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Subject: Very Important attached files -- the birth of precursor engineering
Date: Sat, 8 Sep 2007 11:20:29 -0500

Hi John,

Hope things go well with you, and that you are hanging in there in the face of lots of obstruction and blocking. Please persevere; even if it gets awfully discouraging at times.

I had a special receipt from a very special foreign correspondent, and am passing the material on to you for your own information.

It’s something you should definitely be made aware of. In the PDF files, please note the instantaneous communication achieved, etc. Understand that the academics there are using the word “gravitation” and “gravitational waves” actually as a result of what happens to pure spacetime dynamics directly – in short, for precursor engineering. This is what happens when one uses the approach that

     “[VPF] is identical to [Energy] is identical to [Spacetime]”,

which is the basis for a true unified field theory and a directly engineerable one.

And reflect a moment on what it can do in the field of energy. This will go all the way back to Tesla’s 1931 Pierce-Arrow car demonstration. You can simply do away with dependence on oil, coal, natural gas, nuclear fuel rods, big windmill farms, big hydroelectric plants, biofuels, etc. Simply take the energy (spacetime dynamics, precursor field and its dynamics) directly from the “active medium”, as Tesla was planning to do before he was so ruthlessly suppressed by J. P. Morgan.

In the health field, it also means developing the ability to easily and quickly and cheaply cure any and all diseases. Or take a very warped and tragic birth (say, without arms and legs) and correct it directly by directly growing the arms and legs, including on an amputee.

It means practical antigravity and space propulsion.

It means lots more: every model in all of physics that has any kind of experimental basis at all is automatically available for direct engineering. Worm holes, the virtual particle flux of the vacuum, quantum potentials, entanglement, multiply-connected spacetime, the works. This will eventually make Star Gate and Star Trek look like pale shadows. The future can be ushered in almost as quickly as we like, if we but turn our minds to it, get our scientific community’s head out of the sand in its ostrich position, etc.

It leads also to direct engineering of the mind itself, since mind dynamics are totally time-like and in the time domain, and since even quantum field theory has a photon over in the time domain which, if properly utilized, allows engineering any and all mind functions, including complete minds as we pointed out in Oblivion: America at the Brink, in 2005. Used for good purposes, it will allow such practical things as curing mental retardation, directly implanting complete educations in minds (a totally new kind of “schooling”!), etc.

But since our own learned folks and very strong special interests have ruthlessly and successfully blocked the Fogal chip and its demonstrated precursor engineering for nearly 20 years, it looks like the next vast breakthrough is now already being born in Germany, etc. with immediate strong interest and work sprung up in Russia, of course, where the KGB/FSB energetics (precursor engineering) has been the basis for their superweapons since the 1950s and early 1960s.

As usual, our autocratic and disdainful scientific community is “against” it – because, if they have not already thought about it and done it, it cannot possibly be genuine. They simply don’t have a clue! But it works, and it’s here. And it’s open, whereas all our own standard intelligence community can think of is to just classify anything new and bury it, hoping it will just “go away”, but meanwhile holding it for the evil entourages well-entrenched in the intelligence community to entrench their own “power and knowledge”.

So the only remaining thing is whether our guys wake up now and get with the already-being-born precursor engineering program, with its vast leap of 500 years forward into the future of science, or whether they just sit on their hands as usual and let the Russians and others run with it.

Some very rough initial material on a needed national program focused on the solution to the energy crisis is also attached.

Cheers and hang in there,