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Subject: RE: Saryshagan
Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2001 12:38:36 -0500

Dear John,

First, one must understand something about Russia, and something about the nature of strategic planning.

The "real political power" in Russia is the KGB and Russian Mafia, with the KGB supreme (regardless of how many times or how often it changes its name).  Further, the Russians are chess players and look many moves ahead of the present checker positions on the board.  The U.S., on the other hand, has the characteristic (it's called "National Style" in strategic analysis) of not reacting to slowly increasing threats.  We react to the rattlesnake, but not the boa constrictor.  The Russians, on the other hand, are quite familiar with "slow squeeze" tactics and our vulnerability to it.  After every war, we also have the characteristic of disarming or nearly so.  As an example, we could not pull off another Gulf War if we wished; the two main divisions bearing the brunt of that action no longer exist.

Also, when one has "extraordinary" new strategic weapons, one prepares a very detailed and extensive "extraordinary" strategic deception plan.   This is standard military tactics and strategy.  The more important the weapon or weapons, the more elaborate, complex, and expensive is the strategic deception plan.  So along with the Russian superweapons such as longitudinal EM wave interferometers, quantum potential weapons, mind-snapper (time-jerking) weapons, electron current dissolution weapons, etc., they have always had a very intensive deception plan.  There is also a very intensive "probing" plan, where the Russians stimulate the opposite side at its important levels (scientifically and politically) to see if it understands the "new technology", and also to assess "where the opposing side is" in its understanding, if any.

Hence the decades long stimulation of the personnel in the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, causing diseases and health changes and the deaths of three U.S. ambassadors, to see if we understood higher symmetry electromagnetics and its extraordinarily broad weapon applications.  By putting up aluminum screens and the like, we told them of our continuing absorption with U(1) EM and ordinary electrical engineering.  In the Johns Hopkins analysis, we even showed them we would ignore the statistical predictions of even that theory, and conclude the opposite of what the data showed, in order to maintain our comfort with "normal EM fields and potentials and waves" rather than the extraordinary internal longitudinal EM waves infolded inside those entities and comprising them, even though the structuring of the potentials was published by Whittaker in 1903 and the decomposition of any EM field and wave into two such (structured if wished) potentials was published by Whittaker the next year, 1904.  There are dozens and dozens of other examples.  In electrical engineering, our universities still do not even teach that the vacuum asymmetry of the source dipole in every dipolar circuit, generator, etc. is what actually powers the external circuit.  And the basis for that has been in the literature since the award of the Nobel Prize to Lee and Yang in 1957 -- going on toward a half century ago.

One must also distinguish between the Russian university academics releases and the KGB secret weapon academicians.  In the Russian strategic deception plan, Russian university academics are given and allowed to release just a wee bit beyond the pale from where our fellows are, containing some real information but in a deliberately misdirected direction, to continually see where we are and what our understanding is, and to continually try to divert our scientists onto paths leading to little advances but not huge ones.  I personally consider torsion fields and low-temperature gravitation effects as just such deliberate misdirections away from the real theoretical models of greatest importance.  Understand, we are not knocking the Russian academicians, and we are not knocking torsion fields and low temperature effects!  We are knocking the Communist system (yes, the Communists have not gone away, but merely faded back in behind their domination through the KGB and the Russian Mafia.).  The secret regime is still directly planning for our direct demise, and on three occasions since Jan. 1997 we would have been destroyed in less than two hours by actual scheduled strategic strikes with the superweapons. We owe our continued survival to a friendly little foreign nation that forced the abortion of those strikes.  The second strike, scheduled for May 1, 1997,  was forcibly aborted, just about the time in the last few days of April that Secretary Defense Cohen confirmed the earlier (longitudinal EM wave interferometers) weapons, at a U.S. conference in Georgia.  Our fellows had not the foggiest notion that these strikes were impending and scheduled, or that the other nation forced the abortion of the attacks.  Reason to abort: Quite simple.  Had Russia attacked, we would have been destroyed, but much of Russia would have disappeared from the face of the earth.

But the maneuvering and deception and gaming continue, and they always will.
With that brief summary in mind, now let us comment on the paper reporting the gravitational type effects in superconductors etc.

