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Date: Thu, 5 Sep 2002 21:56:29 -0500
Dear Esteve,
Your very nice letter is appreciated.
The rights to the motionless electromagnetic generator are assigned to Magnetic Energy Limited, whose CEO is Dr. Lee Kenny.  Dr. Kenny handles all matters concerning the MEG.  His E-mail address is
I'm forwarding this E-mail with yours attached, to Dr. Kenny.  I suspect he will contact you further, and perhaps send you a small brochure to let you know how we are trying to proceed for obtaining research funding.
For a little technical insight:
If you have not done so please be sure to check my website for the paper on curtailing the second law of thermodynamics.  As far as electrodynamics is concerned, the second law can be and is violated to any macroscopic scale -- even across the entire universe -- that one desires.  Indeed, every bit of electrodynamics, including every source charge, field, potential, and every joule of EM energy in space or in matter, exists in total violation of the second law.
Eerily, the very notion of the second law -- continuously increasing disorder --- presupposes that negentropy (increase of ordering) in at least the same amount as the disordering must first have occurred a priori.  Else there could not exist the original ordering in the first place, to be subsequently disordered increasingly as time passes.  And the expanding universe could not be accelerating in its expansion, which now it is known is an observed fact.
Further, every charge in the universe already exhibits COP = infinity.  Any observable charge continuously pours out EM energy (observable photons) in all directions at the speed of light, as is easily shown experimentally.  Yet it is also well-known that there is no OBSERVABLE electromagnetic energy input to the source charge.
So the charge presents us with a real quandary.  Present classical electrodynamics and electrical engineering models assume that the charge freely and continuously creates all that energy from nothing.  So either we must totally surrender the conservation law itself, or else we must find what the input to the source charge is.
Actually, the basis for the solution has been in particle physics for 45 years, since the award of the Nobel Prize to Lee and Yang in 1957 for their prediction of broken symmetry, which was experimentally proven by Wu and her colleagues in early 1957. So profound a change to physics was this, that the Nobel Prize was awarded to Lee and Yang the very same year --- in December 1957.    One of the proven broken symmetries is that of opposite charges.  Back to that in a moment.
The modern physics view of the "isolated observable charge" is that it consists of a bare charge (infinite) surrounded by clustering virtual charges of opposite sign (also infinite).  The difference between these two infinite charges, however, is finite.  It is the standard magnitude of charge that the external observer will detect of the bare charge, through the screening virtual charges of opposite sign.  Anyway, the modern view of the observable charge is (1) it is that dipolarity, and (2) it involves two parts, each having infinite energy.  (Simply read a very clear explanation of all that in Nobelist Stephen Weinberg's "Dreams of a Final Theory".) 
But in the modern view, the dipolarity (opposite charges) of the "isolated charge" is a proven broken symmetry.  That means rigorously that every charge in the universe continuously and freely absorbs virtual photon energy from the seething vacuum, transduces it into real observable photon energy, and continuously emits that observable energy in all directions, freely.
All EM fields, potentials, and their energy are established by that outpouring of EM energy from the source charge, at the speed of light.  This is rigorous physics, and it has been rigorous physics for 45 years. It has not made it into CEM and EE yet, because those 137 year old models do not even include the active vacuum exchange, much less a broken symmetry in it.
Every joule of EM energy -- field or potential --- in matter and in empty space, was extracted directly from the vacuum by the source charge's asymmetry in its violent exchange with the vacuum.
There is absolutely no problem in extracting all the EM energy one wishes, from the vacuum, anywhere in the universe.  The only problem is how to intercept and "catch" and collect some of that continuous free flow of energy in a circuit, direct it to the load and dissipate it in the load, without using half the collected energy to destroy the source dipolarity extracting and furnishing the energy from the vacuum.
The ubiquitous closed current loop circuit self-enforces use of half the collected energy to destroy the source dipole and shut off the free EM energy flow from the vacuum.  There is no law of nature requiring that we have to use such a closed current loop circuit. We don't.
Anyway, collection and usage without destroying the source dipole is the only electrical power problem there has ever been, or still is.  So obviously no one is allowed to work on it -- the Department of Energy, the Academy of Sciences, the National Science Foundation, the great universities, etc.
One must have a sense of humor.  There is not now and there never has been, a single electrical engineering department EE professor, or EE textbook that even knows and teaches what powers an electrical circuit.  Neither do any of the huge power companies.  And sadly, neither does the environmental community.
Dr. Kenny will respond in a more appropriate fashion with respect to the business and planning aspects.
Best wishes,
Tom Bearden, Ph.D.
Magnetic Energy Ltd.

Date: Thu, 5 Sep 2002 14:26:56 +0200

Please, this mail is addressed to Mr. Thomas E Bearden.
Mr. Bearden:
We are just now building a company as distributor of Renewable Energy (RE) products mainly based on solar thermal and Photovoltaics.
Our aim is distribute, basically Spain in a first stage, the rest of EU in second phase, and to the Latin American countries in a third phase.
Our goal is to setup, among other ones, a low cost line of product to make solar thing available to everybody's pocket
, right now that EU, and Spain within, has recently passed a bill that will result boosting RE solutions helping reduce oil costs and consequently reduce greenhouse effect emission gases.
We heard from your project, and patents only a few weeks ago, and as we were reading from your web site and related links, we've got enthusiasts from the very beginning with the possibility that such a product can be available to the world .
As RE promoters we are extremely interested in participate with/in your project.
We have seen that MEG Limited is currently preparing its final stage: convert successful lab test into a prototype that demonstrate the feasibility of the product.
Our questions will be very straight and short:
As we are dealing with investment groups that are participating in our project, we would like to
a) Know if you are interested in help you in your effort to get some funding needed to finish power units and get it onto the market, ready for mass production and marketing.  ( Only if you agree, we will ask to the Spanish financial groups that collaborate with us in our project).
b) Participate in MEG current stage. Is it possible?  How can we do that?
c) Include your product in our portfolio as manufacturers/distributors
  in Spain. How can we talk about that?
Finally, our world needs your machine, and because it seems to have the ability to supply the energy locally, cheaply and cleanly it can help, among other things, stop cartels that control the energy resources and progressively free biosphere from pollution.
Hope hearing from you as soon as possible,
best regards
Joan Barniol,
Industrial Engineers Solar Team Spain.