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Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 01:04:20 -0500

Dear Kevin,

 A jetliner with its large store of fuel makes a beautiful "missile-delivered bomb", so to speak.  The physical impact mechanically penetrates deep within the building (including through the tower, in one case), with the aircraft breaking up all the way.  The fuel already has its velocity and momentum, so is sprayed everywhere deep within at that level or levels.  The resulting inferno ignites everything, and the heat is quite fierce and sustained.  The steel framework is overheated, and after awhile as internal parts sag due to the damage etc., the framework starts to buckle.  Once a little buckling happens, the building collapses because its "shape strength" is destroyed or greatly reduced.

 The buckling of the framework was in fact observed in at least one of the towers, so that those on the scene knew that the building was going to collapse quickly.

 Once it collapses up above, the sheer weight of all that material now not supported by the buckling framework, crashes down on the levels below, which were never designed to take such intense overloads and massive momentum "strikes".  So from there on itís a chain reaction kind of thing, and the thing just comes right down right where it is.  In short, it collapses right down on itself just as we so vividly saw in the case of those two towers.

 This is what happened.  Apparently nothing else was necessary.  And the two towers, because of their height, were ideally suited to exhibit exactly such response, once hit by a jetliner that way, in their middle or toward their top.

 This is a sad and tragic day, and our prayers go out to all those dead Americans and their families.

 It is also an overt act of war.  We are at war, whether we like it or not.  So the time for talking is over, and the time for strong military retaliation is here.  If we do not strike the perpetrators and strike them very, very hard, then we would likely be in for an unending series of such strikes.

 My personal belief is that President Bush is going to quickly find, strike, and destroy the perpetrators.

In President Roosevelt's descriptive language in 1941 for the attack on Pearl Harbor, this is another day that will live in infamy.

 Tom Bearden

Subject: World Trade Tower Collapse
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2001 19:39:31 -0700

I observed the televised collapse of one of the WTC towers this morning and am completely intrigued by what I saw. The structure appeared to disintegrate from the top down; not as though the foundation gave way but, as if it had melted from the top down. I have read the theories of the OKC incident relative to a scalar technology connection. One of the supposed anomalous reports from that incident was of a sensation of tremendous heat felt by a witness prior to the actual destruction. I noticed there was a similar report today that one of the witnesses felt heat on the back of his neck prior to a WTC tower collapse. Could the hijacked airplanes crashing into the buildings have been a ploy for disinformation purposes? Is it possible that the actual destruction of the WTC towers was a result of scalar technology? If so, what's next? By the way, I support your work entirely. I am 42 years old, an electrical engineer and have been intrigued by magnetism, electricity and gravity since I was a small child. The way I feel today brings back memories of 11/22/63, when, although I was very young, I vividly recall the reactions of my parents and adult relatives to the national event of the time. Hope you are well on the road to recovery.

Subject: RE: Re: Trade Center stuff
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2001 23:34:36 -0500

Dear Jon,

 No "special weapons" seem to have been involved.

 A jetliner loaded with fuel makes a good bomb.  When a jet struck one of the towers, it penetrated on through it, or the pieces did, and the fuel with its velocity is impelled on into the building.  So it burned fiercely, setting the entire building on fire.

 The flames and heat gradually weakened the structural steel supporting the building, which then began to buckle.

 Eventually it collapsed.

 That is basically what happened in this case.  The buckling from the heat was observed, e.g., in the first tower that was hit (but which collapsed after the second tower hit had already collapsed).

 One of the other hijacked aircraft that crashed, crashed not all that far from Camp David.

 This is a very sad day for America.  Thousands of peaceful American citizens are dead, while just peacefully going to work to support their families.  Our prayers and deep sympathies are with all those families, and with those dead Americans so tragically lost.  That is a loss of American lives of such impact as to be nearly indescribable.

 This is also an act of direct war against our country.  We have probably more casualties here than in the attack on Pearl Harbor at the beginning of WW II, though we do not yet know the actual final number.

 When such a war attack occurs, the time for talking is ended.  The time for strong military action has arrived. Make no mistake, this is a war.  It is not the classical model of war, but it is war nonetheless.  It is the most inhumane kind of war, for it is directed against the civilian populace, against women and children and other noncombatants.  Sot this is not the time for political debate or search for apprehension and trial, which approach would be a travesty.  It is the time for our full military forces to destroy the perpetrators, whoever they are and wherever they are.  And by whatever means are necessary.  Negotiation is one thing, war is another.  This is war.

 I was gratified to hear President Bush express determination that those who did this will be found out and destroyed.  And any nation shielding such terrorist murderers will also be held accountable.

 We simply cannot and must not allow such dastardly attacks on our civilian populace to go unpunished, and no nation must be allowed to furnish safe haven to such monsters unscathed.

 If the nation does not act strongly and retaliate very strongly, then in the eyes of the fanatics of the world we will be viewed as a wimp.  In that case, we will have an unending stream of terrorist attacks on our cities and our population, all across America.  This kind of war cannot be appeased, else one sews the wind and reaps the whirlwind, to borrow a phrase.

 So far, there have apparently been no indications of any associated releases of anthrax. smallpox, or other biological warfare agents.  I am still fervently hoping that today is the end of this coordinated set of attacks.  Simple explosive materials (the hijacked airliner and its large load of fuel) have already produced American casualties in the thousands.  The addition of coordinated anthrax or smallpox attack, by ground terrorist teams, would move the casualty number to the millions.

 God willing, this has not been the case, and we will not see these casualty figures suddenly jump three orders of magnitude.  Else we will be facing our worst nightmares come true.

 With deep sadness for our American citizens who have died so terribly, and for those grieving families,

 Tom Bearden

Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2001 15:09:58 -0700
Subject: Re: Trade Center stuff

         Do you think that there was any involvement from the EM weapons community in the attack on the towers? Could the buildings have been weakened by woodpecker signals in order to be more vulnerable? Could mind control capabilities have been used in conjunction?
         It certainly is bizarre, but not altogether unexpected.
         I was going to write to you wishing you continued good health in your
recovery, and to thank you for your efforts in putting so much interesting
physics material on your page. I am working on getting an article published
regarding your efforts, and may ask for a little additional information at
some point.
         Take care and keep healing.