The real key is not all that, but the deliberate use of the term "negative energy".  Simply put, positive spatial energy (such as mass energy) -- which is nothing but sustained spatial energy state above the ambient average energy of the vacuum, taken to be the reference zero) makes positive gravity.  The fact that 3-space energy is "highly decompressed" (i.e., thin) energy is responsible for the very weak "coupling constant" of the spatial energy in Einstein's theory.  "Thin" or spatial energy is another way of saying that only very weak curvature of spacetime occurs due to it.

The Russian weapon scientists already know that all EM spatial (thin) energy comes from the time domain.  They also know and use the fact that time is naught but highly compressed EM energy, by the factor c-squared, and of the same energy density as mass.  Look at it this way.  Start with some EM energy in 3-space, which is some "thin" energy.  Now compress it by the factor c-squared, so that it is "dense" energy.  What can we do with that compressed "hunk of dense energy"?  Well, we can leave it there in 3-space, in which case it is known as "mass".  Or we can place it over on the fourth Minkowski axis, in which case it is known as "time".  One second, decompressed into spatial (thin) energy, yields nearly 9 x 10exp16 joules of thin energy.

Here is another factor to aid in understanding.  The fundamental units used in one's physics model are arbitrary, being chosen for convenience, ease of visualization, ease of calculation, etc.  But one can make a physics model for all of physics, using only a single fundamental variable (It's been done; using e.g., length).  Suppose we transform our physics model into a model with only one fundamental unit, the joule.  Then all other present "fundamental units" become functions of energy (the joule).  After Einstein and the nuclear age, we are quite familiar with mass being a function of energy (the joule), by the famous E = m(c-squared) formula.  We are not familiar with time as purely energy and a function of the joule.  And so it is, with the same relation as Einstein's formula.  In the case of time, it is E = t(c-squared), where E is in joules and t is in seconds.
Thus when one starts talking about "negative energy", one is interested in "negative time) since the c-squared term is positive, so one has - E = - t(c-squared).  But we get minus time (time reversal) in relation to phase conjugation.  So phase conjugates are intimately related to time reversal.
Well, time-reversal of positive gravity is negative gravity.  Time reversal of positive mass is negative mass, where mass is considered as "energy". And time-reversal of positive energy is negative energy.  Immediately one sees that, if appreciable time-changes are utilized in experiments, appreciable positive and negative gravity changes can be induced.  The impact of these effects will be a function of the COP of an overunity electrical power system, e.g.  Sweet's magnetic vacuum triode amplifier (I actually gave the unit its name) had a COP of 1,500,000, and in a set of experiments the COP was pushed even higher.  At such COPs, the negative time and negative energy effects can be and are appreciable.  So rigged for it, the device exhibited very strong negative gravity.  In a carefully controlled experiment, Sweet reduced the weight of the unit itself, on the bench, by 90%.  I wrote a paper on the results, placing Sweet's name first since he was the inventor and the person performing the experiment.  The paper is Floyd Sweet and T. E. Bearden, "Utilizing Scalar Electromagnetics to Tap Vacuum Energy," Proceedings of the 26th Intersociety Energy Conversion Engineering Conference (IECEC '91), Boston, Massachusetts, 1991, p. 370-375.

The KGB weapons scientists also know that all EM 3-space energy comes from the time-domain anyway, as I so crudely pointed out in my "Giant Negentropy" paper, later finding very strong support by Mandl and Shaw, Quantum Field Theory, Chap. 5.  In QFT, as Mandl and Shaw argue, neither the time-polarized (scalar) photon nor the longitudinal photon is individually observable.  However, the combination of the two is observable as the instantaneous scalar potential.  Transforming that to a wave statement, and then re-interpreting correctly the phase conjugate wave half of Whittaker's 1903 biwave pairs, one then arrives at the way in which 3-space energy and time are related. With the solution, we demonstrated a solution (in classical EM terms) of the long-vexing problem of the source charge and its associated fields and potentials and their energy, reaching across the universe.

