with great restraint.  We have the power with the touch of a
button to utterly destroy any nation on earth, including those who have
harbored these bloody murderers, along with the murderers.  Yet that strike would kill far too many innocent citizens who had no part in this at all.

So that mighty blow is being withheld.  It will only be used as a last

measure, if absolutely necessary after much of our nation has been
devastated.  That too may happen, if such devastation is indeed visited on
my country.  The foreign teams already in this nation do indeed have the
capability to devastate America.  The teams, the weapons of mass destruction (including nuclear weapons) are already clandestinely in all our major cities, waiting to devastate the nation.  They are also in most other
developed nations, particularly in the West which has been far more open
with their borders in allowing tolerance for both immigrants and illegal

Please wake up and see the blood that has already been shed.  My country has been grievously assaulted, in an act of war, with thousands of innocent

civilian deaths deliberately produced.  These were not "collateral damage"
associated with military strikes.  They were deliberate strikes on the
populace itself.  By stealth, surprise, and murder.  So this war has been
brought to us, and thrust upon us.

Those who have done this, have left any semblance of morality or even of

being human.  These are the jackals and hyenas among us.

They themselves have started it.  We will finish it, regardless of the

costs, which will be large and which are still coming down upon us.  But
make no mistake, we will finish it.

If the terrorists unleash smallpox in a single city anywhere on this planet,

that single act alone will be responsible for the eventual deaths of some 2
billion people around the globe -- nearly one-third of the Earth's human

This attack is a crime against all humanity, not just the United States.  It

is an attack on civilization itself, by what I can only call the new
barbarians.  It is not about money and imperfections of government (all are
imperfect, some are more imperfect than others).  It is about pure evil.
Pure murder.  On a massive scale, which we will see grow before our eyes.

In history, probably more persons have been killed in the name of religion

than any other "cause" or "purported cause".  Mass death and murder is a
corruption of religious teachings, of any and all of the great religions.
Christ did not teach mass murder and neither did Mohammed.  Neither did
Buddha. Those who would pervert the teachings of any of the great religions to encompass mass murder, have themselves become the epitome of the very evil they profess to destroy.

The horror of the "new strategic war" is that it is directly against the

civilian populace and the cities.  It is directly against civilization itself.  That is why it is the new barbarism, and why all civilized peoples and nations have been struck, not just America.  It is also why those same civilized peoples and nations are now uniting against this new evil.

No, what we have here is war in its most evil form.  It will be a protracted

war, lasting for years, and it is likely to kill many more Americans than
have died in all America's wars.  I have a small briefing on my website
regarding these new weapons and tactics of international terrorism.  Several times we allude to, but do not detail, other weapons of far greater power than nuclear weapons.  In that latter field, the United States is not the supreme power, contrary to usual opinion.  So the restraint shown by the United States will not necessarily be exercised by the other states who
possess these extreme doomsday weapons, which could easily kill all life on the face of this planet.  Even as early as 1960, Khrushchev warned in a
statement to the Presidium that these "new, fantastic weapons" could --- if
unrestrainedly used --- destroy all life on Earth. He was not exaggerating.

The new war launched by international terrorism against cities and the

civilian population is also likely to kill more people worldwide than have
died in the previous two world wars and all wars since then.  It may kill
more people than have died in all the wars in the entire history of
humankind, and if it triggers the unleashing of the superweapons (far beyond nuclear weapons), it may also result in the destruction of all higher forms of life on Earth.  To prevent that, this evil war must be won with the
weapons in hand, before it escalates to the "final decision" by several
other nations, and the destruction of all of us, regardless of color of skin
or religious belief, or the type of government.

Those who are truly religious should say a special and fervent prayer for

all humanity.  We are all going to need it, to face and survive that which
is yet to come, but which has now opened our door.  We have now reached the crossroads for all humanity.

Tom Bearden

Sent: Sunday, September 16, 2001 2:04 AM
Subject: follow the money traits

Dear Tom,

Everyone says that the WTC attack was planned by terrorists, but if it makes USA declare war to them, I think this attack is rather meaningless. I

remember something you say "follow the money traits". Who do you think will take advantages from this ?