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Subject: RE: sceptics
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2001 18:58:47 -0500

Dear Wayne,

 We have moved almost all our MEG research overseas.  Our first commercial unit should be ready about a year from now, and it will just quietly move out into the market.

 Don't sweat the skeptics.  They simply do not know enough physics, nor they even know what actually powers the external circuit attached to the generator or battery.  It isn't the current and voltage; that is what is being dissipated from the circuit.  The answer has been in particle physics for nearly a half century, with award of the Nobel Prize to Lee and Yang for proving the broken symmetry of opposite charges (as in the source dipole between the terminals of the generator).

 I do not have to reprove what has already been rigorously proven in physics and the Nobel Prize awarded for its prediction.  To such skeptics, one merely tells them to go read the literature  and learn some physics.

 E.g., the Bohren experiment -- which I cite in many papers -- outputs some 18 times as much energy as one inputs, and any university nonlinear optics lab or materials lab can do the experiment, which is already published in the hard scientific literature and also independently validated, and that validation is published also.

 So skeptics merely reveal their own ignorance.  The same skeptics, in accepting classical EM theory, already unwittingly assume that all fields and potentials and their energy, reaching across all space, are freely created by their associated "source charges".  In short, they already accept a model which implicitly assumes that every charge and dipole in the universe is the grossest kind of perpetual motion machine, freely creating all that EM energy they continually pour out in 3-space (with zero input of 3-space energy) at the speed of light.

 They cannot have it both ways.  Either the conservation of energy law is dead, as "demonstrated" by every charge and dipole (in their accepted model), or else energy is input to those charges and dipoles from the time domain (the fourth Minkowski axis is all that is left, in the usual 4-space physics).  Also, the known (in particle physics, not electrical engineering) broken symmetry of the source dipole is already recognized to receive its energy from the active vacuum exchange (in virtual photon form), transform the energy into real, observable EM energy in 3-space, and pour it out in that form as 3-space energy.

 Again, I do not have to reprove what physics has already proven for nearly a half century.  Makes not a tinkers dam whether they know it or believe it; all science is determined by the experiment, and the overunity experiments and examples are there in spades, including every charge and dipole in the universe.

 We went to a foreign nation (to the National Materials Laboratory of that nation's National Academy of Sciences) because they already understood materials and particle physics as well as the archaic old electrical engineering.  They understood and use higher symmetry electrodynamics, and for more than a dozen years have been teaching it in their universities.

 It was a real treat to deal with scientists who already know what science really says about overunity and about the MEG process.  We have not found any laboratory or group in the United States with such understanding.  So be it.


Tom Bearden

 Subject: sceptics
Date: Sun, 9 Sep 2001 19:58:55 -0700

Dear Tom Bearden;

some sceptics are saying all of this is nonsense. Well, I've seen Dennis Lee's tesla machine in operation and I know it works. His sundance motor feeds back electricity into the hummingbird generator just as you are proposing : 1 unit in = 5 units out. The only question I have is the coherency of the magnetic domains in the ferrite crystals : how long until they become randomized and you just get a spin glass. In other words, is the effect just trading on the original coherency of the magnetic grain orientation of the ferrite magnets, or is it true vacuum energy tapping? Be as it may, Dennis has suffered greatly at the hands of the "big boys" but is still touring the country with his energy show. He's out there taking the slings and arrows for new energy development, where are you in this horse race? So, if you would, let me know if anything new is occurring beyond your finding out that your MEG will cut into somebody's corporate profits...  W=P