Also, since the 4th Minkowski axis is after all a coordinate axis, then the kind of energy flows one can have along any of the other three axes can be had along the 4th axis, else one does not even have a true coordinate system.  Hence along the time axis we must consider energy flow, energy density, potential, potential variation, fields, and waves.  Since only a single axis is considered by Minkowski, then in 4-geometry all EM energy waves on the time axis are longitudinal in nature.  But we have stress waves or longitudinal waves where the dense energy flow in the time domain oscillates along the axis, like an accordion.  The graviton (spin 2) can be argued to be a combination of paired scalar and longitudinal photons (each photon has spin one, so the associated pair has spin 2).  These can then be further paired (if wished) into supergravitons of spin four, spin six, etc. In this manner, using the supersystem (to be discussed), one can replace graviton structure with its internal EM structure, or one can "outfold" EM structuring into gravitational structuring, etc.

The Russian weapon scientists knew all that by 1950, and were already designing and building early experimental weapon prototypes.  And they also knew lots more.

Anyway, I have to speak gingerly now on this one item, since it is intimately related to some of our Magnetic Energy Ltd. still-proprietary overunity EM systems functions and patent applications, and to what one must know and do if one wishes to close-loop such a system in strong disequilibrium with the vacuum and curved spacetime, for stable and sustained self-powering.  It is also strongly related to the Bedini method of close-looping an overunity system into stabilized COP>1.0 operation, including closed-loop operation (again, still proprietary, as Bedini and I have filed a joint patent application in that respect).

 If positive spatial energy makes weak positive gravity, the negative spatial energy makes weak negative gravity.  This is regardless of temperature.  If one wishes to make stronger gravity or antigravity, then one must go to highly compacted energy, either positive (for positive gravity) or negative (for antigravity).  That means that either one must involve large mass effects (the standard approach used by astrophysicists) or large time effects (usually ignored, but doable on the lab bench).  The negative states in the extended Dirac sea are just such available "highly compacted negative energy states", as the Russians know full well.  The Russian article in this case is riddled with statements suggestive of that, which is a "ping" to see if we understand it.

It may not be a deliberate ping by the authors themselves, but it is a deliberate ping by the KGB censors looking over their shoulders and allowing and approving the publication release.  Understand, we are looking at two intents: (1) the legitimate intent of the researchers themselves to communicate, and (2) the intent of the KGB to use their work to misdirect but also to ascertain the intended target's level of understanding.

In short, the KGB intent is to direct them to superconductivity and very low temperatures.  They will go off into that and do lots of work, consuming enormous scientific resources, and they will get some little results and stay away from the really big stuff and avoid the heart of the matter.  This is the way disinformation (the old WW II propaganda theory, extended and modernized) works and is used by master chess players.

Our own scientists are the most na´ve fellows in the entire world, when it comes to such matters.  They read the papers literally, and do not think "out of the box" very much.  Give them a little anomaly that one gets experimentally with some appreciable difficulty, and watch them spin their wheels over that one and go chasing it with resources and funds.  The KGB can easily assess the reaction, by analyzing the web and the scientific journals, and also a little bit of regular old fashioned spying.   That way it is able to keep up with the level of our scientific system's true understanding.

So while the Russian or related scientists themselves communicating the papers are sincere, they are also being "used".  Here you must understand the technical difference between an "agent" and an "agent of influence". They use the scientists not as agents (who know they work for you) but as agents of influence (who do not work for you directly at all, and usually do not realize they are being used) whose natural "vector orientation" is useful to the KGB's purpose at hand.
So in much of the Russian scientific work, one must keep this "agent of influence" manipulation of the scientists and their work, by the KGB, in mind.  Otherwise, one will never understand the chess game, but will continue to fall for all the gambits and "ploys" of the chessmasters on the other side.  Regrettably, in such games university scientists are used and maneuvered just as pawns on the chess board.

