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Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 18:21:47 -0500

Oops!  Well, for one thing I misspelled it anyway in the press of trying to finish the paper: It should have been "zitterbewegung" without the "w". Sorry about that, and I'll change it in the paper immediately
Here's a direct quote from one good fellow on the web, coming from the Dirac theory:

"...the position operator consists, as we would expect, of the sum of an initial position vector, a displacement which is proportional to the elapsed time, and finally an unexpected term which represents a violent oscillation of the particle with an amplitude equal to its Compton wavelength. This latter motion has come to be known as the ``Zitterbewegung'' of the electron..."

The basic thing is that, as the electron (or other charge) is steadily integrating the virtual changes in its mass due to continually absorbing virtual photons, one considers its increasing mass in its "dual" existence as a wave and as mass, switching so fast between them that we might consider it "continuously in either or both states". So as soon as its "mass-energy" during its "energy" form of existence has reached the quantum threshold, the severe and violent "banging" it takes from the zitterbewegung blasts loose that excess energy in the form of a real, observable photon that is emitted (literally shaken off). Just like a wet dog shaking off the water drops, only much more violent.
So the "violent jiggling" keeps it from "overpotentializing". The unitary integration occurring in the mass form gets to the quantum threshold in the energy form, and bang! The zitterbewegung kicks the excess mass-energy out of there, abruptly decaying the excited electron which instantly continues the absorbing/integrating process again till the next "kick it out of there by the seat of the britches" event.  And so on. The absorption of the virtual energy, its change into mass-energy, the coherent integration during mass form, and the whacking it out of there in the photon energy form, are how the charge continuously absorbs virtual energy from the vacuum, integrates it to observable photon size, and re-radiates the energy as observable photons continually emitted in all directions.
The crazy thing is that the unitary aspect of the mass gives the coherent integration of otherwise completely disordered virtual vacuum energy.  So it's the ultimate negative entropy process, and it also completely falsifies the present statement of the second law of thermodynamics.
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has me stumped.  I know that its something to do with Schrodinger and the restlessnes of the vacuum, but..........???

Sorry, but I only had one semester of German.