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Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2003 22:02:27 -0500
Dear Frank,
The MEG, of course, is assigned to Magnetic Energy Ltd., whose CEO is Dr. Lee Kenny. He is responsible for all formal matters concerning the MEG. I'm just the fellow who writes about it, and who gives the fundamental theory by which it works (and some fundamental theory by which COP>1.0 EM systems taking excess energy from the vacuum must work).
The real problem in the "overunity field" (which is not even a recognized field yet, scientifically) is that most of the successful units that have been made by inventors, still need a great deal more research and development to go from a small lab bench successful experiment to a robust unit ready to be mass produced and to power homes, offices, etc.
That's a multi-million dollar problem.  So far, of the 50 or more successful experimental units developed since the 1920s by various inventors, not one has made it down that full path and onto the market. Until a few years back, a successful overunity machine could get one killed. T. Henry Moray, e.g., survived many assassin's bullets by having a bullet-proof car!  Several time, assassins fired at him from a side street or alley, and the bullets were unable to penetrate and get him. Sweet, whom I worked with for some time, was also fired at with a silenced rifle from about 300 yards. Ironically, he stumbled and fell over his steps -- and the bullet zipped right by his moving ear, where his head had just been.
But the final place all the inventors who muddled through that far have failed, is in getting the final capital to finish the phenomenology research and do the necessary math modeling. Until that is completed, one has a "unique" invention, rather than necessarily a readily buildable and scalable system.
So we're trying to "percolate" as much of the theory of permissible overunity systems as possible, out into the open for accessibility, along with hard physics references that can be checked, to see that the principles really are there in physics.
Well, we'll just have to see how it goes.  We are still doing what we can to try to get things going on our "watch".  If not, then after I'm long gone, perhaps some sharp young grad students and postdocs will still get it done.
The only way to change the adamant scientific mindset is from the bottom up, not from the top down.
And that's slow.  But hopefully it will eventually work -- whether I'm here to see it or not.
Best wishes,
Tom Bearden

Dear Tom:

 Please note that I'm not a formally trained EE, I'm a lowly mechanical engineer with a few years of floor experience (i.e. tool & die maker,) I just cant help but notice that the MEG project you & your team have formed, simply put, parallels the (Electronic Media) Hardrive Industry, in many ways, they have to have a 35% product advancement, (i.e. size speed performance) each year just to survive, Many of the formulae that I see on your website either from you or your many followers (myself included) are known through out that industry, most all of the meters you have discussed are used on a daily basis. Please forgive my directness, but is there someway you could involve these companies. Although they may not be familiar with the "Meg" that industry has advanced more than any other I currently know of, in modern history, they had to leave the skeptics (nae sayers) far behind, the technology involved is really incredible and for the most part. not understood, gosh, does that sound familiar. Just a note, any company in that field, can literally do in days, what most do in years.  So, what do you say Tom, how about a "Photolithography Electromagnet MEG"  

Absolutely Serious,