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Sent: Sunday, September 02, 2007 11:20 AM
Subject: What Stopped the Steorn Public Demonstration

To: (Correspondent)

What actually stopped the Steorn demonstration was either one of two things:

   (1) The external “static” EM fields from an observable source charge or dipole are formed and continually replenished by real photons continually emitted in all directions at light speed from that source charge or dipole, as a result of its ongoing tremendous interaction with its local virtual state vacuum. The observable charge or dipole is continually absorbing virtual photons from the vacuum virtual state fluctuations, coherently integrating these subquantum excitations to quantum level, and re-emitting the absorbed energy as real observable photons – real, usable EM energy. The charge and its polarized vacuum also form a dipole (separation of charges), and any dipolarity is a proven broken symmetry, per experimental proof by Wu and her colleagues in 1957, leading to the prompt award of the Nobel Prize in Dec. 1957 to Lee and Yang (for having predicted broken symmetry, which was a giant revolution in physics).

     As Nobelist Lee points out, when we have a broken symmetry, something virtual has become observable.

     In a given location on Earth, every local charge is in a continuing and violent interaction with its virtual state vacuum environment. Since the things in that macroscopic environment differ from things at another location, the overall constituency of that local vacuum flux exchange is “individual” and a bit different from the overall constituency of the local vacuum at another location.

     Dr. William Tiller, former head of the Materials Science Department at Stanford University, points out that if one introduces something appreciably different (i.e., with appreciable broken symmetry) to a local environment, there is then a slow process whereby the local vacuum and its interaction “changes slowly” to accommodate and adapt to that “new change or new form” in its interaction partners. Tiller called this “growing the archetype” (or form of the ongoing interaction between entity and its local vacuum, by slowly altering and adapting the patterning of the local vacuum.

    John Wheeler states it from the general relativity spacetime viewpoint. He states that curvature (alteration) of spacetime tells matter how to move, and matter tells spacetime how to curve. In other words, he points out the mutual and adaptive interaction ongoing between a particle and its local spacetime.

    I ran into Tiller’s effect quite a few years ago when working with inventor Frank Golden. Golden had developed an overunity (hence asymmetric) system over a period of several years, near Nashville, Tennessee. Slowly over the months and years the COP of the unit increased, as we ran it and ran it etc. for that period. At the end, the unit was giving about COP = 2.0.

    Frank then moved the unit to a new location outside Washington, D.C. – several hundred miles away from the original Tennessee site. To our consternation, the unit COP then dropped to COP < 1.0 in the new location. It was still highly efficient, but without overunity COP! Tiller was on the project, and he pointed out to us this “growing the local archetype form” system performance effect he had also rigorously noted in his development at Stanford of a very special detector. It too had improved its performance over a period of a few years of constant experimentation and operation.

    The point is, every location has its specific “archetype” or “pattern” of its dynamics exchange with its locally occupying matter and systems. Even the intent in the mind of the inventors affects the local archetype over time, since mind dynamics is in the time domain, and – from a quantum field theory viewpoint – thus involves scalar (time-polarized photon) activity and exchange. Quoting Tiller:

"Let us suppose that some inventor has worked for years in his garage to construct and perfect a subtle energy conversion device of extremely high efficiency and eventually, to his satisfaction, he is successful in achieving his goal. He then calls his close friends in and demonstrates his achievement to them. They see the experimental data with their own eyes and, in their excitement, plan to mount a business venture on the work. However, as part of the deal, this prototype equipment needs to be moved to an independent testing laboratory in a nearby city for rigorous evaluation by others. This is done and the tests are carried out carefully in this new location but, ‘surprise, surprise,’ the high conversion efficiencies of the original garage tests are not substantiated. Only normal behavior is observed in the device.”

    "Most people concluded from this that the inventor was either (1) not a careful investigator, (2) was imagining his earlier results, or (3) was practicing fraud. In this, everybody makes the implicit assumption that one space for this experiment is the same as another, that one collection of equipment is the same as a set of physically identical equipment and that one careful experimenter is the same as another careful experimenter. Our accumulated data of the past seven years shows, unequivocally, that this assumption is false." [William Tiller in Vol. 10, issue 58 of Infinite Energy magazine. Author Addendum]

     So when the Steorn group moved their demonstrator from its usual Irish location of several years, into a new site to set it up, they may well have run into the “different archetype” and “different vacuum dynamics” effect. If so, the unit would then demonstrate different and unusual effects in the new location that were “responsible” for its problems. Specifically, it could demonstrate COP<1.0, or mechanical difficulties.

    Particularly when one specifically takes usable energy from the locally conditioned vacuum via an unconventional asymmetric process such as an overunity or self-powering process, then one can indeed run into the Tiller “different archetype” effect in the vacuum/system interaction at the new location.

(2) Several (at least five) nations of the world have secretly developed the use of Bohm’s quantum potential in actual superweapons. All such “deep black” projects are also penetrated by the High Cabal (Churchill’s term for the array of huge and powerful cartel’s that control the money and path of the world, the financial arrangements, and indeed often control who is permitted to do what. J. P. Morgan ruthlessly suppressed Nikola Tesla, and also elicited the use of Lorentz in 1892 to “fix” the Heaviside equations being adapted for the formation of electrical engineering so that these equations were symmetrical and would never prescribe the design of an asymmetrical (i.e., overunity) “energy from the active medium” Tesla system. He had Lorentz fix the EE practice and theory again in 1900, to eliminate any consideration or knowledge of Heaviside’s giant curled EM energy flow component that accompanies every accounted Poynting energy flow component, but is more than a trillion times as big in magnitude. This quirk is still vaguely known but deliberately unaccounted, since in all special relativistic situations the divergence of the curl is zero and so Heaviside’s giant curled EM energy flow component is not diverged and does not interact to do anything differently. E.g., quoting Jackson:

"...the Poynting vector is arbitrary to the extent that the curl of any vector field can be added to it. Such an added term can, however, have no physical consequences. Hence it is customary to make the specific choice …" [J. D. Jackson, Classical Electrodynamics, Second Edition, Wiley, 1975, p. 237].