The simple way to deal with such things is to always keep in mind that no system analysis has been completed until the supersystem has been analyzed thoroughly.  The supersystem consists of three components: (1)  the physical/EM system and its dynamics (the ordinary stuff), (2) the local active vacuum and its dynamics, and (3) the local curvatures of spacetime and their dynamics.  All three components of the supersystem interact with each other.  In supersystem analysis, a priori one must utilize a unified field theory, such as that of Mendel Sachs (highly recommended, some of it has been fitted to test its predictions, and it holds very well indeed). That means that a higher symmetry electrodynamics such as O(3), quaternion EM, etc. must be used, because the standard U(1) assumes a curved spacetime (eliminates all general relativity considerations) and no net interaction with the local vacuum (no net energetic effects of the vacuum upon the system).  In short, the standard electrodynamics that all our fellows use will simply discard the other two components of the supersystem.  We point out that this is discarding the active environment of the system, which means that it also discards the real EM cause of gravity and antigravity of the system.  Even in general relativity, it is the local medium (the local curved spacetime) whose interaction with mass (the system) causes the gravity experienced by the system.  Since "energy" is what generates either positive or negative gravity, then obviously gravity is not an independent "field" since all field energies contribute.  Gravity (as some Russian academics pinged us with long ago, and I often quote) is a conglomerate force made from other field forces, not a pure and independent field and force at all.  Anything that makes energy in space (thin energy) makes thin gravity.  Not too much effects unless there is very high energy density in space.  Anything that makes time or mass (dense energy) makes dense gravity. More effects.

Now note another subtle thing.  The effect of time-as dense energy is ignored by our physicists.  The highest energy particle physics can be and is performed by the lowest frequency EM photons, if one considers the dense energy in their time-components as well as their thin energy in their "energy" (spatial energy) components.  Our scientists have not yet even realized that the energy they constantly refer to is always "thin" energy, while a much greater "dense" energy exists as time.  By manipulating and transducing the dense time energy, one gets enormous thin energy changes in space.  The Sweet machine exhibited such characteristics.

So I see all such papers in two lights:  (1) the honest and sincere effort of the Russian university or academic scientists to communicate their work as allowed, and (2) the approval of that communication by the KGB as serving its own purposes in the ongoing chess game.

You can see the implications of all the areas you mentioned and the specific sites:  The KGB wishes to continue to misdirect the political administration and our scientists away from any fully effective strategic missile defense. So the best misdirection is to direct us in the less useful missile defense areas, more expensive and lengthy and difficult areas, for doing such defense.  Like depending on hitting a bullet with a bullet, or a high energy laser.  Understand, if that is all that our scientific community knows or will allow scientifically, then that is what we must inevitably do.

The KGB long ago had a fully effective antimissile defense, for pre-launch kill, launch phase kill, midcourse kill, end game kill, missile dudding over vast sectors, nuclear warhead dudding, etc.  -- even using the now rather simple longitudinal EM wave interferometers that some eight nations now possess and others are on their way to obtaining them.  If one can use EM longitudinal EM wave interferometry weapons to reach through the earth and ocean and kill the U.S.S. Thresher under the ocean off the East U.S. coast in 1963, then obviously that same weapon could kill missiles in flight.  To show the precision of control later reached, consider the diameter of the hole burned right through the fuselage of the Arrow DC-8 at Gander, Newfoundland on Dec. 12, 1985.  The same weapon was being used in "EM missile strikes" against our shuttle launches at Cape Canaveral, just for operator practice, two weeks earlier.  I published a picture of the strike of an EM missile from that very weapon, two weeks before it was used to kill the Arrow DC-8.  The EM missile was offset from the shuttle (night launch, latter November 1985) so as not to hit it and destroy it.  This was a practice test in launch phase antimissile defense mode.  The test at Gander was a "live range test" of the same weapon.  Also consider the reduction of the engines' thrusts on the same DC-8 aircraft at Gander, as it went down the runway at takeoff.   Just enough to reduce the thrust and thereby the thrust to weight ratio, which the investigation boards would interpret as increase in weight (icing) rather than decrease in engine thrust.  That was part of the deception plan, to get the investigating board to rule the crash was an accident due to icing.  The instruments on board the aircraft actually recorded the moment of impact of the EM missile in the right side of the fuselage.   Consider the kill of an ICBM Minuteman fired from Vandenberg AFB in early 1986, with the picture of the "registration point" (ball of light) high in the sky over the shot actually showing in 17 frames of the video taken by a cameraman.  A similar "registration point ball of light" had been used over the practice firing against the night shuttle launch in latter Nov. 1985, prior to the kill of the Arrow DC-8 two weeks later.  The picture of that "registration point" above Cape Canaveral (Cape Kennedy) was published in a Florida newspaper, and the light was seen by hundreds of persons.
On the Minuteman kill just after launch at Vandenberg AFB, I personally had Ron Cole (now deceased), an NBC engineer, and his assistants to review that video frame by frame.  That "ball of light" registration point was evident in 17 frames, high above the explosion of the missile, as confirmed by the team.
There are far better ways to do missile defense than use other missiles or high energy lasers.  But our scientific community, still stuck firmly in U(1) theory, will not permit it.  Just as there are far better ways to dud all nuclear weapons on earth, along with all nuclear powerplants, in about 10 minutes flat by using quantum potential weapons.   And that includes the "dead man fusing" nukes various sides have clandestinely introduced and hidden inside their adversaries' national territories.  As an example, the Russians long ago brought in large nuclear weapons into most large U.S. cities and large populations centers, and introduced the Spetznaz teams to set them off on call.  These already negate any "ordinary" antimissile system depending upon "interception" of something incoming.  Read Lunev's book; he tells you precisely how the Russians brought the weapons in.  (It was a piece of cake).  Unless one is stupid and wishes to commit suicide, once effectively "dead man fuzed" one has no option of nuclear retaliation without one's own total destruction.

