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Subject: RE: Thanks to John and Tom
Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2011 15:55:37 -0500

Thanks Conrad!
And many thanks also to Tony Craddock for his enormous efforts in getting this material published and filmed and out there so it will be available!
Best wishes,
P.S. If you have not checked out Viktor Klimov's work in Los Alamos National Lab, please do so immediately. He's a Russian scientist that the Russians sent to us, to form a group there at LANL and GIVE us free energy systems! And so he did. He set up a group, and promptly built real, bonafide, certified small but very powerful free energy nanocrystalline devices. That's about five years ago, and this work is (1) certified and validated by two great U.S. National Laboratories (LANL and NREL), (2) openly published in leading physics journals worldwide, (3) openly published in leading nanocrystalline journals worldwide, and (4) absolutely real and genuine.
Yet the normal news media haven't even mentioned it or picked up on this epochal work! This work is easily checked, and so the silence and ignorance of our national news media reveals the depth to which they have been dogmatized -- rather completely!
The Klimov work is being quietly used to develop ultra powerful but very small laser weapons, thus totally revolutionizing warfare. So far, I cannot find anything about it being used to help us have units to power our electric cars freely, and power our homes freely.
The Russians, by the way, have become a silent ally of the U.S. against the World Order (Control Group) folks planning on hurling us down the toilet and into total dictatorship. They understand what George Soros (who funded Obama and managed to get him into our presidency) meant when he recently stated that what we needed was to eliminate the U.S. government and have a World Government. The Russians understand that this also means they must get rid of the British national government, the French national government, the Russian national government, etc.
And they've been there, done that under Stalin and fierce communism. The Russians are fiercely determined never again to pass under such dictatorship, and they also now equate the "World Order" and control group folks as the real and very potent enemy. So eerily, they have silently become partners with us against the control groups!
This is very good, because the Russians already have developed all these things such as free energy from the vacuum, precursor engineering, etc. But they were developed under their highest classified program, so they are not permitted to go ahead and release them en masse. They DO PLAN on releasing a bit here, a bit there, etc. over the next 50 years.
So the world has shifted very silently, into a very new situation indeed.  Nothing quite like it seems to have existed before!

Free energy from the vacuum is already a rigorously proven and accepted scientific fact. It's going to quickly revolutionize warfare first, and then perhaps it will be used to eliminate the world energy crisis!
Best wishes,

Tom Bearden

I attended the recent energy conference in Coeur D'Alene, ID a month ago. May God richly bless John and Tom for their work and willingness to share their knowledge.
Mike W