So long as the situation is special relativistic, Jackson’s statement that this curled component can have no physical consequences (except for gravitation!) is correct. His statement is false if a general relativistic situation is deliberately induced in the system and the GR function is synchronized to the input Poynting energy function, e.g. to its frequency. In that case, a small bit of the huge Heaviside curled energy flow component can indeed be coherently diverged, to provide more diverged “Poynting” input energy than the physicists and electrodynamicists account. In the case of the NRAM (negative resonance absorption of the medium) process well-known and experimentally proven since 1967, the COP of the altered system is COP= 18 in the optimized laser experiments. But those physicists are not permitted to discuss the thermodynamics, nor mention “excess emission” (they must say “negative absorption”), and can only state that the synchronized self-resonance of the charged particles causes an “increase in the reaction cross section”. In this way, a real and highly usable proven COP>1.0 process remains suppressed in physics, where it has been suppressed for 40 years.

     Since the very complete suppression of Tesla shortly after 1900, the rise of the great cartels has continued and their suppression of asymmetric (overunity) energy systems taking their excess energy freely from the active vacuum medium has been continual. At least 100 legitimate inventions and inventors have been very effectively and ruthlessly suppressed since 1900, by whatever means was necessary – including assassination, arranging deadly auto accidents or other accidents, framing an individual on dope or other false charges, etc.

     At any rate, the High Cartels do penetrate all nations including all their most sacrosanct and highly classified projects, including both “budgeted black projects” and “off budget black projects”. And these powerful cartels do very quietly appropriate some of these unusual effects and technologies for their own use. So they do have (and do use) quantum potential devices in their overunity suppression actions.

     A quantum potential device uses a “multiply connected spacetime” so that two widely separated objects (in normal space) appear to be directly superposed in this special multiply connected spacetime. In short, if you establish this quantum potential connection between the distant targeted object and an elemental target in the lab, then by merely placing a desired EM signal or effect in that lab object the identical effect or signal appears instantly in the distant target, without any “travel through intervening normal space at light speed”. Semiconductors can be made which will directly engineer such effects; as an example, Fogal’s semiconductor has been rigorously suppressed for nearly two decades, because of its ability to directly demonstrate in rigorous lab tests the ability to have “instantaneous communication” between multiple, widely separated sites and equipments.

    If one changes the input signal into the lab “entangled” sample, then instantly the same change appears in the distant entangled targeted system.

    It would have been quite normal practice for the High Cabal (the evil parts of those high cartels) to “disarray” and destroy the Steorn demonstration by whatever means was convenient and necessary, to deliberately make it a failure. E.g., using a quantum potential connection, one could introduce EM drag forces in the lab device, that dramatically increase drag on the bearings to burn them out or destroy them, and voila! The exact same effect instantly appears and happens in the distant targeted device(s). So Steorn could change the bearings in their unit out there at the demonstration site, and it made no difference. The QP-induced effect simply reappears in the new bearings, causing them to fail also.

     Because of the failure of several sets of bearings in the new location, I strongly suspect that the High Cabal just hit the Steorn device with a quantum potential carrier of a drag force effect specifically designed to ruin the quite sensitive bearings. In a normal situation, if one set of bearings had a hidden defect and failed, then a new set should have cured the problem. It did not do so, hence one concludes the situation “was not normal”.

    Anyway, those are the two possibilities. With our MEG (Motionless Electromagnetic Generator), in the past we have also run into what were unusual and disruptive effects appearing inside the demonstration prototype MEG on two occasions – each occasion being during a critical demonstration to potential investors and financial backers. We determined that (1) there were unusual and very different EM effects and signals measurably appearing directly inside our MEG demonstrator there, and (2) These effects and signals were appearing in the MEG demonstrator without any intermediate transmission of an external signal coming in through space in the normal sense. Yet the same MEG demonstrator had earlier worked perfectly normally in that same location – ruling out any noticeable effect from Tiller’s “different archetype” situation. And later it again worked normally there in that location, when nothing critical was going on.

    Anyway, one of those two possibilities is what happened to the Steorn group’s planned decisive public demonstration. Because of the specific indicators, the probability is more than 80% that it was due to a hostile QP interference, in my opinion.

Best wishes,


P.S. Note that situation two (use of a QP-induced intentional local effect and change in the local Tiller archetype) is actually a “special case” of situation (1).

P.P.S. You can see what kind of damage a large and powerful QP weapon and capability can generate in distant hostile combat forces on land, aircraft and missiles in the air, naval task forces at sea, distant cities and electrical power plants and systems, etc. Indeed, this is the weapon that the Nikita Khrushchev spoke of way back in 1960, when – speaking to the Presidium, he said:

 "We have a new weapon—just within the portfolio of our scientists, so to speak—so powerful that, if unrestrainedly used, it could wipe out all life on earth." (Nikita Khrushchev, speaking to the Presidium, Jan. 1960.)

They were just finishing development and deployment of the QP superweapons at that time.

Fortunately Israel also developed it, and so the mutual assured destruction (MAD) deterrent against Soviet plans to strike and destroy the West remained effective – since if Russia had destroyed the U.S., Russia itself would also have disappeared from the earth from the all-out strike of Israeli QP weapons.

Best wishes,