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Subject: RE: Project Day Lily
Date: Sun, 9 Sep 2007 17:06:06 -0500

Thanks Prof. Nicolson!

Very much appreciated.

We will be reading this book as we can over the next weeks and months.

The mycoplasma I caught in Canada in 1968 (where a joint, highly classified U.S./Canada BW development effort had previously sprayed diluted solutions to test its dispersal) was a modified brucellosis organism, stripped of its skin/outer membrane and genetically modified so that it burrows up into the red cells to live. Since the red cells live only 3 to 4 months or so, one has to have antibiotics circulating in one's blood for about a year, so that when one of the red cells starts to die, the critter comes out to reinfect another replacement red cell -- and the antibiotics kills it then.

The mycoplasma in the red cells feeds off the hemoglobin, hardening it and slowly and dramatically decreasing the ability of the blood to take on and transport oxygen. So one has hypoxia and the severe fatigue that accompanies it.

The symptoms are hypoxia and severe and increasing fatigue -- so bad that one can hardly sit erect at one's desk, unless one makes a tremendous effort to do so. Finally one has to go to hospital because one simply cannot function.

The French physicians in Quebec (where I had my third hospitalization) had found that, for these specific type patients that had this mysterious and unknown disease (which almost no test known to man would show), if they would open up the chest and lung cavities and move all the internal organs around for two to three hours, aerating them as much as possible, then half the so-treated patients would live and half would still die. If they did not do that, it was 100% lethal.

I was fortunate in making the 50% that lived, but still no one had the foggiest notion what I had -- for the next 33 years.

In the survival 50% of cases, it seems that the critter goes into a sort of "hibernation", very slowly spreading over the next 25 or 30 years, then resurging to give one a heart attack, stroke, etc. that is usually fatal. I had my resurgence and heart attack in 2001, but still did not die.

So eerily I finished out my army career (at my rank, I no longer had to hump 110 pound packs through the jungles!), even completing a tour in Vietnam at the very height of the war (though with a bit of difficulty!)

I retired from the army in 1975, and went to work in aerospace here in Huntsville, Alabama, still quite weak but functioning. I simply kept my mouth shut and most folks had no idea that something was awry.

My resurgence and a heart attack struck in 2001, with severe hypoxia. An old "spooky buddy" who had been in all sorts of clandestine things that "never were", calls me about once a year, to check on me. He also has the equivalent of a PhD in microbiology. When he heard of my three Canadian hospitalizations, he knew exactly what it was (he also knew all about that program, including many of the people who apparently were involved). So he told me what it was, and advised me to take oxygen at all costs. Which I did (and still do), and pay for my own. Heart doctors and clinics do not think mycoplasma has anything to do with heart conditions, and have no idea of the BW-modified mycoplasma, or even the test for it.

I could not find the test anywhere.

Then, sitting in my family Doctor's office, being a human being I began griping about this sad state of affairs. Dr. Brown got a very strange look on his face and stated, "Tom, I can give you that test right here in our clinic laboratory!"

When he was a young doctor, he had treated some of the U.S. Army Sergeants on that program, who had contracted the modified mycoplasma, and thus had learned of it and of the test for it. He lost some of his patients there and could not save them, and it profoundly affected him.

Years later when he and the other Doctors established the GlenEagles clinic here in Huntsville, they contracted for their lab from one of the big companies specializing in such for doctor's clinics. And Dr. Brown insisted that they have this crazy test available.

So I had the test, which immediately showed what I had. So 2002 was my year on antibiotics. We got the mycoplasma, and I am now mycoplasma free. But as Dr. Brown stated, "After 33 years of damage, you name it and it's damaged. We got the mycoplasma, and you are mycoplasma-free. But nothing in medical science will undo that damage -- to everything -- brain, nervous system, muscular system, internal organs, heart, blood vessels, bone system, you name it.

So today I can stand about two minutes and walk bout 100 feet or so, and then am in pain and difficulty. I have to shop for groceries etc. in a supermarket that has electric scooters for the aged and handicapped. I have handicapped plates on my car, which are a real blessing.

My beloved wife Doris also had a stroke in 2003, followed later by two successive congenital heart failures. She is functional, but can seldom get out even to a quick little restaurant. I buy all our food and meals outside, already prepared. I can drive locally, thank God! But I cannot travel, etc.

I did obtain and am using a Scenar from Russia, of the type that was used in the Soviet astronaut program and is used in the families of the elite communist party leaders. I have had a little encouraging results, and will continue to use the treatment indefinitely.

So I simply care for my wife and I to the best of my ability, and keep putting one foot in front of the other. Thanks to Mike Rieker and Tony Craddock and some other very stalwart and hard working folks, I have a website courtesy of them and of their efforts, and thus as I can I keep putting things I've discovered re energy etc. on the website, so the young scientists coming along will not have to spend 35 years of their lives to find out that information (and hard references).

Anyway, that's the story. I have not asked the military service for anything for myself, and do not plan to do so. I have my normal military retirement and my social security to live on. With the assistance of Congressman Bud Cramer, I did contact the NIH (which was itself involved in the secret mycoplasma project) and tried to get them to notify the heart clinics and heart doctors -- but as you would suspect I never got out of their "Policy" Section (read: spin control section).

After the resurgence, if one does not take remedial oxygen, one will almost certainly die. I still pay for my own, and will continue to do so. Fortunately Dr. Brown will prescribe it, and now I even have my own machines to make the oxygen.

Several Gulf War Syndrome sufferers did contact me a couple years or so ago, and some had the test in Dr. Brown's lab, per my recommendation. All those that took the test, tested positive and thus definitely had that weird BW modified mycoplasma.

Very best wishes,

Tom Bearden


Date: Sun, 9 Sep 2007 9:00:44 -0700
From: <>

Subject: Project Day Lily

Dear Webmaster,

Please pass this book on to Tom Bearden.  It will explain the weaponization of the mycoplasma that he has described being testing in Canada and USA.  It is a rather large (1.31 MB) PDF file.

Many thanks,

Prof. Garth Nicolson

The Institute for Molecular Medicine