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Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2002 10:32:22 -0500
To show some of the stupidity:  As I typed that response to you on scalar interferometry and QP weapons, and specifically who deployed what and when, suddenly I had a phone call. It rang, and nobody would answer (or hang up the line).  This is our stupid fellows' way of letting me know they are reading my computer as I write, and for me to watch it and not reveal too much.  Nothing new, it's been going on for a long time.  Anyway, after three hellos and no answer, I exclaimed sarcastically, "I hope you are having fun this morning!'  Whereupon he answered, "Sure am!"  and I hung up the phone.  Voice was of a male, early 30s, and (reading his ki) military background.  Note that the spook training battalion here in Huntsville is a U.S. Marine battalion.  So it's the same old same oh.  Not vicious or conspiratorial, just ever watching and just letting me know when they think I'm writing something "too sensitive".
Hell, at least they are paying attention to the area these days, on a high priority level!  So that at least is progress.  At least we are not completely ignorant in this field anymore.  Indeed, we are not nearly so ignorant anymore as we were once, and as most still think we are.  I've been very satisfied with the progress of the last few years (4 or 5) in particular.
If some "friendly guys" on our side were not fighting the dickens out of that weather engineering, this country would have burnt to a crisp this summer, and we would have had storms that would curl one's hair. So there have been some fairly successful defenses, thank goodness!