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Subject: RE: Chinese in Sudan: Army of Workers, or Army?
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2001 12:12:49 -0500


 Looks like one of the ways the Chinese leaders have chosen to cope with a unique problem:

 In China, historically the peasants often kill female children, seeking to have more male children.  With the severe limitations on the number of births permitted by the State, within the last two decades or more the problem has become acute, and so the peasants have killed more female children.

 There are now quite a few millions more young Chinese males than there are young Chinese females.  To put it gently, all this excess testosterone makes the young males extremely "restless" and agitated.  It poses an increasing problem of youth agitation, resistance, etc. by young males, leading toward resistance and rebellion in the streets.

 So one solution is to ship lots of them out of the country, as soldiers or to become soldiers in place, and get them in some wars to kill off lots of them while at the same time doing the desired military or paramilitary work of increasing the power, penetration, and domination of the Chinese communists.  And they will also pump back in a little money to their families back in China, etc.

 This appears to be a primary example of the Chinese government in carrying out that program.  It "kills two birds with one stone," so to speak.



 An article from  Stanislav Lunev.