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Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2001 18:16:26 -0500

Dear Jay,

 No, building and using an overunity EM system is not easy at this stage.  We are still at the primitive stage of understanding, comparable to where the electrical researchers were when they were rubbing all those glass rods with cat fur.  So the hard part is now.

 But there are plenty of overunity experiments already validated in physics.  The Bohren experiment, cited in my papers, is one which any nonlinear optics lab or good materials lab at a university can repeat at will.  Produces about 15 times as much energy out, as one puts in.  We explained where the excess energy comes from.

 Also, whether one likes it or not, or even knows it or not (hardly any do), the free energy experimenter winds up having to work both with positive energy and negative energy.  Now just try finding any information in the electrical engineering curriculum on negative energy in overunity circuits, its phenomenology, and how to use it.

 Anyway, quite a few successful overunity devices have been built, and ruthlessly suppressed.  T. H. Moray had one producing 50 kilowatts from a 55 pound device in the 1930s and early 1940s.  It was suppressed.  Tesla of course put one in an auto and ran it around.  He was never allowed to release it.  Gabriel Kron, working for GE at Stanford University, had a true negative resistor in the 1930s, which could power the network analyzer. He was never allowed to reveal its secret, although he sneaked many hints through the censors if one knows what to look for.  Watson made a fine unit, and he and his entire family suddenly ceased all communications and dropped out of site.  Several experimenters were killed or "met with a sudden suicide on the way to the grocery store".  I assure you that any legitimate overunity researcher who has succeeded, can relate assassination attempts that would curl one's hair.  Marinov was killed with a longitudinal EM wave "shooter", and thrown from the top of a building to fake his suicide.  The cement where the body lay "glowed" and emitted light after the body was removed, quite some time later.  There is only one weapon on earth that will kill the body in such a fashion that radiation from that body will make cement glow, and that weapon is in the hands of the "dirty" players in the international intel community.

 In the modern phase (last 15 years), killing the successful inventors has declined in percentage, while far more sophisticated diversion and blockage techniques are utilized.

 So it is not as simple as going down to Radio Shack, getting a few parts, and whipping something together.  Heretofore, there has also been no model at all for permissible overunity electrical systems.  Hopefully, working with the AIAS, we have now mostly solved that problem, and will completely finish it when we publish our book next year.

 But hang around.  They lost control of it when they failed to stop the Internet, and when there arose computers, laser printers, instant print shops, massive phone connections, etc.  Now the researchers, if they so wish, can communicate.

 So of course they try to jam the media by encouraging lots of false and misleading information.  Such as the rather silly notion (by folks who never saw an overunity circuit in their life, much less built one) that close-looping one is easy.

 But all those things are now beginning to fall under the onslaught of a few courageous theoreticians, such as Barrett, Evans, Harmuth, etc.

 So we will get that era of overunity EM systems yet, and I believe we will get it in my lifetime. 


Tom Bearden

 Subject: Sweet, prototypes, overunity demonstrator
Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2001 10:49:21 -0400

Dear Dr. Tom Bearden and associates,
I like your new website. Thank you.
Now, I found something that intrigues me (quoted from your site):
"Hey!  We have 12 watts of power in.  We have 12 watts of power output of the resistor as heat.  By conventional Poynting considerations, we are getting out precisely what we are inputting.  That is a blatant lie.  We are getting output from the resistor precisely as much as we are inputting to the shaft of the generator.  Yet we also are getting out a measurable vast amount of energy flow from those generator terminals, filling all space around that circuit. Those Kraus contours are experimental measurements.  Anyone can do them, or similar.  Anyone can build a little system very similar to this one, and approximating it.
Now, I am not an electronics whiz, but it sounds like a reasonably simple thing to construct such an engine or device and derive the "overunity" power out of it. (My mind "stops" when reading about watts and amps, and when looking at an electronics diagram. I love this stuff  but cannot mentally get any footing in it.)
Is it true that this device you describe is a simple thing to construct? Is it, perhaps, the simplest "overunity" device? Why not construct these devices for experimenters and hobbyists, or provide a detailed description of how to construct this using materials and parts from Radio Shack or other electronics supply houses?
This simple prototyping effort would be a fundraiser for your site and your important researches. If it is carefully and diligently marketed, such an effort could be immensely profitable and help free energy industries get a foothold in the real world.
I would gladly send you a reasonable sum to cover costs either for a prototype, or for a booklet providing clear instructions. I might be able to get a local underemployed (retired) electronics expert to assemble the device correctly, if I cannot. (He worked on the original Bell Labs Telestar satellite so he is very capable to do the work correctly.)
I think we are all a bit frustrated at not having something in hand, a testable device which can demonstrate a real-world application for these important principles. JL Naudin in France is doing great stuff, but I still want to see something in production and available to order online. It would be great to see Edmund Scientific catalog marketing an overunity experimental prototype, similar to what they sell for superconductor demonstrations.
If you find this an interesting proposition, let me know--and let me know if I can prepay for some sort of working prototype.
If not, your suggestions will be most welcome.
I am extremely interested in the Sweet Vacuum Triode energy device as well. Is this something constructable, which can be prototyped and sold to hobbyists? What are the roadblocks in your opinion??
PS: I hope that you and the other leading overunity scientists are looking into various antiaging therapies so that you can all be around to help make all this work finally come to fruition. I like and perhaps I am 48 but look about 25 when well rested. (I would look even younger if it were not for my teenage acne nightmare.)
Very best wishes, and many thanx again,