Combining the large Russian nuclear weapons already sited in the U.S. with the threat from other hostile nations who have clandestinely introduced weapons of mass destruction (particularly anthrax and smallpox) into the U.S. and hidden them, and also have terrorist teams here, one realizes a sobering thing:
The first phase of WW III -- the delivery of the strategic weapons of mass destruction upon their intended targets -- has already been accomplished. The weapons have not been set off, but are there and waiting to be detonated or unleashed.

Unless one comprehends the seriousness of all this, and all the ongoing manipulations doing this and supporting this, one is very na´ve in attempting to "assess Russian academic science".  What we see openly released is only the tip of the iceberg.  And much of what is permitted to be released, is also deliberately allowed as a "stimulus" to the West -- to give them a bit more science and lots of hints, probing them to see if they understand what is really going on.

For many decades now, the answer very clearly is that our scientists largely have not had the foggiest notion of the real chess game that was and is ongoing.  Heck, they still think that nukes are the decisive weapons on earth, and base the strategic forces on them, not realizing that the destruction of every nuclear weapon on earth (by dudding and not by explosion) will be done in about 10 minutes using quantum potential weapons. Three nations have had QP weapons for some years, and a fourth nation -- China -- either has them just now or is just acquiring them.  Based on part of what we are discussing (admittedly guardedly) here, China has also recently deployed a fearsome negative energy pulse (EMP-2) weapon against Taiwan and/or any U.S. battle fleet that goes to China's aid.  Eerily, the U.S. just completed a two-carrier naval task force maneuvers and show of force in the South China Sea, which China has declared to be Chinese territorial waters.  Unknown to our brave men and their commanders, the weapon for their instant destruction was already available and probably trained upon them by the Chinese.

Such is the modern situation.  The earth is an armed and "seeded" camp, literally a time-bomb ticking away for the destruction of much of humanity and much of the biosphere.  Nuclear disarmament has only part to do with it; it is the disarmament of the rest of it -- far more powerful than nuclear weapons -- that is the real problem.

Thanks for the information,

Tom Bearden

 Sent: Wednesday, September 05, 2001 2:25 AM 
To: Tom Bearden 
Subject: Saryshagan

I know this is an old, old topic, but I find with some interest that your citation of a machine located at Saryshagan (in Karaganda Region, central Kazakhstan), bears to me a striking resemblance to the machines depicted in the paper at by Podkletnov and Modanese. This item was originally revealed in Aviation Week and Space Technology, 28 July 1980, page 47. Page 48 is where the artist's rendering of the machine is.

A short story at indicates that this base is an anti-missile research facility, much as it was claimed to be in the 1980's. This has been its role as early as 1961 according to the story at's/02-10-01(2).html.

I don't mean to bore you with citations, but I felt they were necessary should you choose to include this letter in the Selected Correspondence section.
I am interested to hear your comments on the similarities, if you have time. I am aware that you prefer to discuss other topics such as healing and power extraction from the vacuum, but I feel that small machines like in the paper may usher in a new era of experimentation in the practical application of the advanced electrodynamics you and others propose.