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Sent: Monday, September 10, 2007 9:56 PM
Subject: RE: PhD in ZPE/LENR - advice requested

Hi He,

Presently the ZPE-type energy researcher in the U.S. who is the closest to putting real overunity systems on the market is John Bedini, with his Idaho company Energenx, Inc. He already has developed “highly improved” battery chargers that have been through Underwriter Laboratory (UL) testing and have received formal UL approval for production and sales. Bedini will very shortly be producing and selling these UL-lab approved systems to initially a very limited battery charger market (battery powered materials handling equipment in large warehouses). His units have already been very successfully and independently tested in those warehouse locations and in that equipment, and he has an initial contract for purchase of his entire limited production of the units. After that, there will later be a larger production line created by a licensee under contract, who will then produce a greater range (and greater quantity) of battery chargers, to fill the golf cart market, the electric scooters for the handicapped, etc. And later, if all goes well, larger electric chargers etc. will be produced to go into electric automobiles etc.

You can see some details on the website . Energenx is John’s company, and its stock is now openly traded on the stock exchange, as can be seen on the website. Additional information on some of John’s work is given on and several other sites.

John – assisted by Rick Friedrich and others – also has a closely-moderated website for serious bench researchers only. Here none of the typical “blog” nonsense is tolerated; only serious bench researchers who wish to learn to build working overunity Bedini systems are accepted. There John assists these researchers in independently replicating some of his patented units. This (the independent replication) of course fulfills the final requirement of the scientific method: Independent replication.  Some eight or ten independent replications of various Bedini overunity systems have already been achieved by various bench researchers in that group, and more are occurring. Rick Friedrich himself has replicated several Bedini systems, including a self-powering system taking all its energy directly from the vacuum. This group and the restricted researcher website is moderated and controlled by Rick Friedrich, assisted by Marcia Stockton and others.

To contact Rick Friedrich, his E-mail address is

You can download and see a video of some of this work at . Bear with the poor quality of the video, the actual true video is gigabytes in length and much clearer, and this is a highly diminished copy of it. So the quality is poor, but the information is very good. Several other videos are also available to view at that site.

With a little good fortune, Bedini will soon have real production “highly improved” battery-charging units coming off the production line and going directly into those big warehouses, to power the battery powered materials handling equipment.

In many of his battery charging systems John uses negative EM energy, which was discovered by Tesla long ago before the more modern term “negative energy” had even been born. To differentiate its characteristics and behavior from normal positive energy, Tesla called it “radiant” energy. That is also the term that Bedini uses out of respect for Tesla’s primacy.

Note that negative energy has been deliberately and arbitrarily removed from present quantum field theory (by decree and preference), by tampering with the Dirac Sea hole (which is actually a negative mass energy electron producing negative energy EM fields) and erroneously calling it a positive mass energy positron producing positive energy EM fields. As a source charge, the “Dirac sea hole” outputs real photons of (minus delta E)x(delta t), which negative energy photons form and continually replenish its associated negative EM energy fields. The “negative mass-energy” Dirac sea holes produced in sharp gradient processes (in suns, stars, planets, etc.) are in fact the “dark matter” that our astrophysicists are so desperately seeking, while the negative energy EM fields from them are the “dark energy” the astrophysicists are also so desperately seeking. Unknown to them, both dark matter and dark energy can readily be evoked (and used and studied) in actual EM circuits and systems on the lab bench; Bedini has been doing it now for about 20 years.

Due to my serious physical disability and that of my wife, my own work time these days is very limited. So I’m slowly putting most of my own findings and research on my website, thanks to some gracious and hardworking dedicated folks who make it possible. Hopefully you can find lots of material there that is of interest to you. I’m still working on the most important paper, dealing with precursor (force-free field) engineering of spacetime itself (of reality itself). I will be a couple months longer in finishing this very vital and important work. But such ability to engineer spacetime directly is already demonstrated by the Fogal semiconductor in independent lab tests – but Fogal and his semiconductor have been ruthlessly suppressed now for about 15 years. A form of precursor engineering (called Global Scaling - see previous correspondence) has also been released in Germany by Hartmut Muller, by transmission of EM-free transmission of language signals between Bad Tolz, Germany and St. Petersburg, Russia – without any need for a transmitter, carrier waves, etc. Muller explains it as communications using standing gravitational (spacetime) waves. It is actually a small part of Russian (KGB) energetics, used by the Russians in their superweapons program since the 1950s and 1960s. Dr. Muller studied at one of those Russian institutes key in that area, and so studied a bit of energetics in the process.

To see how electrical engineering was deliberately modified at its very beginning, in order to suppress Tesla’s “free energy from the active medium” systems (which a priori are asymmetric Maxwellian systems remaining in the severely curtailed Heaviside vector equations), see

I hope you find the information of interest.

Very best wishes,

Tom Bearden