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Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2003 15:12:21 -0500
It is the hoary old notion of "propagation of EM energy in 3-space" that is wrong.  Nothing can move at a finite velocity in 3-space; because there is no moving component of 3-space!  it takes time to move, so movement of an "object" can only occur in 4-space (spacetime). The concept of "energy propagation in 3-space" did not exist in physics prior to Heaviside's and Poynting's independent discovery of such, in the 1880s after Maxwell was already dead. It exists now, but it is still wrong.  Think about that for an extended period!  Take some 3-space, deny it having any time component (it's not a 'piece' of 4-space), and then try to find some way to imagine "movement" occurring there without any time in which to move.
What actually "propagates" in our observation (and which we "call" propagation in 3-space) is a circulation of energy between the time domain and the 3-space domain, and vice versa. So what we "see" (by d/dt observation, killing the time dimension) is the successive appearance of energy at successive points in 3-space, as time passes for the observer. We are actually seeing the "marching footprint" of that 4-circulation that is spreading outward. Now try "stopping the time from passing", and see if you have any "3-space propagation" occurring.
Also consider relativity.  As you increase the energy density in 3-space, you evoke "time dilation" -- in short, you have a contrary-wise change on the time axis per the change in 3-space energy density. Spatial energy grows, temporal energy decreases.
It is well to remember that one's choice of fundamental units in a physics model is totally arbitrary!  E.g., one can make a perfectly valid physics out of just one single fundamental unit (it is done and it is already used by physicists themselves; see Jackson, Classical Electrodynamics, second and third editions, for a discussion).  Suppose one takes the "joule" as the only fundamental unit from which to construct one's physics.  Then every other "fundamental unit" in the present physics models is just a function of the "joule".  In short, time is energy, mass is energy, etc.  Everything is energy or a function of energy, in the model having only one fundamental unit, the joule.
When you think in terms of that physics, then when you have a relativistic change by addition of energy to 3-space, it had to come from the energy over on the time domain. Or, if you decrease the energy in 3-space, it goes the opposite direction. EVERYTHING has become energy or functions of energy.
The "conservation of energy" is thus a bit more complex than just in 3-space.  Energy is conserved in 4-space, not 3-space.  Even there, it varies with the observer.  Check out what Kondepudi and Prigogine have to say about relativistic thermodynamics in their book, Modern Thermodynamics: From Heat Engines to Dissipative Structures, Wiley, New York, 1998, reprinted with corrections 1999.  When the situation is not very relativistic at all, then one can say that the energy is approximately conserved in 3-space.
Time is not mystical!  It's just energy, on another axis.
In quantum field theory, one gets closer to this.  There is a PHOTON that has its "energy" over there on the time axis.  In short, the "energy that is oscillating" is the time over on the time axis. That's called  time-polarized photon or "Scalar" photon.
The scalar photon is not observable, nor is the longitudinal photon.  However, the combination of the two makes a startling thing: The instantaneous scalar potential --- common voltage.
The lesson since 1903 (now a century ago) is that all ordinary EM fields and potentials and waves decompose into a more fundamental kind of EM, that comprises and makes the other stuff.  Physicists, however, haven't done very much at all with those time-polarized photons!  They should; the Russians have highly weaponized them.
Turns out that scalar photons are marvelous!  Mind operations are simply electromagnetic operations, but over on the fourth axis and so not described by the Maxwell-Heaviside stuff or by electrical engineering.  But time-polarized EM can be used to perform mind operations and functions --- and even to "build" a mind from scratch.  And yes, it will be a "living" mind.  Every mind that ever lived left its trace and dynamics on the time axis, as part of the internal structuring of time, and hence as scalar photon structures, and hence as hidden structures inside every voltage and scalar potential. The jury is still out on the business of both the "retarded" and "advanced" solutions; depending on what the jury finds, it may even be that the imprints of all future minds etc. are already there in the internal structuring of time (and thus in the internal structuring of common voltage).
Sadly, the Russians weaponized this area some time ago; that is what is called "psychoenergetics".  From my books or from the website, simply review the strange stories involving Captains Hess, Button, and Svoboda -- or just Google them on the web.  These were actual weapons tests (of actual psychoenergetics Russian weapons operated by the KGB), in or over the United States, to demonstrate (1) perfect mind and behavior control of a person performing complex technical functions (Captain Button) for over one hour, (2) demonstration of simple tactical kill by flipping a pilot's mental perception of up and down (Captain Svoboda, from the same Wing as Captain Button), and (3) demonstration of deep control of the autonomic system as well, so that a person functions far past the usual physical ability limited by shock and agony (Captain Hess).
Undoubtedly we can expect to see such weapons testing in the future, and even the clandestine use of it against us.  We should note that psychoenergetics at this level of development is devoted to complete nullification of our own network-centric philosophy of modern and future war.  The network-centric philosophy has a severe built-in assumption that the system -- comprised of both people, devices, and weapons -- remains coherently functioning and communicating. The key to total disruption is obviously to disrupt the personnel factor -- the minds of the soldiers, leaders, directors, politicians, government, etc. themselves.
As you can see, our own scientific community is much remiss in not pursuing scalar photons, and combined scalar/longitudinal photon pairings with a vengeance.  And for not applying the combination of Whittaker 1903 and 1904, to decompose all normal EM waves and potentials and fields into a far more "internal" longitudinal EM wave electrodynamics.
When one controls the "interior" or "infolded" electrodynamics, one controls nature itself. The Russian weapons scientists are uncomfortably far along already in endeavoring to achieve perfect control of that domain.
Best wishes,
Tom Bearden

Dear Mr. Bearden.

    I would like to greatly acknowledge your tremendous activities in moving the science of the active vacuum into the forefront! 

I have a question which is puzzling me. In your book Energy from the Vacum you describe on page 9 that if 3-space gains energy, that the time domain loses energy and vice versa. But in the explanation of Whittaker's decomposition of the scalar potential on page13 It is described that a negative charge absorbing time-polarized (positive time energy, time increases) and re emitting wave/photon energy, with the opposite in the process of the positive charge interaction. This does not seem to be congruent to me. Because if there is more time energy the charge should not be emitting energetic photons but loosing that ability to do so, and vice-versa. Would you please clarify this part for me?
Thank you very much,